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Better late than never, wish these would have been this price 6 months ago. I haven't seen em any cheaper, still wouldn't mind having one at this price.xrayspiritPTR 91 CLASSIC 308 WIN 16"BBL PARK/WOOD 1-20RD - $799.992015-01-25 16:39
Got one. Make sure to select Amazon as the seller on the right hand side, otherwise its like 40.. Its backordered btw, so about 2-4weeks.kolmeFlambeau Safeshot Oversized Double Case - $26 + Free Shipping2015-01-25 16:17
EXACTLY! These may leave less residue, but are they really worth the extra cost just to save a bit of time cleaning a gun?Holliday93Backorder - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 15:49
2 Years Ago.? They've certainly changed since then.! Your deal was predicated on a an abandoned Lay-A-Way...something they'd already made money on...hence, your good fortune.! However, you must know, .....they made much more than they were asking for the firearm.! Good deal for you, but their prices still suck.!porciniman10% off No Minimum! (In-Store and Online) including Firearms and Ammo! Use code "SLICK10" @ Gander Mountain2015-01-25 15:48
Sold out as of 1500 yesterday. My buddy grabbed the display model when the warehouse inventory hit 0.polyicarusBeretta M9 9MM 5" Barrel Blem - $469.98 (In Store Only)2015-01-25 15:48
30 Cents a rd after shipping???? I don't think so.!porcinimanWinchester Train and Defend 9mm Luger 147-Grain Centerfire FMJ - $14.992015-01-25 15:36
The only thing most are concerned about.........PRICE! 9MM can be had for 18 cents a rd!!!!!! How is this a deal???porcinimanBackorder - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 15:32
From what I can tell from other sites, this gun has the single piece extended mag tube. I'm assuming that means you can't change the barrel unless you also replace the mag tube. Can anyone confirm this? emprbasistREMINGTON 870 12/18/3 SPEEDFEED PORTED SHOTGUN - $299.992015-01-25 14:26
I have experienced nothing but completely unacceptable (i.e. virtually nonexistent) customer service from ADAMS ARMS…purchased a new horribly inaccurate/chambered/barreled “Tactical Elite” 18″ upper with ridiculous inaccuracy, spent two weeks of persistent calling to all departments to get ANYONE to answer the phone, had filled out web forms, left Voicemails, etc. etc. and no response…FINALLY after weeks and countless hours, I got a hold of a good guy in purchasing who seemed to genuinely care and he said he would follow up with the Customer Service guy ASAP…then no response for days…then called again multiple times and got a gal in accounts receivables (imagine that – the folks who receive money actually answered the phone – funny) and asked for the CEO…got on a conf call with the “Customer Support” ‘kid’ (inexperienced and disinterested in customer issues in my experience/opinion) and he hadn’t even listened to my multiple voice-mails one of which was over two weeks old…said he gets A LOT of calls…agreed to an RMA – sent it back and RECEIVED A SECOND DEFECTIVE UPPER that was internally peeling itself apart with aluminum shavings throughout the upper receiver and bolt carrier assembly (not hte only guy to have this issue – see …sent back the second one and then THEY SCREWED THAT UP TOO – After weeks and Weeks and Weeks of waiting…and after all that – a return for refund and THEY HAVE NOT PAID ME MY REFUND…even when they promised to cut me a check that day…that was now over 15 days ago – NO CHECK IN HAND…- I wish they would just honor their commitments…As the Facebook website has MULTIPLE customers with similar experiences on the customer service side…… BUYER BEWARE – Buy one of their products AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!Just_An_Old_CootAdams Arms GP Tactical Elite Upper 5.56 NATO 16" barrel Extended Free Float Rail - $595.262015-01-25 14:20
Thanks for the recommendation. Just bought mine from grabagun and got sent to me at the same price with free shipping. Will be here in three days. Also, got a deal where mags were 16 bucks if bought with the rifle. Excellent!WoodworkerlawyerSmith & Wesson M&P 10 .308/7.62x51 NATO 811308 - $999.992015-01-25 14:18
