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Price: $219.00
Price per round: $0.203
Russian 5.45x39mm 53gr. FMJ, 1080 - $219.00 AK74 SHOOTERS!!!!!! Limited Quantities Surplus Russian 5.45x39 ammunition. Sealed "SPAM" can 1080RDS 53gr. Steel core copper Jacketed FMJ Casing is a lacquer coated steel casing that is non reloadable. (Berdan Primed) Corrosive Primer Can opener is available when purchasing two or more cans at any one time. SKU#: Condition: Bud's Item Number#: 411548685 Rating:
3 votes
0 votes


Buds Gun Shop

2 months ago ReportComments (0)Views (3499)

Price: $224.95
Price per round: $0.208
Russian 5.45x39 1080rd Can - $224.95 Genuine Russian Surplus 5.45x39 ammunition. 1980s production, steel core, full copper plated steel jacketed bullet, lacquer coated steel case, 53grn with berdan primer. Packaged 1,080rds to a sealed "spam" can, and 2 cans to a 2,160rd wooden crate. Sold by the 1080rd can. A purchase of 2 or more cans will come packaged in their original wooden crate. This ammunition is pristine condition, the wooden crates may very in condition. Can opener included when purchasing 2 more cans only (Packed inside the wooden crate) Ammunition Purchasing Requirements Rating:
4 votes
8 votes
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USAC Sales

3 months ago ReportComments (1)Views (6954)

Price: $499.99
Price per round: $0.231
Russian 5.45x39mm 53gr FMJ-BT Ball Sealed Spam Cans Crate 2160rds - $499.99 (FREE S/H over $100) Russian 5.45x39mm 53gr FMJ-BT Ball Sealed Spam Cans Crate 2160rds Includes: 2 -- 1080rds sealed Spam Cans Crate Opening tool Lacquered Steel Case Berdan Primed Corrosive Mild Steel Core 30rds per Package Rating:
5 votes
15 votes


Palmetto State Armory

3 months ago ReportComments (15)Views (1429)

Price: $7.95
Price per round: $0.263
WPA (WOLF) 5.45x39 60grn FMJ 30rd box - $7.95 WPA (WOLF Performance Ammunition) 5.45x39 Ammunition. Features a 60grn full bi-metal jacketed bullet, polymer coated steel case and non-corrosive boxer primer. Packaged 30rds to a box and 750rds (25 boxes) to a case. SKU#: AW54539FMJ60 Rating:
34 votes
27 votes


Aim Surplus

10 months ago ReportComments (4)Views (1898)

Price: $24.99
Price per round: $0.498
Hornady 5.45x39mm 60-Gr. V-Max 50 Rnds - $24.99 1 Cent Shipping - Add select Cabela's / Herter's Branded Products and everything ships for a penny (ammo included) with coupon code 84PENNY - Premium, American-made 5.45x39 rounds for your AK-74 variant with the quality and accuracy you trust from Hornady. Loaded with polymer-tipped, 60-grain V-Max™ bullets that offer flat-shooting, long-range accuracy and target-stopping expansion, even at low velocities. Polymer-coated steel cases for smooth feeding. Noncorrosive Berdan primers. Great for varmint hunting, plinking and target shooting. 50 rounds per box. American-made 5.45x39 rounds for your AK-74 variant Polymer-tipped, 60-grain V-Max bullets Polymer-coated steel cases Item: IK-217746 Rating:
0 votes
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22 months ago ReportComments (0)Views (2574)

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