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Dunno man, the price is okay but honestly good deals on brass are coming down to the low $.20cpr range shipped. I expect steel to be under $.20/CPR shippd nowakarguyBrown Bear 9mm 115-Gr FMJ 500 Rnds - $99 + S/H2014-08-20 04:40
Awww. There are cute little puppy paw prints on the handguard.stupidDummyHeadRock River Arms LAR-15 Fred Eichler .223 Rem 16" with A2 Operator Stock - $1239.99 shipped2014-08-20 00:03
I paid $75 for a case of 1000 rds of winchester white box at my local walmart ... Then i woke up.ZadrianFederal American Eagle 9mm 115gr 100rds AE9DP100 - $22.992014-08-19 22:41
Tried to order but showed not available. BummersnapBlemished PSA Premium 16'' 5.56mm 1:7 Carbine Length M4 Profile - Without BCG or CH - $224.99 after $15 off coupon2014-08-19 21:58
Picked mine up today after ordering it on the forth and am very impressed. Even my FFL said he had never seen one in that good condition. It looks brand new, 4 mags still sealed in plastic, one used mag, new bayonet, mag pouch, cleaning kit and sling. Went through the check out and everything is good including the trigger. Side folder button is very stiff but I'll work it out.Jinx6187Century International Arms VZ2008 Sporter Rifle 7.62x39 RI1554-X with 5 Mags - $399.992014-08-19 20:11
anyone know if this is legit or a sales tactic? they show no gift cards in stock, and no real information about if they are doing this "out of the shopping cart" as they were not automatically put in the cart / nothing about it comes up during checkout.wildmanjeff$100 Gift Card with Springfield Handguns + 3 Mags and 1 Mag puch FREE after MIR @ Palmetto State Armory2014-08-19 19:39
They STILL have these in stock as of 8/20/14 for about $580. I Just received mine from Roydal Tiger Imports. Dave the customer service rep was great. I had put my address in as the FFL shipping address. He helped me, no problem. He even sent a scan of the correct shipping label so I knew everything was fine. As far the rifle it's great. I compared it side by side to my Russian Saiga SGL 21 and they looked alike. There was no mag wobble, gun was lighter than the Saiga and half the price. Also the gun comes with a picattiny rail system already. This saved me about $150 plus alot of time for buying an aftermarket rail system. Great Deal. Also came with a pretty sturdy black case with red locking clasps, free. Thanks Royal Tiger Imports. numbbrrrI.O. Inc. M214 7.62x39 30 Rnd - $539.95 + S/H2014-08-19 19:24
I wish I had seen that CTD had the new model for that price. I just paid $30 more from KY Gun CO and thought I was getting a deal. I debated on the new vs old and after all the reading about them changing the polymer formula I figured they did it for a reason.jswilson24CZ P-07 3.8" 16RD/18RD 9MM - $390 shipped2014-08-19 18:49
ThanksRed Dot ArmsMasterpiece Arms Pistol 5.7x28mm 5", ATACS Camo - $444.99 - Free Shipping - No CC fees2014-08-19 18:46
I was going to buy a set of armor from AR500 but they ended a coupon code early in order to try and drum up business at higher prices. It's a free country so they can do whatever they want -- however this feels kind of crappy to me.jchawkPotential Body Armor Ban, H.R. 5344 -Take Action!2014-08-19 16:22
+1 True dat!BeritOlamSellier and Bellot 9 mm 115-gr. FMJ 1000 Rnds - $237.492014-08-19 16:01
First time ordering from BCM. Purchased a complete upper on Friday night and got it Thusday afternoon (Colorado). Fast and smooth process which I'm very pleased. RapidRayFree BCG with any Bravo Company Upper + Free BCM MOD 0 Compensator with any 16" Upper (from $439)2014-08-19 15:34
After the slickguns post was noticed, I was contacted in reference to it and am trying to resolve the order with, I will update with the Eotech scam2014-08-19 15:22
