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Dont feel bad I paid 3k for my Scar 17 during that time as well, but it kind of makes up for it since I sold some guns afterward at similarly inflated market prices to make up for it. All in all, it was a good day.thanhsayzIWI TAVOR SAR B16 223REM BLK FULL TOP RAIL 30RD - $1609.992014-07-29 21:26
Link goes to site which says $269.99snap PSA 16" M4 Premium - Without BCG or Charging Handle - $249.992014-07-29 20:39
Glad I picked mine up earlier in the year. The prices will only go up up up!FiJiLLiAnBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 20:35
Haha nice picture - 'Contents not included' .. too bad that's a deal breaker for me.jj1969Stack-On Shooter's Pistol/Ammo Safe, Black with Chrome Accents - $319.95 + Free Shipping + Freight Charge2014-07-29 20:25
These are junk. Read reviews. Don't waste money. I bought from Amazon for about 12 last year. Junk. Stuck cases constantly. Only use was the extra seating die which I use for one type of bullet (so I don't have to constantly adjust others). Save your money.djryan13Lyman Precision Rifle Two-Die Sets .223 Remington - $14.882014-07-29 19:59
I liked how this gun felt in the hand at the store, but I really just couldn't get into it once I put some ammo through her. Even apart from the fact that it's picky with ammo -- which by itself wouldn't be a huge deal-breaker for me -- I just didn't care for the way it shoots. Granted, I shot this little guy when she was still selling for $380-400 at most places. And as much as I've like shooting 92s, 96s, and Storms....I just didn't find it worth the price tag. For whatever reason, in my hands I actually find a $240 SCCY pocket pistol to be the better gun (and a full 10 round mag to boot). Just my opinion. I see 'em every now and then at the range, and I've seen a couple of pink ones with some females that really liked theirs. So maybe this is one of those 'love 'em or leave 'em guns!BeritOlamBeretta NANO Ultra Compact 9mm 3" Barrel Black 1-6Rd 1-8Rd Mag - $299.99 + $12.98 S/H2014-07-29 19:51
These run great with all that cheap...imported...russian... Nevermind. mostholycerebusSaiga IZ 240 AK 74 Rifle - $5992014-07-29 19:44
The drum mag isnt free. They had these for $500 not too long ago.RangerscottRomanian AES-10B RPK AK Style Rifle, 7.62x39, with Heavy Barrel, Club Foot Wood Stock. + Free 75 round drum magazine - $579.952014-07-29 19:39
Nky....sclasss06.223 federal 100 round value pack - $34.97 (B&M Wal-Mart)2014-07-29 19:25
Never had a problem with Botach. Ordered friday after bus hrs , used PayPal and was not charged until shipped. said it was in stock. (If it says backorder,its probably backordered.)processed Monday. Shipped Tuesday, . Received Friday. I don't see how everyone has problems with their orders. I think everyone wants instant gratification and have trained themselves to bash every retailer that sends a backorder notification post sandyhk. The people that post hundreds of negative comments on here probably get their panties all bunched up when old navy puts their skinny jeans on backorder too!sclasss06Magpul STR Stock & MOE Package Deal BLK, FDE, ODG - $99.98 shipped (or as low as $80)2014-07-29 19:11
Got me 30. Needed some FDE. Load up fellas while the price is goodDmo36Magpul 30-round Gen2 MOE PMAG in FDE - $9.292014-07-29 19:05
It is a great little knife and a great deal at this price. Walmart has a special version that has a lesser quality steal (8cr3mov). This one is the standard retail version with the higher quality steal (8cr 13mov). The pummel doubles as a pry/flathead and it has a bottle opener!! Come on, a bottle opener...VideogamehistorianKershaw 8700 Shuffle Folding Knife - $11.99 + Free Shipping2014-07-29 18:41
I feel so stupid for paying over 2 grand for one of these during the panic. I had wanted one since 08 and I didn't want to miss my chance. But hey, it could have been worse. I could have bought an AR.....VhyrusIWI TAVOR SAR B16 223REM BLK FULL TOP RAIL 30RD - $1609.992014-07-29 18:40
KALASHNIKOV CONCERN owns (if not wholly then at least part of) VYATSKIE POLYANI factory (where molot vepr are made). so we won't see these ever again for sure. eugenepBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 18:29
