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FYI this is the GI Model with takes specific sights. I recently ordered the railed version non-GI with the Novak sights and rounded hammer for only $405.RicharditoGirsan MC1911HC-G2 .45 ACP 5" 8 Rnd Chrome - $409 shipped (make an offer)2014-09-02 21:28
I bought six last Christmas. None of them have had an issue. They are pretty bright. The only thing I do not like about them is that they do not stay on the same setting each time they are turned on. They switch from high then to low then to flash.okos7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom - $3.82 shipped2014-09-02 21:10
Works now!FERLINGPursuit Magnetic Boresighter - $19.972014-09-02 20:44
Thanks - It does work now!FERLINGPursuit Magnetic Boresighter - $19.972014-09-02 20:44
thanks try now, also you can use sku number provided in descriptionPovNumber1Pursuit Magnetic Boresighter - $19.972014-09-02 20:02
Just a tip: the shipping rates change every 9 boxes that you buy. To get the best price per round in your price range, buy as many boxes as you can without paying the next higher shipping charge.zgfreebieFederal 5.56x45mm NATO 55gr FMJ BT 20rds XM193 - $5.992014-09-02 19:57
I use a knife.JohnQMako M16/M4/AR-15 Tire Deflator Attachment - $147.30 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 19:47
Shipping still shows 25 dollars for 250 rounds for me. Not worth the risk when Ozark and Freedom come out ahead after shipping charges. Reply comments above say they fixed the issue, but I'm not seeing it.hammer03**** NEW **** 300 AAC Blackout 147 gr. 250 ROUNDS X OUT AMMO - $147 - Shipping Errors Fixed2014-09-02 19:47
I stand corrected sir. After fondling mine for a few, I realised it is plastic.blackg50EAA Windicator Revolver .38 Special 2" Barrel 6 Rounds Rubber Grips Blue Finish - $228.99 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 19:37
Purchased 8/25, CC charged 8/25, shipped 8/29, Delivered 9/2. (in transit over the holiday). A handful of non-LC brass, other than that all LC01, 04, 06, 07, 11 with a few other years mixed in there. Concerned with others being shorted, so I counted out 1,588. Out of that 65 had pretty good dents in the body or dented necks. 3 looked burnt/corroded beyond repair. So net 1,520 even if I threw away the dented cases. I was a little leary as how cheap these were; but overall happy with the purchase!djcheetahOnce Fired 5.56 Lake City Reloading Brass 5 cents each, 308 Brass 11 Cents Reloading Brass SALE 15% OFF ALL 5.56 BRASS!!!2014-09-02 19:26
the only thing stopping me is the 2 year limited warranty. i'd rather get a vortex spitfire or sparc knowing Its a lifetime warranty. Sadly it seems this is the only non Chinese compact RDS with a ring dot reticle which I really like, and is perfect for shotguns.jbfavretArmasight MCS Red Dot Sight (must log in to see) - $229.992014-09-02 19:11
Excellent deal on an awesome firearm. If I didn't already have 2, I'd jump on this. newbuttSpringfield XD 9mm Service Model Bi-Tone - $429.99 shipped + 3 Extra Mags after Rebate2014-09-02 18:36
I have the same exact one with the rail. It is an AMAZING firearm. Close to 1,000 rounds, absolutely zero issues and everything is one big jagged hole on paper. Looks good, shoots great, very reliable...BocaDanGirsan MC1911HC-G2 .45 ACP 5" 8 Rnd Chrome - $409 shipped (make an offer)2014-09-02 18:35
Couple weeks out. Intro price will be around $135-$145RIGHT TO BEARNickel Teflon Upper Receiver (M4 Flat Top) Complete- FREE SHIPPING - $139.952014-09-02 17:41
Any updates on the nickel teflon BCG's? ETA? Price?Glock21sf_Saiga12Nickel Teflon Upper Receiver (M4 Flat Top) Complete- FREE SHIPPING - $139.952014-09-02 17:39
DVOR (which is like a CLYMB, GEARHOG, MYHABIT, etc. type deal site) has these marked $70 less than most. I know very little about the armasite site itself, but I can and do vouch for DVOR as a highly reputable website for name brand deals. Thanks boksaman for removing that magpul stock that kept popping into the gallery for whatever reason.MajorMayhemArmasight MCS Red Dot Sight (must log in to see) - $229.992014-09-02 17:36
You can verify they are the real deal? I'm in for two sets if I can get some feedback they aren't PTS or knock-offs. No offense Mr. Wise. psheltoMagpul MBUS Gen 2 Front and Rear Back Up Sight Set - $69.95 + $5 S/H2014-09-02 17:34
DVOR has this for $229- MCS, Tan - $299 shipped2014-09-02 17:13
