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This is a level 3 or level 3a protection? stops 223 5.56 rounds as well as 40S&W? or just hand gun rounds? eugenepAR500 Armor XL Carrier w/ Extra Large (11" x 14") Level III Plates, Holster & Mag Pouches - $2852014-07-23 10:42
No marketing strategy in the world can make up for the fact there is no reason to purchase it. Even if it were the same price as a comparable hi-point there is still no reason to buy it considering mag availability and customer service.redder1TAURUS CTG29 9MM CARBINE 10+1 - $499.99 shipped2014-07-23 10:36
"receive less", i.e. poly bag instead of flat rate box. uninsured vs insured. you get my meaning. not less service, less packaging, more risk during shipment. but for most small items, 1st class ship in a poly bag for $2~$4 is where it's at, vs companies charging $9.00 to ship a small widget. for me, if the shipping is > 5% of the subtotal, something's wrong.Angry BillBurris AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount - 30mm 410342 - $39.99 after coupon "30mm" and $20 MIR2014-07-23 10:31
Xtreme bullets has free shipping this week.thriftygunshopper230 Grain .45 ACP Plated Projectiles - 500 Ct. - $602014-07-23 10:08
no 22 here either & same thing same order as bulls eye still waiting & not the first time they did it trikerSellier and Bellot 9 mm 115-gr. FMJ 1000 Rnds - $217.49 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 09:47
These were briefly offered for 799.99 at AIM late last week. Apparently by mistake. Picked one up in a heartbeat. Speculating on how long the ban will last is good for drinks but the fact is Democrats will not lift this ban easily especially if a Dem gets back in power. Democrats are insane over these types of guns and feel we are the criminals for even wanting them. Their own constituents, insane people and criminals fan flames of fear and hatred. If a future release occurs its impossible to say if the output could meet demand for all the countries Russia exports to and America and doesn't include unknowables like Russia's own needs or the factories' economic viability going forward. Putin could just decide to divert or alter production at any time. The executive actions of Obama are unknowable, but Democrats are the biggest danger to legal firearm owners by far. If you want this, or any other Russian gun buy it if you can.KriegshundVepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Folding Stock Welded Open #VEPR-12FS - $949.992014-07-23 09:46
I think it all comes down to PSA having way too many orders and not enough staff. For example, I placed one order with PSA on 6/23 and another on 7/9. Based on my two order numbers, over 18,000 other orders had been placed in that time! According to this April 2014 article (, PSA currently has 230 employees. So we're not talking about some huge company like Walmart or Amazon here. Let's just say that 100 of those employees (probably way less) have anything to do with packing/shipping. If that number is anywhere close, that would be around 125 orders per shipping employee each week. And, of course, each order may contain dozens if not hundreds of items. But, assuming less people handle shipping, we're talking 250+ orders for each shipping employee to handle each week. So, that's roughly 6 orders to handle every single hour for each employee...just to break even. Personally, that sounds like a lot to deal with. Especially when you factor in the "no mistakes" process required when shipping firearms. I, for one, will keep those numbers in mind when I start getting a little anxious about why they haven't shipped my order yet. :)reachjeffsBurris AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount - 30mm 410342 - $39.99 after coupon "30mm" and $20 MIR2014-07-23 09:26
i placed one order with them back in febuary 2014 for 22 lr ammo they listed in stock then went to back order .keep moving the shipment date up june 24 ,now july 21 all passed and not shipped .im not ordering anything from them until they ship my order.if not shipped or canceled i will not do business with them no more .bull's-eye 99Sellier and Bellot 9 mm 115-gr. FMJ 1000 Rnds - $217.49 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 09:19
