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Thread: Natchez incrased pricing on .223 ammo

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    Natchez incrased pricing on .223 ammo

    this sucks

    Federal Lake City 5.56 XM855 62gr Green Tip 100/bag was $79 for the past couple weeks, new price $89

    Remington UMC .223 55gr FMJ Mega Pack 200/box was $129, new price $179

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    So don't buy it.

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    They have one hell of a shipping price also. When they offer their good deals for 9mm more often than not there shipping charges are higher than the ammo. No I don't buy it but these companies will be remembereed when this all settles down just like cheaper Than Dirt they are the most expensice one of the punch with $19.00 shipping charges. There product doesn't move quick either.

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    I've never really shopped at Natchez, CTD, etc.. In large part because I'm cheap.. I'm not going to pay $20 to ship $22 in ammo lol.

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