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I agree with EvilM. Good gun if you get the standard version.LOLOLCIA Centurion 39 Tactical Variant 7.62x39mm Milled Receiver 16" barrel 30 Rounds - $539.95 + S/H2014-09-19 14:25
Agree with Spacehog. 7.62 VEPRs averaged $800 with this sight config, and occasionally I'd see them as low as $700. Add all the conversion work and the rifle would be fair at $1k. Add the recent import restriction and that brings you to this price. Is it a smoking deal? No, but it is a very fair deal on a rifle that will not exist in the new market very soon. I'd buy it if I was in the market.LOLOL Russian AK Vepr VM39 Classic- $10892014-09-19 14:20
$7.68 shipped each. Killer deal. In for 52. Stock up nowBobslobMagpul PMAG MOE GEN 2 5.56mm 30rd Magazines 13/Pack - $99.95 shipped2014-09-19 14:06
I have fired about 800 rounds of this ammo on my pistols and MP5 clones with problem. Almost sub-sonic.Rampage777ZVS9124 ZVS 9mm 124gr Brass FMJ Ammunition 1000 rounds - $1992014-09-19 13:24
Have you called them yourself (I see you say your dealer has called)? They had some confusion with my billing address on file, it sounds like they are having record-keeping issues. Your dealer might not be confirming your address, only his own. Perhaps they "upgraded" their software, remember these guys are gunsmiths and salesmen, not IT techs... I've seen a lot of businesses run into trouble during the transition. I made a couple of calls, got things sorted out and received my pistol on the 18th (less than a week after ordering). The gun is in nice shape, a good deal for what I paid. One note- I did only receive one magazine, which the guy I called said was "weird", since he said these are all pre-packed with everything. But he didn't give me any trouble, just made sure he could send the 2nd magazine to my house instead of the gun shop. I've dealt with them in the past, they've always been very good about handling issues (sometimes things don't ship as expected, but they've always made right with me in the end), and they get some nice deals in at times. scoobyStar Modelo Super B Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm, with 2 Magazines, G-VG Condition, Used. - $249.95 + S/H2014-09-19 12:38
This is a great deal on a great pistol. I purchased one about a month ago, and I was not disappointed. It was ordered on Monday, shipped on Tuesday, and arrived at my FFL on Thursday. The pistol was in very good plus condition. My FFL was impressed with the overall condition of the pistol and price. It had some very light holster wear in the usual places but had been fired very little. Night sights have a lot of life left in them and glow brightly (YMMV). Would order again and highly recommend to anyone looking for a good deal on a Sig (I know that not everyone is a Sig fan like myself).LeeTherSIG SAUER 229R 40S&W NIGHT SIGHTS 1-12RD VG - $499.99 + $12.98 S/H2014-09-19 12:20
I've only shot a few mags through it, so far so good. The rivets etc are perfect, not like the old IO AK 47's. From what I hear IO is using new machines at a new facility with new builders. Completely different than the older rifles.numbbrrrI.O. Inc. M214 7.62x39 30 Rnd - $589.952014-09-19 11:45
That didn't last long at $299. Not surprised. Price back up to $350.BeritOlamTaurus PT92AF 9mm 5" barrel 17 Rnds with Rail - $299.992014-09-19 11:24
Buy a case, got a free laser.SCARfaceVERY100 Tactical Red Laser Dot Sight Scope with Mount For Gun Rifle Pistol - $11.98 + Free Shipping2014-09-19 11:01
horrible deal. Who posted this shit? xxjumbojimboxxBrown Bear 7.62x39mm 123-Gr. HP 500 Rnds with Can - $142.492014-09-19 10:56
The 7.62x39 VEPRs have always been $900 - $1000, at least for the last 3 years. They've never been "between 600 - 650." $1100 is a reasonable price. Arsenals which are inferior to this rifle run for about the same. Sputnik Russian AK Vepr VM39 Classic- $10892014-09-19 10:22