I just weighed my Rainier Arms RAC (.308) with crush washer, 4oz. I agree 11oz out on the end of a boom stick is on the heavier end and really could throw off the balance of a rifle. aaardalTitan Stainless Pro Muzzle Brake AR .223 or .308 sizes available $492014-07-23 09:15
indeed I paid less, wouldn't say I received less. in fact in this case I received more then what I appear to be getting from PSA!abughannamBurris AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount - 30mm 410342 - $39.99 after coupon "30mm" and $20 MIR2014-07-23 09:03
$117.58 shipped with $20 off.jjmIII_RugerSellier and Bellot 9mm 115-gr. FMJ 500Rds - $101 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 09:02
Best and cheapest place I have ever bought ammo online! Never even one problem in two years and no one is cheaper. They don't charge until they ship, and have shipped everything I have ever ordered. Every backordered item has come in earlier than expected. To each their own.jjmIII_RugerSellier and Bellot 9mm 115-gr. FMJ 500Rds - $101 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 09:00
they canceled my last order sneakily. sent me a letter by post, and i had to reply in one buisness day or it would be canceled. i got busy and could not call. i even used a coupon on that order they gave me from them canceling a different order. a total cluster buisness.Angry BillSellier and Bellot 9 mm 115-gr. FMJ 1000 Rnds - $217.49 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 08:44
Used it on the Application Trail after watching some YouTube vids. Excellent. Functioned perfectly when paired with a Stoic titanium cook set I picked up on It was maybe the best gear purchase I had made in preparation for the hike.NutinwrksUltralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition 3.9oz! - $5.75 shipped2014-07-23 08:42
many retailers had trouble after sandy. i personally never had any issues with SG besides them always trying to sell you the membership any chance they get.noobie107Sellier and Bellot 9mm 115-gr. FMJ 500Rds - $101 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 08:34
Bad retailer. Terrible business practices. They collect orders, only to cancel them a year later because the market value has increased, and they can sell their product at higher prices.hnp45acpSellier and Bellot 9 mm 115-gr. FMJ 1000 Rnds - $217.49 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 08:24
Bad retailer. Terrible business practices. They collect orders, only to cancel them a year later because the market value has increased, and they can sell their product at higher prices.hnp45acpSellier and Bellot 9mm 115-gr. FMJ 500Rds - $101 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 08:21
Wasn't my cup of tea....but I'll still give it a thumbs up because at $449 and the MIR deal w/ 2 free mags, it's a nice deal. Very well made gun.BeritOlamSig Sauer P238 Sports 12 380 ACP 2.7" Nitron TFO Front Sight 6 & 7 Rnd Mags - $449.99 shipped + 2 Additional Free Mags after MIR2014-07-23 08:12
It is a shame that your target audience doesn't understand the definition of the word satire.Cecil SharpsNorma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $59.992014-07-23 08:10
Magpul Rear Sight AR-15 Polymer$29 kingaztecaCLOSEOUT - Super low prices on Magpul and other Accessories + 10% off with coupon "10off" + Free Shipping2014-07-23 08:07
11oz is gonna feel heavy on the end of a barrel.noobie107Titan Stainless Pro Muzzle Brake AR .223 or .308 sizes available $492014-07-23 07:49
$0.235/rd shipped.noobie107Sellier and Bellot 9mm 115-gr. FMJ 500Rds - $101 after $20 OFF coupon2014-07-23 07:47
FYI: these are NOT made by Colt, they are licensed by Colt and made by another manufacturer. Because of this, no free Carhartt jacket. Decent review on them though. Realize they lack a dust cover and forward assist.tomandjerry00COLT CSR-1516 5.56 16" MID WT BBL FREE FLOAT 1-30 + CASE & 4 MAGS - $699.99 + $12.98 S/H + FREE Carhartt Jacket after MIR2014-07-23 07:21
I tried to order one of these about a week ago & they cancelled my order & now they come out with this plus tube damittrikerMagpul Boost Bundle w/Mil-Spec 6-Position Buffer Tube Assembly BLK/FDE/ODG - $99.98 shipped (or as low as $80)2014-07-23 07:02