I have to disagree. This is the best deal I have seen on an anodized forged lower receiver. I've seen non-anodized at this price, such as from Tactical Machining, but this price is the best for one that is anodized.sg8932Manufacture Over Run 80%+ Anodized Lower Receiver - $49.992014-08-19 15:00
I use the EasyJig for all of my lowers. You will have to modify the EasyJig slightly to get this or other standard forged lowers to work but it's not much. You can use the 1/4" end mill used with the EasyJig to do it in the drill press.sg8932Manufacture Over Run 80%+ Anodized Lower Receiver - $49.992014-08-19 14:58
Really good deal, ammo is about the same price as other rounds, the one I ordered last go around was real nice, very happy with it. 36 rounds all day long from this shorti - all steel - no plastic garbage here for $299, If you don't have one your missing out!! Easily a bedside option and very powerful round!!xrayspiritPolish PPS-43C Pistol 7.62x25mm - $299.99 + S/H2014-08-19 14:57
I will update as soon as I resolve the matter. I had purchased risers, 3x magnifiers, flip to side mounts and scope oats for all, it would be a huge loss to mee if the two Eotechs do not work out by the time the rebate ends, I also have lost my options to by them at the same deal elswhere ( now sold out there) and would be stuck at retail price for Two. Eotech scam2014-08-19 14:50
Successfully purchased @ 5:15pm.energyxRemington .22 LR 36 Grain PLHP (Golden Bullet) Per 525 - $24.99 (Limit 1 - clear cache)2014-08-19 14:37
Email recieved at 5:10, OOS by 5:19pmakarguyRemington .22 LR 36 Grain PLHP (Golden Bullet) Per 525 - $24.99 (Limit 1 - clear cache)2014-08-19 14:21
I'm not comfortable with the bolt made out of 4140 steel. Your barrel will probably be harder, leading to an increased chance for breaking a lug on the bolt. Both C158 (mil spec) and 9310 are harder. Just IMO. C Tactical Free Floating Flat Top Complete Upper Receiver w/BCG & Charging Handle - $395.99 after code "10OFF"2014-08-19 14:17
too yall guys who purchase items with credit cards, I always use pre-paid cards on things like this dunderwood76M44 RUSSIAN 44 CARBINE (7.62X54R) - $169.952014-08-19 13:44
There are better deals from other companies. I learned the hard away about both the lower receiver and the jig used to finish the lower. Watch all the videos and read everything you can about the finishing the lower receiver. I tried the drill press and wasn't happy how it turned out ended up buying a small mill from Harbor Freight.U8S5M4C1Manufacture Over Run 80%+ Anodized Lower Receiver - $49.992014-08-19 13:44
Not the one picturedjackdadogRock Island Armory 1911 45 ACP 5" 8 Rnd Matte Nickel - $402 shipped after $50 MIR2014-08-19 13:40
I really like the smith & Wesson SD 9 VE standard capacity 9mm for the price, I bought a sccy 9mm for 336.00 bucks, don't get me wrong its a dang good self defense handgun, but at the time I wanted a hand gun and now i'm thinking about being a reserve police officer and you cant carry a sccy. It just don't meet the standards. dunderwood76Smith & Wesson SD9 VE Standard Capacity 9mm Pistol 4 Barrel 16 Rd Two-Tone - $289.99 shipped2014-08-19 13:32
that's cheap for the del-ton dt-sport, I've always wanted one every sense they came out, now I can finally can afford one. I've never fired one. I bet it will be awesome! dunderwood76Del-Ton DTSPORT Sport .223Rem/5.56NATO 16" barrel 30 Rnds - $589.992014-08-19 13:01
You Need to BUY membership in order to qualify for this price. NOT a good deal! The company is also a bad retailer with terrible history of canceling orders. I will buy my ammo elsewhere.hnp45acpSellier and Bellot 9 mm 115-gr. FMJ 1000 Rnds - $237.492014-08-19 13:01
