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Just a heads up man, it doesn't matter what it's marked. You can use it however you please, for whatever caliber just so long as you stay in the confines of the law.combosAnderson Manufacturing AM15 .223/5.56 Lower Receiver - $39.952014-10-01 04:41
Ebola is here. Get your high capacity shotgun before it's too late!VhyrusKEL-TEC KSG 12/18.5/3" Patriot Brown Shotgun - $899.99 + $14.74 S/H2014-10-01 03:12
I also have one of their uppers, it came with marks near the forward assist pin hole, and a little paint to cover up where the punch slipped off or something similar, no big deal really because its running 100% and out of view.banxj502KG Havoc 5.56 Pistol Upper 7.5" with LPK and Pistol Stock Set Bundle Free Shipping - $459.992014-10-01 02:07
Perfect for securing your canned beverage of choice to your "pistol" without negatively upsetting the balance of the weapon platform. Enjoy the tactical edge of 12 ounces refreshment and hydration to keep you cool in the heat of combat.mister2racerSig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace - $112.972014-10-01 01:07
I love the sb15 for what it allows you/us to build. But there is no denying that it is the most overpriced slab of rubber in history. That's all it is... One, solid, chunk of rubber. Oh, and a crap Velcro strap. So again, I love it... But it's about $30 deep into bitch/moan territory.mister2racerSig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace - $112.972014-10-01 01:00
It was $599 yesterday. Seen it with my own eyes. Just checked again and it's now $749. backroadsRUGER AR-556 Autoloading Rifle 5.56 16.1" Barrel Adj Ruger Rapid Deploy Rear Sight Adjustable Post Front Sight - $625 shipped2014-10-01 00:50
For the deal Shipping is $12.95Nick BurkhardtRuger 3235 LC9s Standard Double Action 9mm 3.1" 7+1 Integral Grip Blued Steel - $329.082014-10-01 00:27
USPS Priority flat rate is less than $6, PLUS insurance, and PLUS signature... and will only fit 1 receiver (and that's jammed with almost no padding). You have to go up to the medium box to fit 3, and after insurance and signature $22 sounds. maybe 2-3$ high. NBD.mister2racerAnderson Manufacturing AM15 .223/5.56 Lower Receiver - $39.952014-09-30 23:46
I've one... it's very well made for the price and runs reliably. Their customer service is also outstanding. Will definitely buy some more.kwelhandKG Havoc 5.56 Pistol Upper 7.5" with LPK and Pistol Stock Set Bundle Free Shipping - $459.992014-09-30 23:11
i wouldnt be surprised if their free jig promo they did not long ago on various forums was won by an employee. kww52280% Arms Billet AR-15 80% Lowers - Raw, Pink, Black, FDE $69.99 to $119.992014-09-30 22:50
I bought one of these, and received it. It's pretty sharp right out of the box, quality is extremely good for a 10 dollar knife. I ran it through my warthog sharpener and it's even better now. handle is basic but solid and sturdy. I'd clean a deer with it, feels perfect for that.hornatxCold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter Black Poly Handle - $10.40 + FS*2014-09-30 21:33
I ordered on 9/20. Received an email on 9/24 stating they would be closed 9/24-9/29 in observance of Jewish holidays. My estimated ship date was 9/29. I received another email yesterday (9/30) claiming that my order would ship no later than Friday 10/3. I have no issue with businesses closing in observance of holidays. It's a bit frustrating that they informed me that they were going to close the first day they were closed...four days after I ordered. My sights should have been shipped well before they closed.'s going to be 13 days from order to shipping. Even if you take the 4 days out that they were closed....9 days to ship is too long. I'll never order from this company again. If my sights don't ship Friday I will be cancelling my order. I'll pay a few extra bucks and get them within 48 hours from Amazon. scrapinbyMagpul MBUS Front & Rear Sight Package Deal - $67.49 shipped after coupon "10off"2014-09-30 21:29