thanks, low cost shipping options rock for those who want the option of paying less, getting less.Angry BillBurris AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount - 30mm 410342 - $39.99 after coupon "30mm" and $20 MIR2014-07-23 06:20
Yes and $3.32abughannamBurris AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount - 30mm 410342 - $39.99 after coupon "30mm" and $20 MIR2014-07-23 06:19
At this price point....get the burris fullfield ii which can be had for $110 after rebate. Tons of optics reviews here. ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC) - $129.98 shipped2014-07-23 06:13
Read the fine print... "Expected availability: 8/11/2014" which for SG the last year has meant sometime in 2015. If you don't need it anytime soon its a good deal and it MIGHT actually in August but I wouldn't count on it. MAR520PMC Bronze 9mm 115 Grain FMJ 500 Rnds - $109.19 after $20 off coupon2014-07-23 06:12
This is horrible ammo. It's greasy, it's expensive and it's not tactical at all. It's not even copper plated, they're so cheap! PigsandKids - the airsoft crew - they got it right. Nobody should ever buy this. Nobody actually ever shoots single hole groups anyway. I know because me and my buddies braced ourselves against the wall of our playpen and took careful aim with our Mossberg 715Ts... nope, not even close. (And we are able to hit a tin can at 25 yards 7 out of 10 shots, so we're pretty good shooters.) But then Mom came home and caught us. Now we're grounded and can't even shoot our airsoft guns for a whole month! I hate this ammo, I hate people who buy it and I hate Mom. -PiggyShravenNorma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $59.992014-07-23 06:09
I ordered mine on 7-4-2014 and still haven't received a tracking number, it has now been almost three weeks!AOG12ATI TAC PX2 3" 12GA 18.5" Barrel Tactical Pump Shotgun - $99.99 + $17 S/H2014-07-23 06:06
Take your nickle sized group bulk ammo to a competition. If you're man enough to wade through the laughter and sit down to shoot, you'll find yourself dead last.ShravenNorma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $59.992014-07-23 05:59
There is no Snap-On logo . I bought the orange one a few weeks ago . Great knife .kjack333CRKT K205RKP Ken Onion Wrinkle Knife - $29.992014-07-23 05:55
I can think of one, if you can't afford to buy a decent handgun you probably can't afford to feed it a healthy diet of .45DanjamanHi-Point Firearms .45ACP Polymer 4.5-inch 9rd - $133.39 + $8.66 S/H2014-07-23 05:46
how much did Primary charge to ship the BCM ? I assume via USPS first class?Angry BillBurris AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount - 30mm 410342 - $39.99 after coupon "30mm" and $20 MIR2014-07-23 05:40
I will gladly pay cabelas $25 for one box of .22 rather than drive over to ctd to ask what a box of the same .22 cost from them. I stopped opening those catalogs they would send out. They once advertised $200 for the same box that's now only $25 at cabelas. To cover their asses & not look like such gouging bastards they no longer advertise the price of .22 in their catalogsOh that jeep guyH&R Pardner Pump Protector Pump-Action 12 GA 18.5" Barrel 5 Rounds Black Synthetic Stock - $135 shipped2014-07-23 05:37
This is the first time I have ever ordered from PSA and I am beginning to understand why so many people complain. Submitted order for these mounts 3 days ago and status remains "processing". On top of the $9 they charge for shipping I would expect more. Is it to much to ask they drop them in a box, slap a label on, then ship within 1 business day? Ordered a BCM changing handle from Primary Arms on Friday afternoon and following Monday box was at my door with cheapest shipping option....abughannamBurris AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount - 30mm 410342 - $39.99 after coupon "30mm" and $20 MIR2014-07-23 04:37
Don't known if you grabbed one at this price ($99.99); if so congratulations,if not you would do well to pick one up at usual "street price" of $190 or so. Very good fit and finish, and action is smooth. Cycles whatever you load no problem. Just shot a box (25) of standard velocity (1375 fps) 23/4 00; manageable recoil and delivers lethal pattern at 30 yards. Pretty much does what a shotgun should and devastates "soft" targets within range very satisfied (PSA shipped in one week)wfrench05ATI TAC PX2 3" 12GA 18.5" Barrel Tactical Pump Shotgun - $99.99 + $17 S/H2014-07-23 00:39
