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I honestly figured that this would be completely ridiculous, but if you look at the individual components, you could definitely do a lot worse. The individual pieces are actually pretty well reviewed on their own, and you do save some money buying them together.cbattlesSurvival Kit - $149.992014-10-20 04:40
Found it. BLT50N-CP has white lights. This one is BLT52N-CP has green lights. NorcoredneckSOG Knives Bladelight Folder Knife - $31.50 + $5.95 S/H (Video)2014-10-20 03:23
Wondering if it has green lights as stated. Can not find any other for sale that has green lights. NorcoredneckSOG Knives Bladelight Folder Knife - $31.50 + $5.95 S/H (Video)2014-10-20 03:19
I have a storm lake conversion barrel, it's top notch, and I'd purchase another without hesitationdeadbeatStorm Lake Barrels GL22 .40SW to 9mm Conversion SS - $108.012014-10-20 03:06
The guy in the video says it's under $400 but Bud's listed retail price is $449. $369 doesn't seem like that great of a deal now.stupidDummyHeadStoeger 2000 Tactical 12ga Semi-Auto 18.5" Synthetic Pistol Grip Stock - $319 shipped after $50 MIR (make an offer for $369)2014-10-20 00:19
The Federal Independence line of 5.56 ammo is nothing more that the reject ammo from Israeli munition factories. Don't expect anything more than you would get from the other Federal bulk plinking ammo. Neat box though...Cisco CertifiedIndependence 5.56NATO 55GR XM193 FMJ Boat Tail 500Rds - $169.952014-10-19 23:25
Honestly, this is pretty lame ammo. Yeah its m855, but it is really neutered. Shoot this along side any true 5.56 M855 and you'll see this stuff shoots at least an inch lower at 35 yards. It's really under powered, but if you just want it for the cheap plastic bags it comes in: be my guest. The stripper clips use a different adapter than traditional US spoons, so don't expect to speed load these into your mags unless you have one of those weird Canadian spec adapters (I think they are made of denim). Although the flexible plastic strippers are pretty easy to pull rounds off of, it really feels like you are doing something that a lazy assembly line should have done. If you really wanna go the "ammo in a bag for the apocalypse" route, just buy something cheaper and use some ziplock baggies. There is no sealant anywhere on the rounds, and I hardly think the fact that they ran them through a vac-seal is worth the 10 cent per round increase. Cisco CertifiedAMA (Denmark) NATO 5.56x45 (.223) M855 900rd CAN - $349.95 + Free Shipping2014-10-19 23:17
Just a heads up - this has the Gen 1 product code: MAG509COY The Gen2 product code is MAG518COY Gen 2 features: "...incorporates a new low profile quick-adjust Slider which minimizes bulk and allows for secure, yet effortless, sling adjustment. Webbing length has also been increased for a comfortable fit with all body types and armor configurations. New colors are available in Ranger Green and Gray along with the original Black and Coyote."Scuba SteveMagpul MS4 Dual QD Multi-Mission Slings Coyote - $39.95 + Free Shipping2014-10-19 22:13
I own one. Great for CQB and home defenseSputnikM1911L Swiss Model (K11) 1911 Schmidt Rubin Long Carbine Rifle - $2802014-10-19 22:12
Great price and fast shipping when I got this last week. I ordered on a Thursday morning and it arrived at my FFL Saturday afternoon via USPS. It arrives in a padded envelope inside a box. However, mine was dinged in a couple spots around the rollmark, one spot was scraped right through the finish. When I voiced my concern, I was only told they do not inspect the parts they ship out...Any other place would have sold this as a blemished. Mine was probably a fluke that slipped through but just something to keep in mind.Jon1230Anderson Manu. 5.56 / 223 AR15 Lower 7075-T6 - $44.99 + Free Shipping2014-10-19 22:08