They aren't producing theses any more; they previewed the GEN2 at SHOT 15 and are waiting until the majority of the GEN 1's have sold to start pushing out the GEN 2's Pistol Caliber Carbines Available Now2015-01-25 14:09
Important Note: Their bot is just telling you where these are being sold, NOT if they are being sold for a good price. I'm looking for a Sub2000 Glock 17 mags, but they only listed the 40 cal model and it was $549. An LGS here has that one for $449 and that is still $80 over MSRP. Down vote, this is not a "deal". Note to Kel-Tec: Ramp up production already!NewMexicanPopular Pistol Caliber Carbines Available Now2015-01-25 13:47
-Guess- Bexar county Sheriff (or corrections) trade ins? Think San Antonio area. Could be very low round count. swissUsed Glock 22 Gen 2 40S&W with 2 15 Round Mags Marked BEXAR CO. TX - $279.952015-01-25 13:46
I do not know about Botach but i purchased a Fobus holster with free shipping from someone else. The problem is that it shipped from the factory which is in Israel and took almost a month. Love the holster though.shpd75550% OFF All Fobus Products @ Botach + Free Shipping2015-01-25 13:42
Yes, I have learned my lesson....hence my first post.WooHoo2YouRuger LC9 9mm 3.13" Barrel 7+1 Rnd FDE - $259.99 + $17 S/H2015-01-25 13:30
i agree red x owner is a horrible person a thief never order from them!! samhamRED X ARMS - 308AR STRIPPED BOLT CARRIER - $56.992015-01-25 13:26
Read the description if the price confuses you. "Lead and heavy metal free primers and brass enclosed base help eliminate airborne lead and heavy metals."AUGAWPUSPBackorder - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 13:23
Order somewhere else then and pay more to get it quicker. If you ordered 3 times you knew they ship slow, why complain??? Order elsewhere. I've ordered 3 times also and got all 3 items a lot cheaper than at another store so I knew what to expect. SuperwoodyRuger LC9 9mm 3.13" Barrel 7+1 Rnd FDE - $259.99 + $17 S/H2015-01-25 13:15
Geez, this is more expensive than a lot of .45 ACP ammo.Holliday93Backorder - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 13:00
This appears to be a re-labeling of an existinging product to boost profits. Since when has it become acceptable to charge .38 cpr for 115g 9mm...........really?No saleBackorder - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 12:51
My P9 arrived quick. Unfortunately it is a B stamp. Would have been nice to know but I should have as the price was too good to be true.tdub526KAHR P9 9mm 3.5" 7+1 Rnd Night Sights 3 Factory Mags - $499.992015-01-25 12:40
I wouldn't want to be hit by the 40 "short and weak" ~75% knockout with 1st vital hit. I does take a hair longer to get back on target. At least you can find rounds quicker during the next panic. X Bow TUsed Glock 27 40S&W with 1 magazine - $379.952015-01-25 12:36
Well they don't have any brick and mortar stores where I live and they don't sell it online either. - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 12:35
thanks, offered $429 for the P380. Great Price. and Kahr Blemished Guns from several vendors - Inventory is changing quickly2015-01-25 12:33
You can buy this same ammo from for 14.99, everyday priceedie802Backorder - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 12:22
You can buy this same ammo from for 14.99, everyday priceedie802Backorder - Winchester Winclean 9mm 115-Gr. BEB 50 Rnds - $18.992015-01-25 12:22
Anyone try the new Walther CCP yet? Supposed to be a CCWphoneman01Sig Sauer P290RS 9mm Every Day Carry - $279.99 + $17 S/H2015-01-25 12:11
Not yet, but if it shipped Thursday then I'd expect it by tomorrow or Tuesday. Stinks that they don't provide tracking information. Heck I didn't even get an email saying it had shipped just looked up order status. ugabdawgSmith & Wesson M&P 40c Compact .40 S&W W/Crimson Trace Laser - $469.992015-01-25 12:11
DX stands for duplex, they have a different reticle EDDIEeddieSightmark Triple Duty 10-40 x 56 Riflescope DX - $249.97 + Free Shipping2015-01-25 12:05 Triple Duty 10-40 x 56 Riflescope DX - $249.97 + Free Shipping2015-01-25 11:27
