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    Has anyone heard an update on their order status? I knew I would be waiting but it is frustrating that they do not have a phone number to call for status updates. The preorder link is here

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    Have they communicated with you at all? Did they charge you yet?


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      I was charged when placing the order and they have given vague information on when the order will ship which is why I wanted to see if anyone else had received their order yet.


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        At this point Sky Guns is no longer responding to email. Has anyone else contacted them or know of a phone number that I can reach them with?


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          Late reply.... update on order status

          I received my upper first... they didn't get their lower shipment in when they expected, and the uppers were delayed because of back-ordered gas rings.

          With the delay in lowers, they offered a PSA or Superior lower for a $40 upcharge. I opted for an $80 refund, and they shipped me the LPK and adjustable stock with a check for the refund. I paid $100 for a PSA blemished lower (direct from PSA). I also have some ATI lowers, and that's what I've mated with the upper.

          I can't blame Sky-Guns for the madness that they got screwed by... they had their supply lines hijacked by others (I believe them when they say this).

          I would do business with Sky-Guns again.