what state is this dealer located in?noobie107Glock G19 Gen 3 9mm 4" Threaded Barrel 15+1 FS Integral Grip Black - $501.122014-10-19 22:04
worth every penny. but not the wait.carbine15Cree 5w 300lm LED Zoomable Headlamp - $3.93 + FREE Shipping2014-10-19 21:30
$30 shipping to NH makes it 22 cents/round, kinda a meh price for re-manufactured ammo... ronnieraygunBullets 1st -- Reman 9mm, 124 gr FMJ -- 1,000 Rounds - $189.952014-10-19 21:21
Youre gonna start seeing non corossive 5.45 ammo for .20 cents and cheaper. Very smooth firing rile I love mine, but for $600 I think a polish tantal or the Bulgarian ak74 would do just as well for $100 cheaperWiggitySaiga IZ 240 AK 74 Rifle - $5992014-10-19 20:50
you may be right, I was thrown off by their offering for a forged lower at around $70. The prices for billet design lowers are similar $100 from both companiesMarcus B80% Arms Billet AR-15 80% Lowers - Raw, Pink, Black, FDE $69.99 to $119.992014-10-19 20:48
A few are back in stock after some orders fell through. weaponexpo.comSig Sauer 1911 22 Black Rosewood No CC Fees FREE SHIPPING!! - $264.992014-10-19 19:52
Went back with the link just for the hell of it, it now says out of stock. C'mon High Plains, if it's selling this well keep more in stock at this price!!!JustinKaseFN Herstal PS90 Standard Rifle 5.7mm 16" Barrel 30rd Black - $1000 shipped after coupon "SLICKGUNS"2014-10-19 19:39
3rd time I've seen this deal and tried to purchase! 1st time sold out, 2nd time coupon expired, this time link brings you to page and it says in stock; put it in shopping cart and go to check out, coupon code works but it then says: out of stock.JustinKaseFN Herstal PS90 Standard Rifle 5.7mm 16" Barrel 30rd Black - $1000 shipped after coupon "SLICKGUNS"2014-10-19 19:37
Buying the PPQ would not be a mistake. I think you win either way, I just happen to prefer the VP9.yellowlt4H&K VP9 LE package with 3 Magazines and Tritium Night Sights - $625 + $23 S/H2014-10-19 18:40
Out of stocksmacduff99H&K VP9 LE package with 3 Magazines and Tritium Night Sights - $625 + $23 S/H2014-10-19 18:06
Bad retailer. Dont do business with them. Brought a pistol light from them which came like used item. Emailed their customer service for return never gotten a reply. Ended up throwing away the light!akoATI 1911 FX45K 45ACP THREADED COMMANDER STYLE - $399.89 + $14.74 S/H2014-10-19 17:44
Coupon works as of Sunday 7:35 (cst) 10/19Dmo36Vortex SPARC Red Dot Optic SPRC - $119.99 after code "SPARC"2014-10-19 17:37
Thanks for taking the time to help. My gut says the VP9 but I'll see if I get any more input before ordering.PropellerheadH&K VP9 LE package with 3 Magazines and Tritium Night Sights - $625 + $23 S/H2014-10-19 17:29
This has been dropping recently to around $135 every couple of weeks. Rubber Quartz Black Dial Men's Watch - 0201.BO - $151 shipped2014-10-19 17:21
I have 2 PPQ's, both M1 variants, 1 40cal and 1 9mm. I also have a VP9. I prefer the VP9. First, because both of my PPQ's have had issues that have required a return to trip to Walther. Second, the VP9 trigger is a better trigger in my hands. Third, support, HK is simply better at customer service and parts supply, not to mention the VP9 shares sights and magazines with the awesome P30. yellowlt4H&K VP9 LE package with 3 Magazines and Tritium Night Sights - $625 + $23 S/H2014-10-19 17:15