5 new Glock factory mags for under $100 shipped is a great deal. My order shipped within 24 hours, with 2-day shipping. Couldn't be happier with the price or service. pedzolaGlock G21 .45 Auto 13rd Magazines 5/Pack - $99.75 shipped + FREE KZ NAIL2014-09-02 16:15
Exactly. Good Lookin out.ThetravelerSPRINGFIELD XDM 45 ACP 4.5 10 Rnd Compliant - $499.99 shipped + 3 Mags & 1 Mag Pouch FREE after MIR2014-09-02 16:10
Great deal and quick delivery. I bought one in early August through Wasn't sure about them and couldn't find anything definite about them, but I took a chance and cannot say I have any regrets. You just won't find a deal at this price and this seller delivered as advertised very quickly without any issues. As far as the actual gun, this is my second M & P Sport purchase. Really love this basic AR for the price and quality it offers.midwestbankerS&W MP15 Sport AR-15 5.56mm 16" 30+1 Collapsible Stock with no Forward Assist - $5292014-09-02 16:05
Burris makes quality optics which have lifetime warranty. The glass quality of this line of scopes is well worth the cost. Everybody has different preferences (style, brand, magnification, reticle, etc). Trying to pick a better than or best is difficult and you will not ever have a consensus. Everyone will always tell you that whatever they have is the best because it makes them feel validated for their purchase. Without being biased and having used many scopes from many different brands I will say this: Bottom line is this is a great quality optic at a good price. No hesitation in recommending it. Edit: here's a link w additional info for this scope. The more I look at this scope, the more it becomes a great value.Buyer11Burris C4 3-9x40 Riflescope with FREE XTR Tactical Rings - $199.882014-09-02 15:36
Now if it actually had a chainsaw mounted to the rail and a second trigger to operate the saw or the gun, or both simultaneously, then we'd be talking. But as is, this doesn't even have a bayonet lug for the Rambo knife, so I'll pass....akarguyMossberg 500 Zombie Kit 12 Ga 18.5" barrel 6 Rnds - $366 shipped (make an offer)2014-09-02 15:27
contact customer service, if the deal is still valid they should help you out on that. I have ordered 3 times and had excellent service. paintguypaintguySteiner 5001 Predator Xtreme 2.5-10x42mm S-1 Reticle 30mm Riflescope - $499.95 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 14:59
Got some and topped off order with 6 boxes of the 00 buck that's on sale for the free shipping over $50, thanks for post.Phillip556Remington .22 LR 36 Grain PLHP (Golden Bullet) Per 525 - $24.99 (Limit 1 - clear cache)2014-09-02 14:40
Bought two of them. One has "0" blemishes and the other has a small scratch along the left side of the barrel. They are basic rifles so you'll have to outfit to your taste which is most of the fun anyway. I'd buy now before some awful thing like Hillary Clinton being elected president comes to pass and drives prices back up beyond imagination.stewj21Adams Arms Base Piston Mid Length 556NATO 16" BLK 6-POS Blem - $599 shipped2014-09-02 14:38
First time 'Botach' buyer... (Fingers crossed) Couldn't get "FREENAIL" or "FREESTINGER" to work. Oh well. Have been wanting to try out these Steiner's. FYI, the 3-12x56 is going for the same price.PharmerJonSteiner 5001 Predator Xtreme 2.5-10x42mm S-1 Reticle 30mm Riflescope - $499.95 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 14:21
S&W M&P eats any ammo except this stuff. This is the only ammo i've had trouble with...150 rounds and it would Fail to Feed about every 4th round.xlwater01Fiocchi Handgun Ammunition .40 Smith & Wesson 170 Grain FMJ Per 50 - $15.992014-09-02 14:03
Yeah Finally Got one!walterwhiteRemington .22 LR 36 Grain PLHP (Golden Bullet) Per 525 - $24.99 (Limit 1 - clear cache)2014-09-02 13:42
DON'T PUT IT IN THE OVEN... "Illinois, for example, prohibits the sale of handguns having "a barrel, slide, frame or receiver which is a die casting of zinc alloy or any other nonhomogeneous metal which will melt or deform at temperatures of less than 800 degrees Fahrenheit." RR22MB6BXHOL Rough Rider 6RD 22LR/22MAG 6.5" w/ Box & Holster - $196 shipped (make an offer price)2014-09-02 12:13
these are nice. You can single or dbl stack them.hobojonLockdown 6x6 Handgun Rack - $13.492014-09-02 11:52
Stupid at any price. Ridiculous at this price.sg8932Mako M16/M4/AR-15 Tire Deflator Attachment - $147.30 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 11:52
That is one big hunk of 45ACP! I still think I'd rather have a Glock 21 for about $300 less.BeritOlamPARA ORDNANCE 14.45 45ACP 5" BLUE PRO CSTM 2-14RD - $899.99 after $100 Para Fall MIR + $14.74 S/H2014-09-02 11:44