I've had some of this stuff laying about for 4 or so years. My Savage Model 10PC in .308 will not chamber this without a very serious amount of force on the bolt. So much so that I after trying 10 random samples, I stopped using it with that rifle. On my Vepr .308 it (manually) loads and ejects without issue. Obviously it will not cycle the bolt. Looser tolerances in the AK-based weapon, perhaps? Either way, I wouldn't buy any more of this stuff unless I had the specific setup for the HK. While it is somewhat fun to plink at things (cheaply) at short range with the Vepr, not being able to use it otherwise makes it of very limited use.Janizary500 rds. .308 Short Range Ammo - $86.44/$912014-09-19 10:21
Fantastic price on a great trigger. I know nothing about the vendor though. sry.JanizaryGeissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced SSA-E Two Stage Trigger SSA-E - $177.952014-09-19 10:09
Seems a little too expensive, especially when you can find the 9mm version for about $100 less.BeritOlamEAA Corp Witness .45ACP 10rd 4.5-inch Polymer Black - $378.57 + $5.99 S/H2014-09-19 10:08
another lie by J&G they refunded credit card,,so gun dealer reordered,,STILL HAVE NOT GOTEN GUN,,it was first ordered on the 3rd,then 12th ,,an again,the 18th,,they will never get my business again,,waltStar Modelo Super B Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm, with 2 Magazines, G-VG Condition, Used. - $249.95 + S/H2014-09-19 09:56
Using only Fed-Ex is the problem. I have had 1000 Rd. cases shipped from multiple U.S. locations and the price was always in the $23 to $28 range. Anyone who regularly purchases ammo online will take shipping cost into account and you will lose business because you do not offer UPS or another carrier. You have decided to use only Fed-Ex for ammo but you use multiple carriers for other items in order to get the best shipping cost for the customer. You may not be making money on shipping but you are losing sales due to your single carrier policy for ammo. The bottom line for ammo buyers is price per round DELIVERED.2sheds5.56mm x 45 mm by American Eagle FMJ CASE of 900 Rounds - $2832014-09-19 09:55
This company doesn't appear to have their act together, here's an example: $10 box option "*Note – only purchase this item if you have already placed an order on our site, if you purchase it without already having placed an order then we will send you an empty box." crabbysamMatrix Magpul 30 Round Magazine (Wild Fire) - $12.992014-09-19 09:38
If you build a pistol Lower, ie lower with a pistol buffer tube or an Sig SB-15 brace, then it does not need a tax stamp. If you build the lower with a stock then it requires to be an SBR and a tax stampcliff@karrisgunsKG Venom 5.56mm Pistol Upper 8.25" Nitride Melonite with Charging Handle & BCG - $359.99 Free Shipping2014-09-19 09:36"Quick Grip" .22lr Magazine Pouches by TANDEMKROSS - $29.992014-09-19 09:11
I have a 238 SAS model and am tempted to buy another one of these. These are fantastic guns and are incredibly accurate for such a short barrel. I can hit a pie plate at 20-25 yards consistently, and that's all I need it to be able to do! Plus, since they are heavier than all the poly pocket guns it takes all the kick and muzzle flip out. Great deal on a great gun.LeadFarmerSig P238 Two Tone - Night Sights - 380 ACP - 2.7" Barrel - No CC Fees - Free Shipping - $499.992014-09-19 09:08
Your FOS!Go ahead and throw your money away I'll wait for the market to finally stabilize.LeadmonkeyCCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115-Gr. FMJ 50 Rnds - $11.992014-09-19 09:03
I agree 57k for shipping is not the correct amount. Please check to see that you have selected just 1 case of ammo. Fed-Ex shipping rates are reasonableBulkAmmoDirect5.56mm x 45 mm by American Eagle FMJ CASE of 900 Rounds - $2832014-09-19 09:00
We ship by FED-EX, thus the costs are not in our control. We do not make a profit on shipping. BulkAmmoDirect5.56mm x 45 mm by American Eagle FMJ CASE of 900 Rounds - $2832014-09-19 08:58
We have a location in Phoenix as well. Perhaps you may want to pick the ammo up directlyBulkAmmoDirect5.56mm x 45 mm by American Eagle FMJ CASE of 900 Rounds - $2832014-09-19 08:57
code doesn't work :(kevin24018Tactical Assault Bag EDC Day Pack Backpack - Multiple Colors - $22.99 shipped after code "VISACHECKOUT10" (w/ VISA Checkout)2014-09-19 08:50