It's 1,000 countTheAmericanMarksmanCopper Head blemished .22 Caliber 55gr BT, SOLID COPPER Bullet, Blemished 1,000 count $75.95+Free Shipping 2014-10-19 17:01
It's 1,000 TheAmericanMarksmanCopper Head blemished .22 Caliber 55gr BT, SOLID COPPER Bullet, Blemished 1,000 count $75.95+Free Shipping 2014-10-19 16:58
Picked up 1000 to try out. Talked to Ladell on the phone -- sounded like we're keeping him busy! The handful I pulled out of the box were a nice uniform finish and all the same length. Only noticed a bit of copper flashing on the seat of one bullet. Easy to scrape off. Looking forward to giving these a try. dregCopper Head blemished .22 Caliber 55gr BT, SOLID COPPER Bullet, Blemished 1,000 count $75.95+Free Shipping 2014-10-19 16:39
Got 500 to try out; 98% is a generous estimate, obviously; two flattened (squished, lengthwise) bullets in this box, blemishes include bullets with pull marks, gouges, and otherwise damaged rounds. Still not a bad price, have around 440 bullets with no visible issues. Tempted to run the rest through a .224 sizer; found another out of round while seating into casings.dreg500 - LAKE CITY .224 62 GRAIN SS109 STEEL CORE BULLETS - LIKE NEW PULL DOWN'S - $49.95 SHIPPED!!2014-10-19 16:34
Is Georgia Gun store inventory correct? it is going in and out of stock frequently.MrGlockManH&K VP9 LE package with 3 Magazines and Tritium Night Sights - $625 + $23 S/H2014-10-19 15:40
Does anybody know what parts would be required to finish this into a fully functional firearm? The receiver and the barrel, that's a given, but anything else? Does this have the firing pin already in the bolt? How can you tell?MR_22Polish PPS43 7.62 x 25mm Parts Kit Package - $49.992014-10-19 15:33
OK thanks. The 8rd mag will prob be my first purchase for this if it doesn't come with it. It doesn't say only 1 mag but usually if it doesn't list it, it's not gonna be with it ... Hope to be surprised though SuperwoodySig Sauer 290RS EDC 9mm 3" 6+1 Rnd - $299.992014-10-19 15:10
Would appreciate some advice, please. This or the .9mm Walther PPQ M2? The Walther has great reviews, is about the same price with 3 mags and, yes, I know the Walther has the mag release on the handle. But I am on the fence and would appreciate feedback from anyone who has had practical experience with both. Thanks in advance! PropellerheadH&K VP9 LE package with 3 Magazines and Tritium Night Sights - $625 + $23 S/H2014-10-19 15:05
I previously owned one. The finish is on the rough side but it functioned 100%. Heavy and solid gun on a budget.MrGlockManZastava M88 Semiautomatic Centerfire Pistol - $229.88 (In Store Only)2014-10-19 14:59
I bought mine for 430 I think with the laser, only difference I see is the night sights like you said and mine came with two mags, one 6rd and one 8rd and is two toned. Can't comment on gunbuyer but hell of a price on a good gun if you don't mind the Dao . I'd be in for another but too many projects as it is.shanetl1Sig Sauer 290RS EDC 9mm 3" 6+1 Rnd - $299.992014-10-19 14:49
this is CCI mini Mags . the best, .08 cents is good price . except now their is a limit on 22 lr so you have to add shipping .to the price i bought many of these RN&HP this past year and 10 boxes at time shipping was free . sure i buy the .06 cents a round Remington&Federal, Winchester . to shoot at the paper . these are special , for special use .bull's-eye 99CCI Mini Mag .22 LR 36-Gr. GLHP 100 Rnds - $7.99 (Limit 5)2014-10-19 14:05
