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I'm with you for the most part. If I boycott every online vendor who cancelled an order on an out of stock item I would be left with no where to shop online. My only complaint is there system should have refunded my funds without a phone call. yellowlt45.11 42" Double Rifle Case @ - $52.992014-10-25 08:08
Amazon sent me a "we screwed up" email but also is going to honor the price. c502cidSawyer Products SP123 Mini Water Filtration System (4-Pack) Blue - $28.79 + FREE Shipping on orders over $352014-10-25 07:54
10rd mag, sucks!LOBO1438Radical Firearms CA Compliant Pistols for a limited time! - $639.952014-10-25 07:53
LOL, I kinda think you are doing some friendly trolling....The 1950's Russian bunker look is the main reason I'm buying it. For the unaware, the PPS43 has a great story in that it actually was born and manufactured in a factory in Staligrad during the the Nazi siege. The PPS43's were literally taken off the end of the manufacturing line and handed to Russian soldiers to run out the door and kill Nazi scum with. Great history, plenty of websites that details it.ncgooberPolish PPS-43C Pistol 9mm Variation with two - 35rd mag - $299.992014-10-25 07:24
I doubt they monitor this board but they may have seen the feedback. It could have been handled in a different way by the members of this forum other than yelling and screaming. Either way, it was unexpected and appreciated. mikelevey5.11 42" Double Rifle Case @ - $52.992014-10-25 07:20
You ever think that maybe the reason they sent out an email offering alternative gun cases was due to the negative comments that were posted here? Why did they wait 5 days after cancelling my order to offer alternatives? Hmm. USMCDevilDog5.11 42" Double Rifle Case @ - $52.992014-10-25 07:17
OTOH, people should read the horrible reviews of Golden Tiger that are many and then decide if that is a good choice. If you have a problem with GT you are in for a lot of heartache. At least with Classic you possibly have an advocate for your issues.ncgooberPolish PPS-43C Pistol 9mm Variation with two - 35rd mag - $299.992014-10-25 07:15
same size as the Shield w/8 round mag but the BP9 has a much better trigger. probably the best trigger on a striker fired single stack 9mm out of the box. some people don't like the mag disconnect or key lock, I don't think either are a deal breaker. Great gun for the price, Wilhelm Bubits design!sonnyroofyBersa BP9ODCC BP9 Concealed Carry 9mm 3.2" 8+1 Synthetic Grip - $333 shipped (make an offer)2014-10-25 07:12
The going rate for subsonic ammo is $.08-.10, so this is not a terrible price if the shipping is reasonable.BroncoAZRemington Subsonic .22 LR 38-Gr. HP 50 Rnds - $4.492014-10-25 07:08
You ordered the Hi-Point listed above?redder1Hi-Point Carbine Semi Auto Rifle 9mm Luger 16.5" Barrel 10 Rounds Polymer Stock Black Finish 995TS - $224 + $10 S/H2014-10-25 07:04
Black is $4 Tactical Head Wear/Boonie Hat Cap For Wargame,Sports,Fishing &Outdoor Activties - $5.76 + Free Shipping2014-10-25 07:04
Great deal on this gun. Ordered on 10/12 and it shipped out on 10/20. Took it to the range and put about 300 rds of crappy Winchester Wildcats through it without any issues. Trigger is a bit heavy, especially compared to a friend's Ruger SR22 that he brought the same day I shot my Colt/Walther 1911. ROMColt 1911 A1 .22LR 12rd by Walther - $229.992014-10-25 06:27
They sent me an emailing apologizing and offering alternatives at their cost. Is anyone going to report that? Before you start bashing a company, why don't you give them a chance to redeem themselves? This site is for finding great deals. I've found plenty and sometimes people make mistakes. Is that cause to go nuts about it? It's a $50 gun bag for goodness sake. I personally do not care I had to contact them and their email yesterday was unexpected. I'm going to order my substitute bag from them. mikelevey5.11 42" Double Rifle Case @ - $52.992014-10-25 05:33
