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$0.13/round for average ammo...pass! WTF I thought you were not allowed to post this crap anymore!PD2KCI 1000 Rds. Ammunition with Ammo Can, .22 LR, 40-gr., CPRN - $129.99 + FREE S/H over $502014-10-30 09:54
3 boxes shipped for $51 to Texas. Makes overall price at 29.3 cents per round for individually sealed packs of M855. This is a hell of a deal!center19900 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by ADI - 62gr FMJ - $249 + S/H2014-10-30 09:44
True! Really tempting. I don't have a deep stockpile, but around few thousand rounds. Might grab a can loljlpd80900 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by ADI - 62gr FMJ - $249 + S/H2014-10-30 09:33
I agree with most of what you have to say. But for an extra 60 dollars you can get a much more reliable gun. Also Internet reviews are extremely helpful when it comes to making a decision on buying a gun. When 1 person says "I hate this gun because it stove pipes and Taurus has terrible customer service it is easy to ignore" when 10 people say that they have owned the gun and say the same thing, it is time to start listening. Also I never assumed anyone was betting their life on it. See above Range gun? Great have fun. Backup gun maybe, but never for me. That assumes you are already in a bad situation and if that happens that 60 extra is well spent money. My intention is not to bad mouth Taurus but to help my fellow gun owners make an informed decision and I offer my opinion only as a former 709 slim gun owner. I will say this I spoke with a Taurus rep here in Oklahoma city at H&H gun range during their summer event that had about 15 different manufactures attending and even he acknowledged they have had issues with the 709s guns, and that my issue was not uncommon. When I asked about the 40 version he actually steered me clear of that version as well When a company rep does that it's time to avoid the product. Taurus makes some other fine products for a very reasonable price. But like I said it's just my opinion.tabmpierceTaurus PT 709 Slim 9mm 3" 7 Rnd - $219.99 + S/H2014-10-30 09:19
Great deal. In for 2. My buddy bought some of this during the panic for $750.....ouch. We shot some, and it's flawless. Almost too nice to shoot. Good for Long term storage.Bobslob900 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by ADI - 62gr FMJ - $249 + S/H2014-10-30 09:10
I know, tempted to order another case at that price, buy it cheap and stack it deep!, Hillary is coming to get your ammo!!!! Reaver900 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by ADI - 62gr FMJ - $249 + S/H2014-10-30 08:46
D'oh!silverfoxRock Island Armory 2011 Tactical .22 TCM/ 9mm 5" 10rd Parkerized - $647.79 + Free Shipping2014-10-30 08:30
Bulkammo has never had the cheapest shipping but with the ammo can and 900 rounds it certainly isn't a light package! $22 to Colorado.c502cid900 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by ADI - 62gr FMJ - $249 + S/H2014-10-30 08:29
I'd personally rather have the Millennium G2 in 9mil -- similar weight and only a $20 more. But can't complain about the price.BeritOlamTAURUS 638 .380 ACP 3.3" Barrel 15RD 3-Dot - $216.332014-10-30 08:28
Yes, those Gander Mountain deals are just rolling in by the truck loads....sigh!BeritOlamTAURUS 638 .380 ACP 3.3" Barrel 15RD 3-Dot - $216.332014-10-30 08:23
We can't even wear clothing with anything firearm relatedlidolidoSig Sauer 290 9MM NS LIBERTY NY 6R - $404.00 + FREE shipping2014-10-30 08:21
Unless your sporting the new Billet 2 from Spikes Tactical. ^^^silverfoxOutbreak Ordnance 7075 T6 Billet Lower Receiver - $129 shipped @ DOA ARMS2014-10-30 08:20
That isn't a .22, it's a proprietary center fire more like a shortened .223, here; By the way, a 1911 9mm with 10 round capacity is pretty rare (and useful in amateur competition if it's accurate)NNelsonRock Island Armory 2011 Tactical .22 TCM/ 9mm 5" 10rd Parkerized - $647.79 + Free Shipping2014-10-30 08:19
Great lower. I ordered this and a Spikes Punisher. DOA had them at my FFL in 2 days. Will be checking their site and ordering everything I need from them if possible.HustleHardOutbreak Ordnance 7075 T6 Billet Lower Receiver - $129 shipped @ DOA ARMS2014-10-30 08:17
$287 shipped to me up in RI. We cannot get it in the stores here for anywhere near that price!Reaganomic223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55 gr FMJ Wolf Gold in AMMO CAN - $274.44 + ~$14 S/H2014-10-30 08:13
$30 shipping to WA... definitely not a deal.camper900 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by ADI - 62gr FMJ - $249 + S/H2014-10-30 07:49
Enlighten us on this.....silverfoxDP-12 Double Barreled Pump Shotgun (Video)2014-10-30 07:41
I purchased one of these. It was shipped and arrived fast. Finish looks good on both slide and barrel. tseeGlock 23 gen 1 2 3 Complete Slide Upper Barrel Guide Rod Nickel Boron Coated NIBX Back in Stock FREE SHIPPING $189.982014-10-30 07:17
