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Thread: Taclite 50BMG uppers, anyone with any experience with these?

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    Taclite 50BMG uppers, anyone with any experience with these?

    I have been considering trying out the 50BMG but cost has been prohibitive. That is until I discovered the Taclite Spartan upper.

    I was hoping someone here may have some experience with this upper or at least this company. $1600 is still a lot of money (for me at least) to get into the 50BMG scene. I would like to find a few people who own these and are willing to tell all.

    Appreciate the responses in advance!

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    I don't have any experience with this particular brand/model, but a good friend of mine had one made by Bohica and he liked it quite a bit. I think he had to do something different with his hammer, but otherwise it was a standard lower.

    He showed me a plate of steel he shot at and that was all the convincing I needed that he had a beast.

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    This looks almost identical to safety harbor firearms .50BMG uppers, which are a bit cheaper. Maybe some different furniture/barrels? Just another option if you're shopping for 50BMG uppers. I have no experience with either company, but if you buy one, go to the range and write us up a report.

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