Looks like a $300 highpoint C9 son.of.a.veteranWALTHER PPX M1 9mm - $279.89 + $14.74 S/H + FREE magazine, holster and mag pouch after MIR2014-10-25 05:10
I signed in and the price dropped to 66.14papawxmasMagpul MBUS Front & Rear Sight Package Deal - $67.49 shipped after coupon "10off"2014-10-25 05:00
Even though they only allow 1 it is still cheaper with shipping then all the other thiefs out there. I always add other itmes to get it to $49 then get free shipping, no tax too. The ammo boxes are on sale and at $10 delivered I get a few of them each time too. It would be better if they let you order 3 or so. Great shipping service too, fastest and vest packing of all the ammo hustlers.CaptHammerHORNADY 22MAG CRITICAL DEFENSE .22 Winchester Magnum 45 Grain FTX 50 rounds - $14.99 (Limit 1)2014-10-25 04:55
Agreed, I just grabbed a new 9mm with night sights, threaded barrel and the extreme slide with front serrations with 2 mags for 699 on gun broker. yellowlt4Like New Sig Sauer P226 40 S&W w/ NS and SRT - $659.952014-10-24 22:00
Here are direct quotes I received from Cheaper Than Dirt's customer service department recently after they cancelled my order three days after sending me an order confirmation... Quote "nowhere on our site do we guarantee prices" and "we reserve the right to cancel orders at our discretion". Want to buy something from these folks? Need psychological counseling too? I had heard real horror stories about these folks and stayed away initially, but then naively I strayed on a "real deal" only to be educated by reality of their business practices. Beware. These guys don't care about you as a customer.midwestbankerHi-Point Carbine Semi Auto Rifle 9mm Luger 16.5" Barrel 10 Rounds Polymer Stock Black Finish 995TS - $224 + $10 S/H2014-10-24 21:43
Very cool. I'll keep that for reference. I can still SBR my other two PPS's. LOL.MR_22Polish PPS-43C Pistol 9mm Variation with two - 35rd mag - $299.992014-10-24 20:59
okay... hmm timing is odd i guess we dont really have alot of people mad at us at the same time, and if you have been complaining to us directly over a phone call or email I would have heard about it... i guess we will deal with your "issue" when you leave a bad review since you dont seem to want to resolve it directly with us... cobratac7.62 x 39 7.5" Pistol Upper Build, CTS Ultra-Light Aluminum Series CQB - Starting at $3292014-10-24 20:44
I love the slidefire law suite. You just made sales soar for bump fire. For your lawyer who does not know patten laws. Ford didnt sue the chrysler brothers. They are different even know the principal is the same. Makes me want to buy two more bump fire stocks. And never will or have recomended slide fire. Save your money and get a sweet trigger. I guess slide fire forgot this is america and there is the freedom to start your own company.johnjagz28Bump Fire Systems Stock - Safe and easy way to Bumpfire your rifle - $105.99 Shipped!!2014-10-24 20:28
I had the same experience as you. No blem I could see on mine either. Mine were shipped within 10 days. I don't mind waiting for good deals.Idaho JohnPSA Blemished Bullet-Pictogram Lower - $49.992014-10-24 20:27
You could always sell the drum to put $ towards a ten pack of 30 round mags from SGAMMO.Idaho JohnRomanian WASR-10 AK47 7.62x39 Rifle with FREE 75RD AK DRUM - $499.992014-10-24 20:17
Ugh. Cabelas changed it all to backordered burton40Remington .22 LR 40 Grain LRN (Thunderbolt) 500 brick - $25.99 (Limit 1) + Free Store Pickup (Clear cache or use incognito mode)2014-10-24 20:14
