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Price: $285.00
Price per round: $0.190
@Lax Ammo

LAX Ammunition Reloaded 9mm 115Gr. 1500 Round w/Free Can - $285 Quality Factory Reloads Caliber: 9mm Bullet: Copper-Plated Grain Weight: 115 gr. Brass & Nickel-plated Brass casings FPS: 1128 Ammunition is packaged loose in a Plastic 50 CAL MTM CAN
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@Lax Ammo

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Price: $89.99
Price per round: $0.360
@Lax Ammo

LAX Ammunition New 357 MAG 158Gr. 250rds W/ FREE AMMO CAN - $89.99 LAX Ammo - 0.38/rnd + shipping (it was $13.50 to Michigan). Quality Factory NEW Loads Caliber: 357 MAG Bullet: Copper-Plated Grain Weight: 158 gr. Starline Brass casings FPS: 950
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@Lax Ammo

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