I own this firearm a like it for several reason but I have had to send it back to Ruger twice now. First issue was the MHS spring was barely touching the grip safety. You hear the grip safety rattle back and forth if you shook the gun. The eight round mag was a little out of spec and the last round would fail to feed often. This never happened with the 7 round Ruger mag or my Wilson Combat mags. Sent it to Ruger and they fixed it up and returned it promptly (adjusted MHS and tuned the extractor). I only had about 300 rounds through it when this was occurring. Second issue. Was shooting at the range and the front sight broke off when firing a round. I call Ruger and they said they are aware of the issue and will fix it with a new front sight that doesn't tend to break off during normal use. I should be getting the gun back tomorrow. If you google any of these issues, you will see other owners have had these problems as well. Both times Ruger paid for postage there and back and performed the repairs in less than 3 days. If they get the sight fixed and this the last time I have to send it in I will still be a happy camper as Ruger has offered great customer service and repaired without question or cost to me. If these issue continue to happen, I may change my opinion. For now, I am still very happy with this purchase and this is a great price (even when you factor in the $13 shipping). youngr3Ruger 6700 SR1911 Standard 45 ACP 5" 8+1 Slim Hardwood Grip Low-Glare Stainless - $609.492014-07-29 18:14
PSA has to be pre-selling overruns from various manufactures but the prices are good and the quality is really good. I've bought a bunch of stuff from them and all it has been top quality but it will take a while to get there. My most recent order took nearly 25 days to get to my FFL but you know what? They are cheap and the quality if fantastic so buy something and be patient it'll be worth it. jchawkP-Tac AR-15 MOE Lower Parts Kit - $39.992014-07-29 18:06
Bought one of these from Tandem Kross a couple months back. It works great. You may need to tweak the adjustment screw a bit to get all the rounds to feed just right. This is a great deal. MobiusIIUlimate Cliploader UCL22 Mag Loader - $10.75 + FREE Shipping on orders over $352014-07-29 18:05
It is also unlikely we will see any new RPK-inspired Veprs from Molot entering the US. Formerly a separate company, Molot was “purchased” (see seized) by Izhmash back in 2006 after Russian courts determined that the rights to the AK design belonged to the Izhevsk-based company. Bigmike60411Backorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 17:47
This is exactly the kind of bag I would put my Glocks in if I wanted to make sure they'd get stolen.WoodworkerlawyerGlock AP60210 Four Pistol Range Bag Dupont Ballistic Nylon Textured Black - $29.95 Free Shipping2014-07-29 17:26
ok thank you .i would have done the same .i want to buy from a good place Cabelas , Gander Mountain. Midway usa .i have gotten orders from them .also MidSouth Shooting supply has these for $5.40 50 round box . i don't shoot in a match, just for fun so i buy the Remington, Federal ,CCI but look for deals and just wanted to pass this on to the other guy .but after looking at reviews i see why. the $1.00 charge is like a authorization just to see if you have a active card .sometimes i ship to a different address but i have a billing address that is the same as the card.and two address listed on the shipping part. they probably were taking back orders on this ammo..but al ways check your credit card it should have a pending charge [ authorization] then when it ships the charge should be added to your card balance. if it is added to your balance before the item ships then i would call your card company right away this is for all transactions bull's-eye 99Norma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $59.992014-07-29 17:21
So SexyBenmanIWI TAVOR SAR B16 223REM BLK FULL TOP RAIL 30RD - $1609.992014-07-29 16:53