I only have experience with one jig (BTR). I would go with the JT tactical jig. They have a good reputation.jonny209Manufacture Over Run 80%+ Anodized Lower Receiver - $49.992014-08-19 12:54
Interesting. Update if/when you hear back from Eotech scam2014-08-19 12:34
Gave this a thumbs up because the people at Prepper GS are very helpful. If you don't like it, go look elsewhere. SidIsOnFireIZ132SM Izhmash Saiga Converted AK-47 922(r) Compliant / 970 Prepper Points / $5.99 Shipping - $969.992014-08-19 12:32
They just updated to back ordered after the flood of complaints, I have ordered from them in the past with no problems, but just small items. Called yesterday And was promised a call back, nothing. When I called sales because Cust. Service would not answer, gave her my order # she said they would call me about problem! I said I haven't told you my problem yet, She said she already knew! Eotech scam2014-08-19 12:20
Had bad experience with Wideners also, will never buy from them again. Gun was unsafe to shoot, and there customer service is terrible.tlcplaceM44 RUSSIAN 44 CARBINE (7.62X54R) - $169.952014-08-19 12:15
Be careful, bought M44 from Wideners and receiver and barrel badly pitted. Could blow up on unwary buyer, break down M44 first before shooting.tlcplaceM44 RUSSIAN 44 CARBINE (7.62X54R) - $169.952014-08-19 12:12
I have been wanting to complete an 80% lower. These are mil spec. Any issues with them? Any jigs folks would suggest to do the work? TIA.vastemptyManufacture Over Run 80%+ Anodized Lower Receiver - $49.992014-08-19 11:47
Seems like a pretty good deal on a complete upper with full-auto BCG, charging handle and free floated barrel. Anybody think this is not a good deal? I'm thinking about jumping, but maybe I'm overlooking something.viralVytamen C Tactical Free Floating Flat Top Complete Upper Receiver w/BCG & Charging Handle - $395.99 after code "10OFF"2014-08-19 11:41
Shows back order to me. When did you order it? I've never had any problems from Eotech scam2014-08-19 11:35
Worked out to $143.95 including shipping using coupon code "G2T" for 15 boxes or $0.19/round. Not bad for new ammo. EDIT: BROWNELLS CANCELLED MY ORDER WITH NO JUSTIFICATIONreubadoob15 Boxes Wolf Polyformance 9mm 115-gr FMJ 750 Rnds - $132.32 after $25 off coupon G2T + $15.95 S/H 2014-08-19 11:34
link brings up 50 @ 4.99 (a dollar per hundred more.paulkalmanCCI/Speer .22 Rimfire Ammunition 40 Grain Standard Velocity 100 rounds - $8.99 (limit 1) - clear cache2014-08-19 10:48
Thanks for pointing out the problem with the website. We have update that page Thanks Again TopShotUSAPMC .233 PMC 1000 Rounds Bulk - $339.99 shipped2014-08-19 10:44
Sorry you are not happy with the bullets, all of our customers have been very satisfied with these bullets you are more then welcome to send them back & we will gladly refund your money. jonpahl1500 - LAKE CITY .224 62 GRAIN SS109 STEEL CORE BULLETS - LIKE NEW PULL DOWN'S - $49.95 SHIPPED2014-08-19 10:36
Handled one of these at Academy a few months ago. These babies feel a little 'cheap' in the hand compared to their more expensive pistol grip competitors (Mossberg, Remington, etc.). But you can't deny that it's a good shooting gun a reasonable price. The bead sighted ones at Academy run about $190, so maybe the extra $40+tax in savings is worth the risk in buying from PSA!BeritOlamStevens 320 Security Pump - 12 GA, 18.5" Barrel, Pistol Grip - $149.992014-08-19 09:51
Please bear with us as we fix the shipping charges. In order to ship ammunition it must be ORM-D and there's a surcharge added for an adult signature at drop off. This price is not for specifically one bullet, but for one round. I ask once again that you please bear with us as we fix these issues. TCCItbirdammo.50 BMG Remanufactured Ammo API - $2.452014-08-19 09:29