I am really rooting for PSA to make this a successful AR10. The thing I have always enjoyed about PSA is that the uppers are good quality for a great price. I own 3 of them. The only issue I see currently with the AR10 uppers is that currently I am not willing to take a chance that this will be a great platform. By the time I purchase the parts and have it shipped to me I could have purchased a DPMS LR AR10 which is a proven AR10 platform that has some really good reviews. I really want to get one of these uppers but until I see the kind of deals or some really good reviews I think I will hold off. Has anyone tried one of these out yet?tabmpiercePSA PA10 18" SS Mid Length Rifle Kit w/NiB BCG - $629.992014-10-24 19:48
AK prices are like the stock market. They go up and down, and your speculation is as good as any other. Can you not see that Saiga's recently doubled in price due to a new ban on Russian imports? How about the Chinese import ban? What's the price of a two hundred dollar Norinco now? which country(s) are next? What will we say about $500 dollar AK's to our grandchildren in 10-20 years? My comment was specifically addressing IMPORTATION laws of AK's, not the price of guns and ammo in general. Please try to absorb that before your next enlightening post. By the way, please do tell me where the "brand new AK's for around $400" were found. Name and phone number would nice. Better yet, how about you start a Slick Guns deal post for that? Idaho JohnCentury Arms GP/WASR10 762X39 17" Black Wood Threaded Slant Brake 2-30Rd Adjustable Sights - $493.40 + $10 flat S/H2014-10-24 19:44
Hahahah People buy this shit?!eatdirtfartdustHQ ISSUE Tactical Sleeping Bag with Arms, Olive Drab - $35.49 after code "SH1317"2014-10-24 19:40
Definitely a little hotter round than most FMJ 9mm, but nothing special. Why get a +P in fmj anyhow? I had a couple boxes of this but will not pick up any more unless it gets under 14$/box. The 4 boxes I had worked fine, no FTF but a lot of the rounds had small spots of rust. Not sure how they stored them for the NATO guys, but makes you wonder why Cabelas is picking these up from time to time...pi3rceWinchester 9mm NATO 124 grain at Cabelas - $16.992014-10-24 19:14
Great post. I just ordered 3.Newgene(3-5 Weeks) Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel with Hardwood Handle - $9.49 + FREE Shipping over $352014-10-24 19:14
Seems ok, but not that great. Most of the trade ins are not the E2 style grips, so these are newer. With only one mag, its ok but not great. Sniffing around gun broker, especially if you don't want the new grip style, you can get similar condition with multiple mags and/or a .357 sig barrel as well as the .40 for less money.CruiserClassLike New Sig Sauer P226 40 S&W w/ NS and SRT - $659.952014-10-24 19:07
Lol. $53 in shipping. Target sports deal was better at $299.50 shippedBobslobWolf Gold .223 Remington 1000 round Case 55 Grain, FMJ . - $279.992014-10-24 19:07
Waiting for stainless steel version on sale.BigbobleMagnum Research Desert Eagle MK19 50AE 6 inch Black - $11002014-10-24 18:36
And they have the big GHEY looking logo on the stock CAA, makes it look like a airsoft gun stock.ReaverCommand Arms AR15/M16 Stock Saddle (fits collapsible stocks) + Free Shipping* - - $18.592014-10-24 18:22
Buds Gun had this for $1025 shipped at the beginning of Oct :) Grab A Gun does have alot of other good deals though like the Bushmasters every now and then, except I get taxed because of Texas :( Gunbroker has pretty cheap Hornandy 50ae ammo for sale on their if you buy in bulk. Pay a little less than $25 per boxDuh_PandaMagnum Research Desert Eagle MK19 50AE 6 inch Black - $11002014-10-24 18:19
Ordered mine with the Israeli gas mask. Just in time for holloween!! Now I just need to paint CDC across the front and back.texasmojoDuPont TY122S Disposable Elastic Wrist, Bootie & Hood White Tyvek Coverall Suit 1414, Size Large, Sold by the Each - $11.95 + FS2014-10-24 18:00