FYI - when I did a lower the first time I made the mistake of trying to use a big-ass drill bit and hog out as much metal at once. Take your time and do the steps. You actually can be pretty "off" on the pocket dims (basically, as long as the parts fit and cycle fine you're good to go) but you need to be precise on the trigger pin holes. I was stupid and used the wrong size drill bit (NO, 1/8" DOES NOT EQUAL 3/32"), and consequently I had to file the trigger group to get it to work right. It works fine now but it was stressful at the time.monachofPVD7075T6 Milspec 80 Percent Lower - $35.95 after code "Slicksh*t10" (80 hour sale)2014-10-30 07:17
Take a look at Colfax Tactical (The first 80% I did). They do the rear pocket on their 80%. FYI - They had developed an 80% AR-10 lower literally YEARS before I saw anybody else do it. The colfax lower I got (AR15) is very, very nice. Milspec 80 Percent Lower - $35.95 after code "Slicksh*t10" (80 hour sale)2014-10-30 07:13
$11 for shipping and $16 in effing sales tax added for VA. Bumps it to 30c/round damnit.Dondgeon223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55 gr FMJ Wolf Gold in AMMO CAN - $274.44 + ~$14 S/H2014-10-30 07:12
target sports were selling 500 rounds half the box for $90.00 8 months ago .now they are selling 1000 rounds the whole box for $79.99 trying to get business back. i bought these from Cabelas and Gander Mountain for $49.99 back then new price is $54.99 @Cabelas and Gander Mountain.when they get stock . 5 months ago seen them at Gander but missed the deal. Target Sports is still trying to stay on the gouger wagon. i would not buy from them seen some handgun ammo real cheap and just could not stoop to go buy from them because they took advantage of 22 lr while others gave good price when they got thembull's-eye 99Winchester M-22 22 Long Rifle Ammo 40 Grain Black Plated Lead Round Nose 1000 Rnds - $79.992014-10-30 07:11
Never buy from CTD.HarvesterDP-12 Double Barreled Pump Shotgun (Video)2014-10-30 06:49
Shooting new brass loads..Ran two more mags through last night no issues after taking apart and cleaning..Hopefully it was just some debris that have been cleared out.GeraldCitadel CIT9MMFSP 1911 Full Size 9+1 9mm 5" - $329 shipped2014-10-30 06:24
I agreed with Kolme, I don't see this a good deal unless price were $499 shipped, currently building one of this caliber, will get one if the deal were good.BigbobleAR15 Complete 7.62x39 Upper - SALE $559 includes 5 Magazines and FREE SHIPPING2014-10-30 05:26
Damn, just ordered 1000 rounds of wolf gold. Looks pretty good dealjlpd80900 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by ADI - 62gr FMJ - $249 + S/H2014-10-30 05:04
Sabre has been out of business since 2013. Who's going to honor this warranty? Buyer beware.stascomSabre Defence AR15 Upper 16" 4150 CMV Mid Length 5.56 / .223 with YHM Front sight Gas Block - $4492014-10-30 04:57
I see one of these in my future, but definitely not for this price. Price should be comparable to the 556 version. Great retailer though. I've purchased several rifles from Atlantic and I have been a happy customer. Also, the stock looks ridiculously stupid. If it wasn't removable I would never buy it. Anyone have any experience with this updated model?Boris83SIG SAUER SIG556XI RUSSIAN - $13292014-10-30 04:40
You are partially correct however don't assume everyone who buys a 709 is going to trust their life with it. I too have owned one for a couple of years and it is a great little gun. Use it as a back up gun to keep in one of my vehicles in the event my primary carry has run dry or I have to tell a family member where to grab it in an emergency. My 709 has been, thus far, more dependable than the LC9 I used it for comparison to. The part I really disagree with is that there are "plenty of reliable options out there." Not at this price. The closest I can think of would be the Shield or just maybe the Kahr CM9 which PSA has for $299. Any weapon can malfunction including my very first gun I bought for duty in 1984. Yes, a SW 686 revolver with a burr and the cylinder locked up tight at the range. The key is to do like dmharvey79 said in his post and put a lot of rounds through your primary gun to be confident in it. Don't trust your life to internet reviews but trust your own experience with your gun. stewj21Taurus PT 709 Slim 9mm 3" 7 Rnd - $219.99 + S/H2014-10-30 04:20
I picked some of this stuff up last year and had many misfiresmmroadking.308 FMJ 147GR S&B Surplus Brass Case Ammo - 20rds - $7.992014-10-30 04:08
This is officially cheaper than steel cased wolf 223 selling currently at Sportsmans guide. Plus there is a free ammo can involved here... Nice find!akarguy223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55 gr FMJ Wolf Gold in AMMO CAN - $274.44 + ~$14 S/H2014-10-30 03:21