Freedom munitions offers free shipping quite often. About a week ago they had free shipping on $199 or more. So if you wait until they offer that, that is the way to go.spitdoggerNorthern Hills Precision 9mm Luger 124 Gr. Full Metal Jacket- Remanufactured- Box of 1000 - $184.992014-09-19 08:49
First comment on here, so I hope it's helpful to someone, but I was at my local Wal-Mart last night and they are having another clearance on firearms. Colt LE6920 Magpul was $849 and the LE6920 SOCOM was $997. They had others as well, but I can't remember what they were.cnwEnds Today - Walmart Firearms Clearance Event - June 8th - 14th - In-Store Only2014-09-19 08:07
^^^ Ignore my statement from a few weeks ago ^^^ This is correct now and, imo, a great dealgrbLeupold RX-1000i TBR Compact Rangefinder with DNA Black - $299.992014-09-19 07:41
Shipping will kill any deal. They have NO bulk boxes available online. Ignore Acadey unless you shop there in person. r7hunter22LR In stock Online @ Academy - limit 2 of each individual boxes2014-09-19 07:26
shipping kills this deal!SlickbuyerMatrix Magpul 30 Round Magazine (Wild Fire) - $12.992014-09-19 07:19
Got one of these for $99 last black friday... And this price is still a good price for it. For those interested, it's a remington 870 clone with a few improvements.xanderbachIAC IMPORT HAWK 982 12/18.5/3" PUMP BK SYN STOCK - $149.99 + $14.74 S/H2014-09-19 07:04
I'm pretty sure the model number has to have a c at the end for it to be chrome lined.dale3dale8CAI Centurion 39 Sporter 7.62x39mm 16" barrel 30 Rnds Brown Laminate Stock - $539.95 + S/H2014-09-19 07:02
Don't hold your breath on prices coming down to pre panic. Yes Walmart use to sell 9mm Federal at this price level or bulk box of 100 for $20. At present how many times have you gone to Walmart with no stock or higher prices? And your paying tax and gas wasted to travel back n forth. Even online unless your buying bulk you will find it difficult to buy 5 boxes @ $60 delivered to your home. SlickbuyerCCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115-Gr. FMJ 50 Rnds - $11.992014-09-19 06:58
They would not sell these over the internet. They told me I had to come into their store if I wanted to purchase. No stores in Wisconsin so no deal :-( My local Gander Mountain keeps having these in stock just about every other day for same price. Check yours early and often.Mikey_DieselCCI .22 LR 40-Grain Subsonic Lead Hollow-Point 100 Rnds - $7.992014-09-19 06:34
They will only sell two boxes at a time, BUT you can purchase more than one ammo type. I ordered six types of 22LR, 12 boxes total PLUS one box of 22WMR. Shipping was a little steep ($14 to Wisconsin), but this way, I can find out which ammo type my firearm "likes" the most. They will not ship to the following states/ locations: AA, AE, AK, AP, CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, NY. Mikey_DieselAguila Standard Velocity .22 LR 40-Gr. Solid Point 50 Rnds - $3.992014-09-19 06:25
Great ammo at this price. This is $10 cheaper at sportsmansguide with the current free shipping offer.DevDocS&B 45acp Case with Flat Rate Shipping - $3852014-09-19 06:08
A great gun related deal. Thank you akarguy AR15Andrew10-Pk. of Used Swedish Military Surplus Shoe Stretchers - $7.192014-09-19 05:55
The will fit mil or commercial buffers. Never tried on an ar pistol. Is there a difference?Gunman9Bump Fire Systems Stock - $105.99 Shipped!2014-09-19 05:55
I am not sure about the credit card processing, however they now are using a third party(as of this morning). I have shot 2K rounds of this ammo without a single failure. The brass is excellent and can be reloaded several times. The ammo is clean and clean burning. Overall excellent value at even a slightly higher price. I bought 1500 rounds shipped to MI for .21 a round. I also failed to mention that the boxes is come in are very compact similar to Sellier and Bellot(as small as possible) and can be stored in small spaces.DevDocZVS9124 ZVS 9mm 124gr Brass FMJ Ammunition 1000 rounds - $1992014-09-19 05:53
Will this fit on a ar pistol buffer tube?dviousflip92Bump Fire Systems Stock - $105.99 Shipped!2014-09-19 05:53
no bayonet?!?deadbeatMasterPiece Arms MINI PISTOL 9MM 3.5" TB 30RD PKG - $472.15 + $5.99 S/H2014-09-19 05:46