Yes I do like this ammo shoots every bit as good if not better than CCI green tag and better than 15 types of bulk I have tried including one of my favorites CCI standard velocity was able to get less than one inch at 100 yds and less than 1/2 inch at 50 out of Ruger American and Ruger Target 10-22 but that's only about 10% of my total groups shot (just learning bench shooting and am quickly addicted) point is this ammo will do it hooray after many tries with bulk and not having these results The reason for my post is to warn you about after reading 4negative reviews here decided to call and order some of this the nice lady informed me that they had thousands of rounds of this and a 30 box limit 5 min. After I hung up she called and said my address didn't match my card and she had to run a 1$ charge thru to match my address exactly same as pnegative reviews but they also said they haven't recieved ammo after 2 or 3weeks so I canceled my order waiting for better reviews hope this helps ineed22lrNorma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $59.992014-07-29 16:51
This is an awesome lower. I ordered one 1 last week when it arrives its comparable to a black rain or Noveske billet lower. All milled receiver nice logo and awesome name. ORDNANCE ONESOP9Outbreak Ordnance 7075 T6 Billet Lower Receiver - $129 shipped2014-07-29 16:39
I want an M625. yellowlt4S&W M625JM .45ACP 4'' AS Stainless - $766.99 shipped2014-07-29 16:33
I noticed that as well. Kudos for posting the link. I guess if people enjoy getting so thoroughly ripped off, the prices will continue to go sky high.TrollingsBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 16:29
this gun is a tank. nothing pretty here but over 500 rounds without a single issue. accurate too, barrel is great and well made.TolyMCentury Arms Zastava CZ999 9mm 4.25" Barrel 15 Rounds Alloy Frame Plastic Grips Black New - $285.95 + Free Shipping2014-07-29 15:52
sold out paulkalman CCI .22 LR 40 grain Blazer Rimfire Ammunition 50/box **Search for: CC0021 - $4.49 (LIMIT 10)2014-07-29 15:50
I contacted CDNN and they said that unfortunately they do not. jlh154ARMALITE AR10 A4 CF 308WIN 16" PIN BARREL PACKAGE + 1"/30mm Tactical Rings + Premium Padded Sling - $969.88 + $12.98 S/H2014-07-29 15:46
Just FYI...The recent EO only seems to address Izhmash products and not MOLOT. - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 15:45
there is a link under this post for the same ammo $4.95 -50 round box= $49.50 = $10.00 cheaper .from bullets .com you could get 30- 50 round boxes that's three bricks and save $30.00 if you like this ammo .bull's-eye 99Norma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $59.992014-07-29 15:27
Back in stock. I won't rag on Aim4PigsnJigs, because I get his frustration... this level/price ammo might cycle back in stock 4-5 times before we see any bulk listed. Most of us own some version of 22lr hi-cap rifle (mine being a GSG5), and it was bought to be a fun toy to shoot cheaply. Current ammo levels mean most of us get to shoot our toy cheaply about once a season. Again, I understand Norma makes good ammo. I also understand the European makers are ramping up their production/imports, so we're getting a lot more RUAG, Fiocchi and S&B products in (seems to come back in stock monthly). We'd all like to see CCI, Remington and Winchester do the same with the bulk packs. If they'd come back in stock enough that we could buy 1 bulk box a month, everyone would be a lot happier.scoobyNorma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $59.992014-07-29 15:16
Remind me to buy when (if) they are ever back in stock at this price: $44.99 on Independence Day 2014. NewMexicanAnderson Manufacturing 5.56 / 223 Lower 7075-T6 - $44.99 + Free Shipping2014-07-29 15:14
a week ago they had folders. the website says the pics are of folders because they havent received any guns yet. and from the comments here, they havent shipped the ones they sold last week.. in contrast - i had a backorder on one from AIM on the 17th.. that one is already in my safe.. zippymanBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 14:49
No interest in buying mags in bulk, but got 2 for less than $23 because $4 "light package" shipping is offered on 2 or less. I'm happy. BTW, for those interested, the black ones are only like .50 cents more.grbMagpul 30-round Gen2 MOE PMAG in FDE - $9.292014-07-29 14:49
I placed my order on the Date of order: 7/18/2014 6:27 PM, I do care about the gun because once the stock will dry up in a year or 2 we are looking at a 2x or 3x the price if not more. Great gun, nobody else makes a machine gun based (not sub machine) 12ga so it is a great investment to put into the basement for a few years. eugenepBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 14:49
Link goes to a page for $59.72. Is there a code I'm missing? Or is the deal dead?bpletch1ANDERSON MANUFACTURING AR-15-A3 STRIPPED LOWER 7075-T6 223/5.56 - $52.72 + FREE shipping2014-07-29 14:44