I just received mine Saturday, great looking, shooting and handling gun. The bolt on mine isn't the smoothest, even after cleaning(especially when compared side by side to my K98.) The finish is decent, all numbers match, the furniture looks great, trigger is STIFF. Overall GREAT gun at the 199.95 ($217 shipped to PA) price point. Even if I had paid the $270 before the sale or $299 before that it would still have been a great deal. it should be noted, these do come coated in a decent amount of cosmoline, and my example showed no active rust so it seemed to be working. ferarri223M48YUGO M48 8mm Mauser Surplus Military Bolt Action Rifle - $199.952014-09-30 21:15
It finally worked, $8.50 shipping. I guess persistence pays off lol.devildog83ATI M16 Complete Chrome Lined Bolt Carrier Group with Carpenter 158 Bolt - $69.992014-09-30 21:05
Don't know then, used my normal account and even created a second. Same $34 shipping. Glad it worked for y'all. devildog83ATI M16 Complete Chrome Lined Bolt Carrier Group with Carpenter 158 Bolt - $69.992014-09-30 20:59
somebody needs to undercut them. i would probably have one if it were $50123Manticore Arms MA-5100 Triangle Stock - $105.00 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 20:55
Fail to feed, and horrible trigger reset. I have had to polish everything, and machine new parts even, and it is still unreliable. You get what you pay for, lesson learned.CoiledupDiamondback DB380 Black 380ACP 6+1 POLY - $204 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 20:50
Same here. Only $8.50 shipping. Deal.BobslobATI M16 Complete Chrome Lined Bolt Carrier Group with Carpenter 158 Bolt - $69.992014-09-30 20:49
Shipping was 8.50 for me to FLcha0ss0ldierATI M16 Complete Chrome Lined Bolt Carrier Group with Carpenter 158 Bolt - $69.992014-09-30 20:31
Oh if I had the money to buy this sweet gun.....BeritOlamFN FNX-45 Tactical, Three 15 Round Mags, Soft Case - FDE or Black - $1019 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 20:25
WHy would they mark these "Caliber .223-5.56mm" instead of "Multi"? 73CorbinAnderson Manufacturing AM15 .223/5.56 Lower Receiver - $39.952014-09-30 20:14
Looked thru Sportsman's Guide and bought the 120 rd combo and the price was $.625 per rd with free shipping.dustyk7020 rounds Silver Bear 7.62x54R 203 Grain SP Ammo-$13.292014-09-30 20:04
VP9 isn't eligible for the light promotion. Vote4ClintonHeckler & Koch VP9 9mm 4" Striker w/Rail Ambi 3-Dot 2-15 Rnd Mags - $599.89 + $14.74 S/H2014-09-30 19:58
Not a bad deal. ........ until you see $34 bucks for shipping to Florida. Was gonna buy 2 to have as spares. For that price I can find better for cheaper. devildog83ATI M16 Complete Chrome Lined Bolt Carrier Group with Carpenter 158 Bolt - $69.992014-09-30 19:50
I agree, but if you figure $10 per mag, then $15 for the's fair, not outstanding. HaloJumper6 Magpul PMAGs MAG557-BLK w/ Sig Sauer Black Single 36" Tactical Bag - $54.532014-09-30 19:06
intersting... posted here and elsewhere about no data, and now I have an email with load data. Squeaky wheel gets the grease?captcrabby203gr Flat Point Boat Tail Projectiles for Subsonic Use 2000 Projectiles - $2002014-09-30 18:52
You're welcome. A moment of panic on a Tuesday night...not necessarily a bad thing. Gets the heart rate up before SoA.MonmouthbrassHornady 30 Cal, 178 & 208 grain projectiles - $28.95 & $30.692014-09-30 18:46
Fixed...that's much better! Thanks.davemayn13Hornady 30 Cal, 178 & 208 grain projectiles - $28.95 & $30.692014-09-30 18:44
Sir, thank you for pointing this out. I've corrected the problem, the shipping will now display as $12 for up to 4 boxes.MonmouthbrassHornady 30 Cal, 178 & 208 grain projectiles - $28.95 & $30.692014-09-30 18:35
Davemayn13 - working to fix that right now. I will repost when that's fixed. Shipping to WA should be $12. Standby.MonmouthbrassHornady 30 Cal, 178 & 208 grain projectiles - $28.95 & $30.692014-09-30 18:28
Shipping is out of whack, $48 to Washington for 4 boxesdavemayn13Hornady 30 Cal, 178 & 208 grain projectiles - $28.95 & $30.692014-09-30 18:22
use coupon code "MARCOPOLOSHIPFREE" for free shippingYamahaR1USED SIG SAUER SIG M 516 PATROL AR15 5.56/223 16" QUAD RAIL, GAS PISTON - $899.992014-09-30 18:14