I know it's not a Colt....but that's still a nice lookin' gun for $409!BeritOlamGirsan MC1911HC-G2 .45 ACP 5" 8 Rnd Chrome - $409 shipped (make an offer)2014-09-02 11:42
actually, you can make slight changes to AK74 mags to work with this.. it would have correct looking mags, and it will look like an ak74, instead of a weird AK with an ugly lower contraption with weird looking mags. FrogYugo Zastava PAP M85PV AK Style Pistol Krink pattern, in 5.56mm (223), with PACKAGE DEAL of 35 Magazines! - $599.952014-09-02 11:38
I Just ordered another one. Great rifle. Great accessories. Great price. Great investment... They won't be around much longer. If you're going get one it's time to move!OldSchoolCentury International Arms VZ2008 Sporter 7.62x39 with 5 Mags, Cleaning Kit and Bayonet - $399.99 + S/H2014-09-02 11:33
This is by far the sweetest shooting compact out there got 1 and after new clean up took it out it is a 14 rounder but only loaded 10. First time in my hand put 10 in quarter at 20 yards. Super Sweet!!kentucky_jimCZ 75 Compact 9mm Pistol 3.9 Barrel 14 Round Black - $419.99 shipped2014-09-02 10:39
286 after the one i just grabbedlegendpsCentury International Arms VZ2008 Sporter 7.62x39 with 5 Mags, Cleaning Kit and Bayonet - $399.99 + S/H2014-09-02 10:29
So I couldnt wait any longer for free shipping to come back around... grabbed one and left 286 for the masseslegendpsCentury International Arms VZ2008 Sporter 7.62x39 with 5 Mags, Cleaning Kit and Bayonet - $399.99 + S/H2014-09-02 10:29
I just bought one a couple of weeks ago. IT IS A HARD PLASTIC GRIP, NOT RUBBER! I was very disappointed none the less. "The grip looks like a rubber grip but is just hard plastic with little give." Windicator Revolver .38 Special 2" Barrel 6 Rounds Rubber Grips Blue Finish - $228.99 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 10:27
I am on the email list for this site and they have some really good prices, especially on normally WAY overpriced Browning stuff, as long as you wear a small, medium, or 3XL size. If you are looking for a large or XL you are outta luck. Their knives and accessories are always at a steal though, good thing they aren't size specific! LeadFarmerBrand Name Clothing Blowout (Big and Small) @ Field Supply2014-09-02 09:51
It would appear to be a Human deflator.joenuclearMako M16/M4/AR-15 Tire Deflator Attachment - $147.30 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 09:28
The largest complaint with this firearm is that the magazines are proprietary and nobody can find them anywhere for a reasonable price. If you haven't noticed the M85 is now being offered with the ability to use AR mags. Combine that with being able to retroactively convert the existing M85 to take AR mags and the issue is not "don't need 35 magazines" it is "I should buy one that takes compatible magazines." Or did you mean, you are going to buy this firearm and never want to find magazines in the future?NewMexicanYugo Zastava PAP M85PV AK Style Pistol Krink pattern, in 5.56mm (223), with PACKAGE DEAL of 35 Magazines! - $599.952014-09-02 09:23
Anyone got a link?McAngusHTS 101K0 6 Inch 100 Piece Wood, Cotton Tip, Applicator Swab + Free Shipping - $1.692014-09-02 09:03
That's one at Lanbo's was a 22daflyoneSig Sauer P938 9mm 3" Barrel Night Sights Rosewood Grips 6 RDS- $575 with FREE SHIPPING2014-09-02 08:21
Hmmmm Very interesting. I think I could machine one of these for about $10.00 though. WOnder how long before it shows up on amazon. What I would really like to see is what happens when someone pulls the trigger with this thing installed. Now that would be a interesting YouTube video. tabmpierceMako M16/M4/AR-15 Tire Deflator Attachment - $147.30 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 07:52
Really...? How often is a person going to use their rifle as a tire deflator, and even then how much added value is there to having it on the end of your rifle instead of pulling one out of your pocket.NightFoxMako M16/M4/AR-15 Tire Deflator Attachment - $147.30 + Free Shipping2014-09-02 07:48
Needed a good safe to store my handgun in at work. Seems like a decent deal.wanryavkaBoyt Harness 83004 Speed Series Top Load Vault - $59.992014-09-02 07:41
Subtotal (1 item) $146.10 Shipping $4.97 (paid to get package on Monday instead of 2 weeks away) Tax $12.09 (not included in advertised price) Order Total $163.16 (all said and done shipped to the door) sycksynStack-On 14 Gun Security Cabinet - $146.10 shipped2014-09-02 07:33

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