A complete lower also needs a stock and buffer tube assembly. So more like $171.22 if you bought this lower then went to PSA and bought a PSA Classic Lower build kit. You could also for $49.99 just buy a PSA blemished lower from PSA. However, good deal for a non blemished lower.kgnicklANDERSON MANUFACTURING AR-15-A3 STRIPPED LOWER 7075-T6 223/5.56 - $52.72 + FREE shipping2014-07-29 14:37
These look and read like the same ones with the folder welded into a fixed position aebaus1776Backorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 14:25
Lol... don't be too smug - the one they're shipping next isn't a folder - last week you were getting folders for $100 more.. If you want a fixed stock, then you saved $100, if you wanted a folder, you're gonna have to pay to add one. zippymanBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 14:19
Interesting.. I placed an order on the 19th - they banged my card right away.. requested FFL info a couple of days later & still haven't shipped.. My order status says "confirmed", and their phone just gives a busy signal.. wondering if they want out of the deal? I don't really care about the gun at this point.. just ship it or refund my card.. zippymanBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 14:16
i added this to my order got free shipping Breaux® Vinyl Safety Vest Item # WWSX-70614 $2.44samhamCoupon for store Sportsman's GuideTuesday, July 29, 20142014-07-29 14:16
It's just the picture. The bullets are seated properly and are made to mil-spec in Lake City. I have sold over 2 million of these rounds in the last 18 months and have not heard one complaint. xoutammo5.56 x 45mm 55 Grain FMJBT Remanufactured 500 rounds - $1452014-07-29 14:05
On my way to Fedex to return both packages to Natchez as soon as I'm done writing this. Thanks to Burris' decision, result was a net loss of $49.60 in shipping charges between my friend and I (and $480 tied up for a couple weeks). Thanks Burris!!Skeet_ManBurris Fullfield II 4.5-14x40 with Knife - $139.99 after $100 MIR2014-07-29 13:36
yes that web site is kind of cheap and there is no easy way to select an FFL to ship the items to, I did the same thing as you did, and asked my FFL to email the info their way, they waited about 4-5 days to cancel the transcation, so you won't know if they send it to you for quite some time. I ended up ordering from classic these guys charged the credit card but still have not shipped the items (at least it says the item is being packed) (for a week now). eugenepBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 13:23
Ya, I'd order 2 also if they shipped for that price to Michigan... I am not getting the same math on my end. Agreed that the upper is priced right! You must be closer to them then I...magnusdioForged Laser Caliber Marked Complete Uppers - $59.952014-07-29 13:20
Considering that the last attempt to purchase from this company (under the name "Code Red") required 4 months of fighting to get a refund... I don't think I would take them if they were $5. When it takes the FBI and ATF being involved just to get them to agree to a refund? And another month to send it? Going out of business is too good for them.hessst777Two Stinger15 Lower Receivers AR15 - $44.902014-07-29 13:16
Yea, Sure it is. ATRepairMASTERPIECE ARMS 5.7X28 PISTOL SIDE COCKER/BUFFER TUBE - $637.99 + S/H2014-07-29 12:56
Ive seen these ship BEST WAY for $5.95. This does depend on where you live thought, Shipping to Alaska may be a little more! 970brown2x HEXMAG AR15/M4/M16 30rd Magazines, Polymer *NEW* USA - $19.502014-07-29 12:54
Interesting - maybe that was a good thing if you're able to get them cheaper now. From the couple of posts I've seen; it will be interesting to note how the customer service experience goes for me. I already ordered incorrectly and put my address as the shipping address instead of the FFL. I've emailed the updated information so hopefully won't be a problem.rjBackorder - Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun with Non-Folding Skeletal Stock - $849.992014-07-29 12:54
Their shopping cart charged me $11.35 for regular Priority Mail on 2 uppers. This is a great deal I couldn't pass up. ContactFrontForged Laser Caliber Marked Complete Uppers - $59.952014-07-29 12:25

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