A Colt for under $800.00 is a deal. Even though prices are dropping you still see lesser brands selling very close to this, I'll take the Colt every time.bulldogmanColt AR-15A4 Lightweight LE Carbine, 5.56 NATO, 16" Pencil Barrel AR6720 - $7992014-09-30 18:10
25.30 for shipping is killing this dealjackdadog6 Magpul PMAGs MAG557-BLK w/ Sig Sauer Black Single 36" Tactical Bag - $54.532014-09-30 18:08
this has a bent bolt, to use a scopeNightFoxMosin-Nagant M91/30 Bent Bolt 7.62x54R 27.8" barrel 5 Rnds - $279.95 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 18:02
Not a great deal. Prepper Gun Shop and had these for $1620-$1630 shipped within the last 2 months. I've been wanting these, but even at $1,599.99 shipped I don't think I will bite. $1,499.99 and I would absolute bite. FrogTAVOR SAR Flattop 16.5" Barrel - ON SALE - $16252014-09-30 17:46
Wow, only $30 transfer. Most places around here charge $50 unless you drive out of the city. Not really worth it if you're going there only for that after gas. FrogTAVOR SAR Flattop 16.5" Barrel - ON SALE - $16252014-09-30 17:42
Returning boomerang =/= boomerang. Do you even tribe operate bro?bigbent7Cold Steel Boomerang - $14.40 + Free Shipping*2014-09-30 17:30
"cold steel boomerang" Material: Polypropylene Nice try Australia, you didn't get me this time.bigbent7Cold Steel Boomerang - $14.40 + Free Shipping*2014-09-30 17:28
Sweet dude. Buy the fuckin polish gun. Where is the button to turn off notifications again?Bneal123P83 Polish 9mm Makarov Pistol w/ 8 rd, holster, rod, 2 mags - $200.00 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 17:24
At last check (09/30/14) SOG is advertising CZ82's with cracked grips and one mag for $249.95 + shipping.FoothillsDLP83 Polish 9mm Makarov Pistol w/ 8 rd, holster, rod, 2 mags - $200.00 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 17:12
Update. It arrived today delivered for $466.99 second day UPS AIR, ordered on Thursday night 9/25, arrived Tuesday mid-day, not bad at all. Sig Sauer P238 Sports 12 .380 ACP 238-380-SPORTS12 30964 1 $449.99 + 17.00 shipping markbntnSig Sauer P238 Sports 12 380 ACP 2.7" Barrel 6 Rnd Nitron Night Sights - $449.992014-09-30 17:09
Is everybody that disagrees with you a "shill poster"? This is your standard label that you've applied to me and several others, especially in the VZ-58 thread. Did you even check out the link to the article about the high pressure testing? Now that you've been proven wrong (again), will you please shut up and stop giving bad advice? GosquidgoM1916 Spanish Mauser .308 Win - $169.95 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 16:50
saw it while I was at work it was $80, but the price increased when I got homeiknowmy3tablesPTAC M4 Lower Build Kit - $79.992014-09-30 16:47
Made tacticool to keep you tactiwarm!!! Btw, where's the freakin guile suit attachment?dmm523HQ ISSUE Tactical Sleeping Bag with Arms, Olive Drab - $40.492014-09-30 16:14
arrrggg wtf... I need to stay off this site. In for one. Can't wait to get it. FrogPTR 91 Classic .308 Win 18" Barrel Wood Stock 1-20RD With Free Mags & Scope - $975.89 + $14.74 S/H2014-09-30 15:58
I thought the same thing. It's a short barrel rifle hack. So you don't have to spend 200 tax stamp for a short barrel rifle Class III registration. great for 300 Blackout where the powder is meant to burn up within 8.5 inches. fiyapowaSig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace - $112.972014-09-30 15:37
SOG has CZ82s for $239. Bneal123P83 Polish 9mm Makarov Pistol w/ 8 rd, holster, rod, 2 mags - $200.00 + Free Shipping2014-09-30 15:34
I have one, it's great. bought it on RK, delivered within 5 days. fiyapowaMTech Jaguar Crossbow / Camo / Same as SA Sports Fever / Inferno Fury 175lb / 250+ FPS - $99.99 + $10 shipping2014-09-30 15:32
Excellent customer service, I made a mistake with my order and had to contact the company, they promptly refunded my money and corrected my order. Shipped in 5 or 6 days. Love the finish and look. Just got back home and put approx 75 rounds through with no problems what so ever. I am extremely pleased.ThuzzelComplete 16" M4 1/9 Melonite Tactical 15" Quad Rail WITH BCG AND CH - $3492014-09-30 15:19

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