I bought one of these from Cabelas when they were first released for my Glock 17. The laser is bright enough for everything but bright outdoor sun. ** READ THE INSTRUCTIONS *** This laser needs to be zeroed using a specific procedure that is detailed in the instructions. If you use man logic and skip the instructions, the laser will not hold zero. While I was satisfied with the operation of the laser, I returned it to Cabela's for one main reason: Mounted on my Glock 17, I couldn't reach the on/off buttons without adjusting my grip. I have large hands with average size fingers. If you can palm a basketball, this may not be an issue for you. With a smaller frame gun, this may not be an issue either. I wanted to try out the laser but decided that it wasn't worth the aggravation of buying new holsters, especially with the fitment issue. I may try the LaserLyte rear sight laser to avoid these issues... but playing with this one made me realize that I don't really need a laser. At typical handgun engagement distances, a good weapon light would probably be a better choice on your rail.MobiusIINEW! LaserLyte V4 Red Laser - $69.992014-07-23 00:09
Nice price for those wanting their first 1911. Certainly will never be confused for a $1200 Kimber, but these bad boys can hold their own in most civilian applications. Performed flawless for me when I put a couple hundred rounds through her!BeritOlamGirsan MC1911S-G2 .45ACP 5" Sport w/Tac Rail - $363 shipped (make an offer)2014-07-23 00:00
Sweet gun for under $1k. With some practice, I bet you could take out a whole group of gang-bangers with all of those rounds in there....IF the situation called for it.BeritOlamFN Herstal FNX-45 Tactical 45 ACP Pistol Black 5.3" Threaded Barrel 15 Rd Matte Black Polymer - $989.99 shipped2014-07-22 23:58
The Turks generally (in my experience) make good guns! A few are underwhelming, but the price points are always pretty nice!BeritOlamCanik Shark C 9mm Luger 3.94" Cold Forged Barrel 15 Rounds Plastic Grips Black - $318.95 + Free Shipping2014-07-22 23:55
Gee Whiz. Looks suspiciously similar to the "high quality" Primary Arms red dot that all the elite special force operators rave about... Except it's almost half as expensive becuase this one ships for free and comes with the mount. How much "high quality" you think one can get for $40?... Or $70 when you buy from PA? Take a look. Could be different, but I highly doubt it. Probably made in the same factory by abused, barefooted 9 year old children Ching Chang Chong and his malnourished cousin Ping Pang Pong. CHING CHANG CHONG 32 M2 Tactical Holographic Reflex Red / Green Dot Sight Scope Picatinny Rail - $39.99 + Free Shipping2014-07-22 23:27
Placed order on 3 July. Called on 17 to check order status, was told that process had not begun because my ffl, (which I chose from their website), needed to fax them license info. Went to ffl, explained the situation, dealer stated that they had done business with them before and never had to forward their info unsolicited by palmetto state armory. Ffl sceptical, but obliged my request. Called SPA, asked if they began processing my order after receiving ffl info. Was told that they did not receive anything from my ffl. Told them to piss off and filed a claim for refund with my bank. Worst experience purchasing a firearm Ever. Wouldn't attempt to conduct business with this company again, no matter how great the deal is.GIGUYCentury International Arms VZ2008 Sporter Rifle 7.62x39 RI1554-X with 5 Mags - $399.992014-07-22 22:03
OH I forgot I also put some Magpul PRO buis for a total of $1150.00, without the magazines.I'm new to the AR 15 platform this will be a good starter rifle for me and my family to learn on.I will most likely buy 2 more, if buds still have them at this price.Then I will buy a PWS AR as I heard good things about them.Any helpful comments will be greatly appreciated.LONG LIVE FREEDOM AND OUR GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!!! nemonic13Adams Arms Base Piston Carbine 556NATO 16" BLK 6-POS Blem - $599 shipped2014-07-22 21:24