I really appreciate the site but honestly, I have no idea where they get the prices listed. For instance, tried local W. for 40S&W and price was 7.00 off what the real cost was at store and the store noted the price was rollback price and still 7.00 more than Wiki price.wgsNew Feature on Wikiarms - Check your Local Walmart Ammo Inventory2015-01-25 11:12
did you get yours?lt14u2nv2002Smith & Wesson M&P 40c Compact .40 S&W W/Crimson Trace Laser - $469.992015-01-25 10:10
Someone found Pappa Smurfs back up.blackg50Cobra ENT Blue Cerk Derringer 38 Special 2.75" - $147.992015-01-25 09:15
I can pay MSRP anywhere (including CZ); how about a real deal? Additionally, extra magazines are supposedly reasonably priced, however, I have searched the internet extensively and have not found them available anywhere, even from CZ. So where are these cheap mags of which you speak?JeanclaudeBackorder - NEW for 2015 - CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol 9mm - $849.99 + Free Shipping2015-01-25 08:45
I picked one up. My first SlickGuns purchase. Bye bye S&W M&P 40ChiefUnserFNH USA FNS-9 9mm 4" Barrel 17+1 Rnd - $387.42 + Free Shipping2015-01-25 08:36
Boy these have really come down in price. After shooting (and selling) one I see why! Hard to shoot, little block of a gun. Get a Shield.jjmIII_RugerSig Sauer P290RS 9mm Every Day Carry - $279.99 + $17 S/H2015-01-25 07:50
AIM surplus sells a rifle kit version of this. No receiver. I think that solves many of the problems with this. $399 shippedJamesT.ATI Omni Hybrid M4 223/5,56 16" 30 Rnd Pmag - $439.99 + Free Shipping2015-01-25 06:52
That would only be easy to conceal if you were a Wal Mart employeeliberalhaterCobra ENT Blue Cerk Derringer 38 Special 2.75" - $147.992015-01-25 04:35
If a guy is in the woods and uses this as an artificial vag is that considered redesigning it?liberalhaterSig Sauer SBX Pistol Brace - $109.992015-01-25 04:33
Does anybody know if the handguard can accept extra rails? It looks like it's an M-Lok, but it doesn't say anywhere. I have a hard time imagining they'd make a handguard that doesn't accept extra rails.dshield55AVIS DEFENSE 16" AR15 .223/5.56 COMPLETE UPPER W/BCG - $349.99 shipped2015-01-25 03:07
got a few of these as backups. cant beat the bang for the buck factor123BLACKHAWK! Inside-The-Pants Holster Right Hand 4 1/2"- 5" Barrel large autos - $3.882015-01-25 02:53
Let's make it blue, so it looks like a training gun. Genius.Kenny4fingersCobra ENT Blue Cerk Derringer 38 Special 2.75" - $147.992015-01-25 02:01
omgstupidDummyHeadSkull Hooker - Black - $252015-01-25 01:21
What's up with powder still being hard to find? Been looking for a keg of H110 and W231. No luck so farliberalhaterPrecision Powders Competition Pistol Powder - 8 LBS - $214.50 Shipping Included2015-01-25 00:48
I agree. If someone had any experience with this brand of barrel, some insight would be great!jjm22Recoil Gunworks 10.5" 5.56 Nitride AR-15 Barrel - $129.952015-01-25 00:41
Seriously CDNN - can you guys please work on your descriptions? Finish - Black? Black what? Black parkerized? Black Ceracoted (the 870 does offer this finish). Etc... I used to be a frequent customer, but your "new" website is full of less than helpful information. Come on guys, you can do better! If this qualifies for the current rebate??? There is a $30 rebate available at this time. FreeInAZREMINGTON 870 12/18/3 SPEEDFEED PORTED SHOTGUN - $299.992015-01-25 00:38
If this has the 30 rebate, then Gimmee Gimmies!seazee75REMINGTON 870 12/18/3 SPEEDFEED PORTED SHOTGUN - $299.992015-01-25 00:38
Yes I was. Hahaseazee75Federal Champion .22LR 36g CPHP Barrel of 60,000 rounds - $50002015-01-25 00:23
Tell you what Ill pay you 1250. For two. Include shipping. Let me know :Dseazee75Sig Sauer 516 Gen 2 GAS PISTON AR Certified Pre-Owned PATROL. NEW PRICE DROP - $999.992015-01-25 00:16
You need to research a little more. . Oh well more for everyone elseschuslerCentury VZ2008 7.62x39 with Ceaning Kit, Sling and 3 Mags - $379.992015-01-24 23:56

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