Hello, and thank you for welcoming me to your group!

I currently have 2 Sako rifles, A Forrester .308 and a FinnBear 30-06. Dad used to restock barreled actions like the pre-64 Winchesters with beautiful wood and stockwork/checkering/carving, etc. We are getting ready to restock these Sako rifles, but we are also looking to the future. What are your thoughts when you compare a current Tikka rifle ( to be re-stocked) vs. a current model Sako ( to be restocked). For example, I would hope that a properly restocked Sako will have an added value, but can that be said for a Tikka?

Also, does anyone have a source for barreled actions from Sako, Winchester, Remington, Mauser, or any Mauser clones?

Thank you,