Definitely no monetary excuse for you to not get a .45 now!BeritOlamHi-Point Firearms .45ACP Polymer 4.5-inch 9rd - $133.39 + $8.66 S/H2014-07-22 21:19
I ordered one on Friday received it on Thursday.You don't have to be a bud team member only if you want it shipped the same day. The lady that took my order was very polite and informative.I only found one very small scratch on the upper.I'm very pleased and will order again from buds.I'm in Houston TX.I have not shot it yet.I installed Magpul MOE accessories in flat dark earth.I'm waiting for a CMC flat trigger in flat dark earth,a rainier ambidextrous charging handle and a seekins aluminum trigger guard in the same color.I also ordered six Lancer AWF magazines from Botach for $59.99 in flat dark earth.I also ordered three SureFire 60 round magazines for $69.99 a while ago also from Botach,I'm very pleased with Botach.Shipping was fast I recieved the SF magazines in three days.The SF magazines fit perfect as do the Magpul magazines.I can't wait to shoot it!I also order my ammo from SGM Ammo from Stillwater OK.They are also fast I'm also very pleased with their service. I hope this helps you all out. nemonic13Adams Arms Base Piston Carbine 556NATO 16" BLK 6-POS Blem - $599 shipped2014-07-22 21:11
I'll echo the others. The temptation of get a 1911 for under $300 may be tempting, but don't count on getting the gun in time to mail in the rebate. If you don't mind getting stuck with what is a pretty nice gun for $320, then by all means go for it. Speaking personally, I still think I'd rather pay $400 and get something like a Girsan. Definitely worth the extra $100 (in my opinion) for a better .45!BeritOlamAmerican Tactical Imports 1911 FX45 GI .45 ACP 4.25" 8rd - $289.99 after MIR2014-07-22 21:03
Deals over at SG are a better deal at the moment.slosha69Herter's 7.62 x 39 122 Gr. FMJ Rifle Ammunition with Dry-Box 500 rounds - $129.992014-07-22 21:02
Wait until you price other essential spare parts all together, barrel, BCG, piston, springs, etc. You'll ended up more than neck deep to the point where It is "MUCH" cheaper to buy another rifle and cut the barrel. I sold mine for this very reason. P.S. Yes, I'm aware of cut down the barrel and play with different size gas ports for under $300. SCARfaceFNH USA SCAR 16S BARREL ASSEMBLY 223 REM 556 NATO 10" - $929.992014-07-22 20:28
On a very hot day after a couple hundred rounds I had a Tulamo (Red Army) poly coated steel case fail to eject and it stuck in the chamber holding the bolt in place in the closed position... locked up tight. I took it home and made sure it was not a live round stuck but a spent case, I hammered the bolt carrier open by striking the charging handle with a brass hammer, it took a few sharp whacks. The case was still stuck in the chamber but the rim tore away at the extractor and the bolt came back so I could lock the bolt back and then drive the stuck case out using a steel cleaning rod down the muzzle with the brass hammer. The primer was still in the case, not penetrated or bulged and the case had not split. I suspect the poly coating melted and glued itself in the chamber? maybe? I cleaned the carbine with Balistoil and it cycled fine. It chamber and ejected rounds fine. I went to shoot it and "No Bang" I dismantled the carbine again and discovered there was no Firing pin in the bolt. Where it went I have no clue. I searched the work bench and the entire room where I disassembled the carbine ... no firing pin to be found. I called Century support and quickly got a customer service lady (very polite and efficient) who will be sending me a shipping container and paper work and shipping label to send the carbine back to them for warranty repair. Sure, I wish I didn't have to go through this but I must say Century has so far, handled this very well .... especially being the fail seems to be due to ammo. I'll update on how it works out.ChasCentury International Arms VZ2008 Sporter Rifle 7.62x39 RI1554-X with 5 Mags - $399.992014-07-22 20:10

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