i have bought a lot of 22 lr ammo here on this site this past year and this year. at great prices From Remington Federal, Winchester, CCI Mini Mags . i thank everyone that runs this site with the help posting these deals . i shoot at the range and have fun . bull's-eye 99CCI Mini Mag .22 LR 36-Gr. GLHP 100 Rnds - $7.99 (Limit 5)2014-10-19 14:03
This website has been the best for scoring .22LRCypressjeffCCI Mini Mag .22 LR 36-Gr. GLHP 100 Rnds - $7.99 (Limit 5)2014-10-19 13:38
Got my 1/7 a couple of days ago. Not impressed at all. The rail was loose and misaligned. Shooting with 62gr, I was getting groups of 14+ inches at 200 yards. Ordered some 77gr rounds. I really hope it improves dramatically. It is heavy, indeed. But works well for a longer range AR build for stability on stand/support. I stick with MOE or mil-spec guards for lighter carbines.stascomComplete 16" M4 1/7 or 1/9 Melonite Tactical 15" Quad Rail WITH BCG AND CH - $3492014-10-19 13:29
The one brick limit hurts this deal.PD2KCCI .22 LR 40 Grain Solid Mini-Mag 100 Rounds - $8.99 + Free in-store pickup (Limit 1)2014-10-19 13:07
Sorry guys, I accidentally typed 2549 instead of 1549! Its all fixed now. lockednloadedIWI TAVOR LH 556NATO 16.5" 30RD BLK - $1549.28 + Free Shipping2014-10-19 13:02
be sure to read the reviews carefully, this is the fastfire 2. Some problems with the design include: need to take it off to change batteries and a few others. Not a bad optic per say but I'd make sure you know what your buyingdeadbeatBurris 300232 FASTFIRE II w/Picatinny MOUNT 4MOA DOT - $141.55 shipped after coupon "save5"2014-10-19 12:58
I have the Sig 1911R which is basically the same thing. Probably my favorite pistol I've ever shot. pootersSig Sauer 1911 Fastback Nightmare SA .45 ACP 5" barrel 8 Rnds Night Sights - $8252014-10-19 11:50
Incidentally, I just bought a complete 7.62x39 upper with a melonite barrel, chrome lined BCG, handle, and 10rnd asc mag for $410. So I think there are better deals to be had. But every upper has its own pros and cons. kolmeAR-15 Package: 7.62x39mm Quad Upper Receiver w/ 5 Magazines - SALE $579 FREE SHIPPING2014-10-19 11:36
yea i know the shipping is free. have to find something to add . can't add the ammo because limit 5 boxes or 1 bulk pack per day on 22 lr and can't get handgun ammo shipped here so i can't add that . they cannceled 2 orders i made thursday because was 2 bulk packs and 5 mini mags thought it was per item . no it is total per day. bull's-eye 99CCI Mini Mag .22 LR 36-Gr. GLHP 100 Rnds - $7.99 (Limit 5)2014-10-19 11:18
$709.00, No Hidden Credit Card Fees, $5.99 Flat Rate shipping on all firearms and no sales tax outside Texas? ... not too bad right there. Anyone have any positive or negative reviews based on first hand experience? thomas67Diamondback Firearms DB-15 300 Blackout Tan CAMO 16-inch 4-RAIL - $709 2014-10-19 10:30
What's decent about .08 per round. I don't go over .06 so I passed on these. But it didn't matter they didn't have any anyway.bowace1CCI Mini Mag .22 LR 36-Gr. GLHP 100 Rnds - $7.99 (Limit 5)2014-10-19 10:28
According to Kahr's website as well as Davidson's, this is a 2.6" barrel, not 3.6" barrel. Just an FYI.viralKahr Arms CW380 .380ACP 2.58" Barrel 6+1 Black Polymer Grip Stainless - $2692014-10-19 10:12
If you order $50 you still get free shippingczCCI Mini Mag .22 LR 36-Gr. GLHP 100 Rnds - $7.99 (Limit 5)2014-10-19 10:06
Tanfoglio? yellowlt4Rock Island Armory 51655 MAPP Pistol 9mm 16rd Black - $312.122014-10-19 10:02

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