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Federal Premium V-Shok .22 Win. Magnum 30-gr. Speer TNT HP 50 Rnds - $12.99 + Free Shipping over $50 (Free S/H No Minimum) Coupon "No Coupon Needed" for Free S/H No Minimum - V-Shok Rimfire Ammo by Federal Premium is useful for everything from plinking to varmint or small-game hunting. Each round provides the shooter with sizzling velocity and explosive disruption, great for competition or an afternoon on the prairie. The Speer TNT bullet features soft lead cores and precision-drawn jackets fluted over 90% of their length for rapid expansion and complete disruption. These bullets also offer a minimum bearing surface which creates a bullet with a long nose and trajectories that rival those of bullets of similar weight, perfect for varmint hunting.
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