I have an Academy 5 minutes from my house, so not really a good deal for me.BeritOlam22LR In stock Online @ Academy - limit 2 of each individual boxes2014-09-19 05:03
I had a lot of problems with this ammo and sent the lot back Wideners last time it was available. The main issue is the case head is undersized originally for use with a special low-mass bolt in an HK91 series rifle for training. By making the bolt head smaller than normal and designing the low mass bolt carrier to match it prevented allowing a shooter to chamber a standard 7.62 NATO cartridge with the low mass carrier installed, which would have been bad for the guy squeezing the trigger. If you look closely at the photo you can see the rim of the case is a smaller diameter than the case itself. While it will chamber in most .308/7.62 NATO rifles, the case rim being undersized means the extractor will often slip off during extraction and leave you needing to run a cleaning rod down the barrel to pop it out. I also had a number of bad primer in the first 2 boxes I tested, at least 5% had good primer hits-dimples but would NOT fire. A combo of both at the same time sucks, I did not like having to pound a live round (with a clear firing pin hit) made of plastic out of the chamber with a cleaning rod... Of the 3 rifles I tested it with ALL had issues with both F2F and extracting these, (Ruger M77, Remington 700, Savage Model 10); the Remington had the worst time extracting these (50% or more) while the Ruger and Savage had 10-20% that required manual extraction. It was a great training round and, at this price, is a great alternative to .22 LR in theory.. just be aware that you may get as much practice with malfunction drills as you will actual shooting while using it, particularly in a Remington 700. :)yuppiejr500 rds. .308 Short Range Ammo - $86.44/$912014-09-19 04:46
I was a "casualty" of that breach unfortunately. But that was awhile ago and have bought twice more with no issues. I think most of their loyal customers went back.bowert74ZVS9124 ZVS 9mm 124gr Brass FMJ Ammunition 1000 rounds - $1992014-09-19 04:33
I have put several hundred rounds of this ammo down my barrel. I love it. Fires clean, no FTFs, and incredible brass if you pick up and/or reload.bowert74ZVS9124 ZVS 9mm 124gr Brass FMJ Ammunition 1000 rounds - $1992014-09-19 04:31
BUH, BUH - TACTICAL!!!monachofPVD$60 for a HCMAGS Tactical Pack - $602014-09-19 04:17
If you construct this with a brand new lower will you have to submit a 200 tax stamp since it is a short barrel upper?MrGlockManKG Venom 5.56mm Pistol Upper 8.25" Nitride Melonite with Charging Handle & BCG - $359.99 Free Shipping2014-09-19 03:04
in theory a good deal. except I am still waiting for my rebate from the same Spring time sale that they had on this same ammo. When I get my $25 rebate from before I'll consider. Upon contacting Remington, I've gotten the "check is in the mail" response. riggs5150Remington 100-Round Buckshot 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 00 Buck - $42.99 after $25 MIR2014-09-19 00:37
in theory a good deal. except I am still waiting for my rebate from the same Spring time sale that they had on this same ammo. When I get my $25 rebate from before I'll consider. Upon contacting Remington, I've gotten the "check is in the mail" response. riggs5150Remington 100-Round Buckshot 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 00 Buck - $42.99 after $25 MIR2014-09-19 00:37
I agree with you in the Glock Glock in there older version of the .40cal barrels has an unsupported chamber. This means that the last few mm of the casing is not completely supported no clue why glock would do this It causes the casing to bulge a little. i find it to be a issue if you are big on reloading i know this because i am. Because obviously you cant have non-unformed casings when reloading i don't got the patience to reform my casings. from what glock has communicated they have fixed the issue in there gen4 models but I'm picky about my brass. Combatarmory.comGlock 23 gen 1 2 3 Complete Slide Upper Barrel Guide Rod Nickel Boron Coated NIBX Back in Stock - FREE SHIPPING $199.99 2014-09-19 00:05

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