$36 shipping for a thousand rounds to FL. LOLmpk85Fiocchi 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ 50 Rounds - $10.492014-10-24 17:51
MidwayUSA has good prices! Jase164Magnum Research Desert Eagle MK19 50AE 6 inch Black - $11002014-10-24 17:50
Easier to SBR in my opinion . I just finished SBRing mine. I created a new button release kit that doesn't require the purchase of a parts kit to activate your stock. See my write-up here. N_ParkerPolish PPS-43C Pistol 9mm Variation with two - 35rd mag - $299.992014-10-24 17:40
I emailed PSA over the weekend asking what the complete rifle weight of the PSA PA10 16" Mid SS .308 1/10 Rifle Kit with PSA stripped lower is. They emailed me back, "completed rifle weighs about 10-12 Ibs." Seems a little heavy and imprecise.MBBuild Your Own AR10 Rifle for $639.982014-10-24 17:40
Works good, only draw back is it is so small you have to put your 4-5" pistols in upside down and backwards, so when you unlock it n grab in a panic...b sure not to shoot yourself.silverfoxWinchester eVault Biometric Pistol Box - $119.882014-10-24 17:18
Ordered the 12 pack of PMag Gen M3 on Oct 19 and recieved them today, Oct 24 in Houston. Now going to order this 13 pack of these Gen M2's.nuchphyMagpul PMAG MOE GEN 2 5.56mm 30rd Magazines 13/Pack - $99.95 shipped ($7.69 each shipped)2014-10-24 17:15
Picked up a BumpFireSystems stock for my toy last week, 1st Mag... 10ish, 4, 16ish.... 2nd Mag... Half and Half... then put it away before someone called the Nanny Stater.... FUN/WOW factor = 1milli, Accuracy and Practicality = 1.5..... but sure puts a SMILE on ur face!TheGuyUpstairsBump Fire Systems Stock - Safe and easy way to Bumpfire your rifle - $105.99 Shipped!!2014-10-24 17:12
so that means you need to get yours before the law takes over....RIGHT??? I own one and <3 it!TheGuyUpstairsBump Fire Systems Stock - Safe and easy way to Bumpfire your rifle - $105.99 Shipped!!2014-10-24 17:11
I bet they would give you 4 surplus mags instead of the drum. Just ask, great company with great prices! ffighter556Romanian WASR-10 AK47 7.62x39 Rifle with FREE 75RD AK DRUM - $499.992014-10-24 17:02
$27.61 shipping to SoCal $283.00 +27.61 shipping $310.61 34.5₵ per round shippedtrock5.56mm x 45 mm by American Eagle FMJ CASE of 900 Rounds - $2832014-10-24 16:26
$52.16 shipping to Southern California! $279.99 $52.16 shipping = $332.15 = .33 per roundtrockWolf Gold .223 Remington 1000 round Case 55 Grain, FMJ . - $279.992014-10-24 16:12
What you are saying about only being able to use one coupon code at a time doesn't really pertain to the membership. The point of the membership is so that you always get 10% off the price of each item, which makes their buyer's club prices pretty hard to beat. Compare their member prices with anyone else online if you don't think the membership is worth it. Holliday93PMC™ Pistol and Revolver .380 Auto 90 Grain FMJ 50 rounds - $15.952014-10-24 16:04
Good deal but a drum on an AK pretty weird. A better deal would have been 2 or 3 30rd mags. Maybe they got too many drums. McAngusRomanian WASR-10 AK47 7.62x39 Rifle with FREE 75RD AK DRUM - $499.992014-10-24 15:59
$44 shipping to AZ...Notthedrifters1Wolf Gold .223 Remington 1000 round Case 55 Grain, FMJ . - $279.992014-10-24 15:52
I agree, I have had one in 9x18 for a few years without a single malfunction, and recently bought an AP-32 which is basically the exact same gun in .32 ACP. They both are great shooters and utterly reliable. But, this is the only 9x18 pistol I own that I don't shoot buffalo bore in, although it could probably take it just fine since Buffalo Bore 9x18 isn't truly +P. toolness1PA63 FEG PA 63 9x18 Makarov Pistol w/ two 7rd Magazines - $198.00 + Free Shipping2014-10-24 15:41

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