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Price: $91.19
Price per round: $0.207
@Sportsman's Guide

Russian 7.62x54R 147-gr. FMJ 440Rds - $91.19 (Free S/H over $49 w/ code) Coupon "SG3459" for $10 of $99 or Coupon "SH1119" for Free Shipping over $49 - Copper washed steel case, Berdan-primed, non-reloadable, corrosive, 147-grain, Russian 1977 production. 188 headstamp, steel core full metal jacket bullet. Muz. Vel.: 2,785 F.P.S. 20 rds. per paper wrap. Muz. Energy: 2,548 ft.-lbs. Stock No. 165155 Item # W340A-165155
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@Sportsman's Guide

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Price: $13.29
Price per round: $0.660
@Sportsman's Guide

20 rounds Silver Bear 7.62x54R 203 Grain SP Ammo-$13.29 (Free S/H over $49 w/ code) Coupon "SG3459" for $10 of $99 or Coupon "SH1119" for Free Shipping over $49 - Silver Bear® 7.62x54R SP 203 Grain Ammo. This high quality Ammo features distinctive nickel plating on the cartridge case; hence the "Silver" Bear name. Silver Bear offers high quality at reasonable prices. Other manufacturers reserve the silver cases for law enforcement, safari and specialty ammo. This product uses Berdan priming for long shelf life and sure-fire ignition. Silver Bear is loaded to exacting standards. Steel cased, non-reloadable, non-corrosive, current production, SP Bullets. Muzzle velocity: 2,330 F.P.S. Muzzle energy: 2,446 ft.-lbs. Order Now! Item # WX2-147868
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@Sportsman's Guide

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Price: $79.00
Price per round: $0.180
@USAC Sales

Bulgarian 7.62x54R 440rd Can - $79 Amazing Bulgarian Surplus 1980's production 7.62x54R. Steel case and full metal jacket. 147grn light ball steel bullet. Looks like it was made yesterday! Packaged 440rds to a sealed "spam" can, Sold by the 440rd can. (No Wooden Crate) Packed in a cardboard box around the can. Can opener included when purchasing 2 or more cans only.
4 votes
9 votes
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@USAC Sales

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Price: $184.99
Price per round: $0.210
@Military Shooters LLC

7.62x54R Russian 7.62x54R FMJ *SEALED CRATE *(880 rds) - $184.99 Russian 7.62x54R FMJ *SEALED CRATE *(880 rds) Description This is 1970's mfg Russian Silver Tip light ball (147gr) FMJ ammo. It is steel cased, copper washed, and packaged 20 rounds to a carton with 22 cartons in a sealed spam can of 440 rounds for long term storage. This ammo is Berdan primed and corrosive. It is super clean, looks like it was made yesterday. It shoots fantastic, is clean burning and very accurate. (2) cans will ship in original wood crate with can opener NO EXTRA FEE FOR SHIPPING THE CRATE Ammo MUST ship UPS Ground, and to the lower 48 states only.
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7 votes


@Military Shooters LLC

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Price: $22.99
Price per round: $1.145

Winchester Metric Calibers 7.62x54R 180-Gr. FMJ 20 Rnds - $22.99 (Free S/H over $99 with coupon) One coupon per order - Coupon "J92" for Free S/H over $99 - Winchester metric calibers feature positive functioning, no expansion, good accuracy and no barrel leading. Application: Plinking, Target Ballistic Coefficient: 0.486 Brand Style: Metric Calibers Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Bullet Weight (Grains): 180 Cartridge: 7.62 x 54 mm Russian Muzzle Energy: 2658 Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2260 Rounds per Box: 20 Mfr Part: WINMC76254R 105-202-490WB
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