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Thread: KY GUN CO can kiss my....

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    There was a pricing error. Mistakes happen. How is you twisting his arm to accept a mistake "the right thing"? You could either take the discounted price or leave it. You sound like a douche and I would ban you from ordering from my company. Some customers aren't worth the hassle they put up, and the customers definitely is NOT always right.

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    Wow...stop bitching. Someone made a mistake, you still got what you wanted. If you were a "big boy", you would've told them to keep their rifle and given your business to someone else. You know, it's the principle of the thing. You bought this goofy-looking POS and mock others for throwing money away? Hilarious.

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    Can't believe the author of this thread deleted his original post. I really would have liked to have known what his beef was. I have bought a gun from KYgunco and other than it taking them three weeks to ship an "in stock" gun I had no issues with them at all. Their website was upfront about the extended order processing time because of demand so I really can't fault them for the 3 weeks.

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    He got shamed... ha ha

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    KY Gun Co Followup

    Quote Originally Posted by I heart Dear Leader View Post
    ......I bought a Ruger SR 1911 Commander when they made a mistake posting. They posted it @ $569....with eyes popping out....I placed my order in record time....knowing that I got a hell of a deal...or no deal.....KY Gun caught the mistake and shut the ad down...I get a follow up email from KY Gun explaining the mistake...and even though they could not sell for the posted price they would sell it to me for $600....another no brain decision...I said yes...amazed that they had not just cancelled the sale.....I picked up my new Ruger yesterday from my transaction is complete...and I am left with limitless admiration for KY Gun Co's business ethics and follow through....pretty damn awesome in these cut throat times....and the mentally challenged person that started this thread illustrates..... " no good deed goes unpunished"

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    While I think they technically SHOULD have honored the price, offering it for $199 LOWER than the normal list price instead is pretty fair, especially considering that most don't even have it in stock (didn't have it it stock pre-2013).

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