These deals are insane. I just bought the 9mm version from Grabagun last week, and now I ordered this from Palmetto. I'll pick them both up next week and pay one transfer. Damn you, Slickguns.NewgeneSpringfield XD Sub-Compact Essential Package .40 S&W 3" 2 Mags 12Rd - $379.99 shipped + 3 Extra Mags & Mag Pouch FREE after MIR2014-10-30 03:19
Why is this law enforcement only? Just curios; You don't see it everyday.12daughertyeSMITH AND WESSON M&P15T 5.56 TACTICAL / FREE FLOAT (LAW ENFORCEMENT/MILITARY ONLY) - $819 shipped2014-10-30 02:55
Your balking at 30 s/h...that's funny.X Bow TFNH FNX USG Flat Dark Earth 45ACP 3-15 Round Magazines - $579.992014-10-30 02:07
It's actually been around a while. But its definitely not for semi autos, ftf should be the name and not ci.gregismaelCI 1000 Rds. Ammunition with Ammo Can, .22 LR, 40-gr., CPRN - $129.99 + FREE S/H over $502014-10-30 00:29
You said it best. I jumped right on it myself!jlan0904Federal F223MSR1 Fusion MSR 20RD 62gr 223 Remington - $12.992014-10-30 00:04
This is an awesome deal, I don't ever recall being able to get this for under $20 a box, just scooped up 8 boxes thanks!johnnygstacksFederal F223MSR1 Fusion MSR 20RD 62gr 223 Remington - $12.992014-10-29 23:30
For all you potential buyers out there ask yourself this... Are you willing to bet your life on this gun? There are numerous reviews from people that say this gun fails and Taurus has been nice enough replace the entire gun. With a new one after they keep it for 5 months. Is your life or your families life worth taking a chance on a sometimes reliable gun? If you are going to use this gun for a range gun then ok have fun, but if this is going to be your carry weapon .... Then I am begging you as sincerely as possible do not trust this gun. I do not hate Taurus I just understand that this is not one of their better guns. I have owned 2 of them and when they worked I loved them. But I would never trust my life with this stovepipe machine. There are plenty of reliable options out there for around this pricetabmpierceTaurus PT 709 Slim 9mm 3" 7 Rnd - $219.99 + S/H2014-10-29 23:19
Nice. Hope mine are that condition. Just bought 1k bullets. Now to find cheap Lake City once - fired brass. EliteGeek91500 - LAKE CITY .224 62 GRAIN SS109 STEEL CORE BULLETS - LIKE NEW PULL DOWN'S - $49.95 SHIPPED!!2014-10-29 22:35
how about spending few extra cents per round for wolf gold? don't get me wrong, I love steel case if brass costs way morejlpd80Wolf .223 Rem 55-Gr. FMJ 500 Rnds - $123.492014-10-29 22:23
never have too much ammo!jlpd80Magtech 9mm 115-Gr. FMC 50 Rnds - $11.772014-10-29 22:19
this is cheaper than the steel case wolf I got last year lol. (Paid 0.30 per round 2013). Guess I will shooting brass more often if the price stay this way or lower. $287.00 shipped to MD. Only about 0.03 cents more expensive than steel case at current market price. IN FOR ONE!jlpd80223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55 gr FMJ Wolf Gold in AMMO CAN - $274.44 + ~$14 S/H2014-10-29 22:15
$291 shipped to Texas glad I didn't get the case for $295 the other day & I get the bonus used ammo can tooOh that jeep guy223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55 gr FMJ Wolf Gold in AMMO CAN - $274.44 + ~$14 S/H2014-10-29 21:52
Not sure the source but they are Bushmaster OEM SigGlockincolt7075T6 Milspec 80 Percent Lower - $35.95 after code "Slicksh*t10" (80 hour sale)2014-10-29 21:11
This scope has blurring around the edges and is not very forgiving in terms of eye relief. I basically gave mine away. fly-byBrunton F-E15520 Eterna 1.5-5x20 Rifle Scope w/Duplex Reticle w/FREE Scope Rings - $139.95 shipped2014-10-29 21:04
I just got to shoot mine this past weekend. Shot CCI Blazer Brass through it no problems. Great gun for the price.Mjl18Citadel CIT9MMFSP 1911 Full Size 9+1 9mm 5" - $329 shipped2014-10-29 20:53
Seems like a good deal. Do we know who forged these? I saw Tactical Machining (and others) offer Cerro forged lowers around the $50. I haven't played much with 80% lowers, but this pricing seem pretty good to try out. Can hit up my dad on the weekends to use his tools. MrJimay7075T6 Milspec 80 Percent Lower - $35.95 after code "Slicksh*t10" (80 hour sale)2014-10-29 20:47
Shipping is crazyNorEastBeast7 Pistol Case Multiple Universal Handgun Case by Case Club - $139.992014-10-29 20:38
Even a hobo wouldn't buy a shotgun fom dirtier than cheaphobojonDP-12 Double Barreled Pump Shotgun (Video)2014-10-29 20:05
Good news: Came back fast with what appeared to be a brand new sight. Bad news: Red dot is in fact 3-5 dots and the big red tactical circle ends up looking like 3 circles discrete shifted circles. Arrgggh! Confirmed by 3 other persons with better eyesight than me and one is 20-20ncgooberSightmark Ultra Shot Red-Dot Sight - $39.99 shipped without code2014-10-29 19:52

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