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Price: $20.51
Price per round: $1.025
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Hornady .30-30 Winchester 160 Grain FTX 20 rounds - $20.51 (Free S/H over $49 w/coupon) Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order - Hornady® LEVERevolution® Ammo. - Cartridge: .30-30 Winchester® Ammo - Bullet Wt. Grains: 160 - Bullet Style: FTX™ - Muzzle Velocity (F.P.S.): 2,400 - Muzzle Energy (ft.-lbs.): 2,048 Order ONLINE! ITEM # WX2-109866
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Price: $17.99
Price per round: $0.895

Winchester .30-30 150-gr Super X Power Max Bonded 20 Rnds - $17.99 (Free S/H over $150 w/ coupon) One coupon per order - Coupon "J2K" for Free S/H over $150 - Shooters choose Winchester’s legendary Super-X® ammunition because they know about its dependable knock-down power and affordable price. Originally introduced in 1922, Super-X is made today using the latest manufacturing processes and highest quality components to provide the consistent, dependable performance hunters all over the world rely on. Power Max Bonded™ (PMB) bullets take the time-tested jacketed hunting bullet to a new level of performance.
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