I have an older-style CVA break action in a .223 -- wasn't looking to buy it...but Academy had a camo version of it for 40% off, so I couldn't resist at $120 bucks. Dropped a much more expensive scope on her, and she was shooting as accurate at 100yds as my much more expensive Remington 30-06. These break-actions are simple as all get out to clean up after shooting. Already killed me a couple of small varmints at the ranch. I would expect the same from these shotguns as well. Very pleased with the quality-for-the-price you get with CVA.BeritOlamCVA Scout Break Open 12 GA 3" 1 Capacity 22" Barrel Black - $188 shipped (make an offer)2014-08-19 09:24
I've had one of these for about a year paid a bit more than $160, so some buyer's remorse. But no shooters remorse at this price point. Agreed with blackg50 that it has more plastic than a credit card trash pile, but it shoots just about all the 22LR ammo I can throw at it. Fortunately, the local Academy stocks that stuff pretty consistently (if you get in at opening), so I haven't had a problem getting ammo for her. Stripping her down isn't the funnest thing in the world, but there are YouTube vids that show you exactly how to do it. I intend to use it eventually with my 2 boys when the get old enough to start plinking cans in the country. One good thing is that extra 25-round mags were extremely hard to find a year ago, but it seems like supply is starting to meet demand. It's pretty easy to find these babies for $20 a pop. All and all, about 800-1000 rounds in, I'm happy. If you want something that feels a little more robust in the hand, get a S&W or Beretta ARX160....but you'll pay for it. For $160, you can't complain too much about this weekend plinker.BeritOlamMossberg International 715T .22 LR 37204 - $154.99 after coupon "SAVE15" + S/H2014-08-19 09:13
We bought these post-ban and paid a significantly higher price for these guns from our supplier compared to what they could be purchased for before the sanctions. If you compare the price we are selling these guns for to what we paid for them, we are not "gouging" just putting our normal markup on the guns. Prepper Gun ShopIZ132SM Izhmash Saiga Converted AK-47 922(r) Compliant / 970 Prepper Points / $5.99 Shipping - $969.992014-08-19 09:10
Manage your expectations. I think you will love this upper (I have the M4gery version and love mine) but I will bet you a dime to a dollar if you ordered it yesterday you will NOT be receiving it tomorrow afternoon. Be patient and it will get here.NewMexicanPTAC 16" Mid-Length 5.56mm 1:7 Upper with BCG and Charging Handle - $299.992014-08-19 09:06
Retail / MSRP.viralRecover Tactical 1911 CC3 Grip and Rail - $49.992014-08-19 08:50
If you want striker-fired, solid cycling, on the less expensive side, and American made....not sure it comes any better than this. I think the recent markdowns on some of the Turkish guns in the $300 range are going to give people something to think about, if you want that CZ/Desert Eagle/Walther styling. I saw one of these things (in what looked like pretty good condition) sell just a few days ago on GunBroker for about $240.BeritOlamSmith & Wesson SD9 VE Standard Capacity 9mm Pistol 4 Barrel 16 Rd Two-Tone - $289.99 shipped2014-08-19 08:48
Glad to hear you're happy with the upper.AR15HARDWARE16" 5.56 NATO KM13 CARBINE UPPER - $399.95 using coupon code SGKM132014-08-19 08:28
That might be true, but this is still the lowest price on PMC .223 right now.noobie107PMC .233 PMC 1000 Rounds Bulk - $339.99 shipped2014-08-19 08:19
I picked up my new 2014 P-07 #91086 for $426 shipped from cheaperthan dirt. That was a deal.mpk85CZ P-07 3.8" 16RD/18RD 9MM - $390 shipped2014-08-19 07:34

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