CCI Standard Velocity .22 LR Ammo, LRN bullet, 40 grain - $4.99

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Price: $4.99
Price per round: $0.100
@Gander Mountain

Coupon "GMT5" for $5 off every $50, $30 max discount or Coupon "Auto Discount" for FREE Shipping No Minimum or Coupon "SAVENOW" for Save $20 On Orders Over $100 Or $50 On Orders Over $250 - The CCI Standard Velocity .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge with 40-grain Lead Round Nose bullet is a great choice for the practice range. CCI rimfire ammunition goes through rigorous testing to insure consistency lot-after-lot. CCI ammo uses sure-fire CCI priming and clean-burning propellants to keep actions cleaner. Comes in a reusable plastic box with dispenser lid. 50 rounds per box.

CCI Standard Velocity .22 Long Rifle Ammo
• Lead Round Nose
• 40 grains
• 1070 fps muzzle velocity
• 102 ft./lbs. energy muzzle
Item#: 756431

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 22LR
UPC: 076683000354
MPN: 0035

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Yep sold out

Yep sold out

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Thanks for the link OP. No

Thanks for the link OP.

No shipping, No tax, $50 to my door for 500 rounds CCI? YES!!!!

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If it wasn't for this site, I

If it wasn't for this site, I would be without any 22LRs. No one in town has it. Thank you admin..

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I hope that since gm got some

I hope that since gm got some that maybe midway will get some and mailout their backorder on them!

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That would be nice,wouldn't

That would be nice,wouldn't it!!

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For what it's worth, I think

For what it's worth, I think it's decent. Obviously not nearly the best deal, but I can't find it anywhere at the moment. It was good enough for me to pick up 20 boxes.
Thanks for the post. I appreciate it.

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Superman1959's picture

This thread is typical of

This thread is typical of the POS's in our world today. Someone takes the time to list a deal so that you can exercise your freedom of choice (buy or not buy) and all you can do is cry about how it isn't saving you enough money and criticize someone who took the time to give you information to make choices. I think the owner/moderator on this site SHOULD start banning you POS's who can do nothing but cry and take personal shots at people because they post something that comes from a vendor you don't like or isn't the very best deal out there. Grow up or go away. Thank you slickguns, thank you to everyone who takes the time to share deals and to those who offer positive information.

9 votes
1 vote

There is nothing at Gander

There is nothing at Gander that is a deal from firearms to clothing to ammo they are overpriced period. I understand overhead but they aren't even competitive.

4 votes
2 votes me a better me a better deal on 22LR ammo right now. Can you do it?? They aren't $1.49 a box like they were 20 years ago but came through for those of us who are in the market for a deal on ammo or just showing us where it is available.While I agree that GM is overpriced on alot of thier products,this is better than most places are selling it for (if they even have any in stock).THANK YOU and in this case THANK YOU Gander Mountain! :)

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jurry3's picture

Don't like it,,, DON'T buy

Don't like it,,, DON'T buy it.. Wasn't that simple.
I haven't got the luxury of driving to a local store for ammo and our Wally-world hasn't had any ammo in months. I refuse to buy at .10 per .22 but I take my time and when I see a deal I have to pay shipping, other than that I delete um and don't bother crying about it.

8 votes
2 votes

I agree this isn't the best

I agree this isn't the best "deal," but if you are looking for CCI and don't want to drive around to different stores to find it, this isn't bad. Hopefully once the market gets back to normal, "deals" like 10cent per round 22 ammo will no longer show up, but I don't have any problem with it being posted right now.

7 votes
1 vote

Come on, I can get this

Come on, I can get this cheaper at Dicks Sporting Goods :)

1 vote
0 votes

stupid posting quit posting

stupid posting quit posting this crap

6 votes
9 votes

Can someone please ban these

Can someone please ban these shitheads that keep posting these shitty links? HOW is this a "deal"!?

15 votes
25 votes
Benman's picture

You've got some balls calling

You've got some balls calling Mark a "Shithead" you do realize that this is his website right? If you don't like something feel free to leave.

30 votes
1 vote

LOL - is that true? I just

LOL - is that true? I just though it was ridiculous to call anyone a shithead for posting a deal, even if it wasn't the best deal in the history of the universe. If he actually called out the owner of the website...maybe he'll get banned. That would be nice.
Of course it appears he doesn't know shit about 22LR or deals anyway and doesn't have any better deals to post himself, so what can you expect?

14 votes
6 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

What can you expect? You can

What can you expect? You can expect to find deals when you come to a deal site, not a bunch of overpriced in stock garbage. In so called deals like these, that is simply not the case.

I don't care if you can't find it at your local Walmart or lgs, it doesn't matter. Overpriced is overpriced. Period.

The only reason these prices are still lingering is because people are posting this garbage and the weakest of the weak are still buying it. The AWB is done, squashed over. All these prices are for nothing more than they've figured out that most are still stupid enough to pay for them. It's like a slow dying disease.

Stop posting shit deals... If you see one. Call it out. Stop justifying shit deals. It's like some of you try to find a way to justify this crap, it's absolutely amazing to read these posts sometimes.

And as far as the owner goes, If "Mark" was for "SLICK GUN DEALS, he'd set some damn caps on these ridiculous prices... No more of this .10cpr .22 bs and $100 lower garbage. Set caps on prices to have companies or posters COMPETE for the lowest price.. If they aren't below the cap, they aren't allowed to be posted. Stop throwing garbage like this and 65% of whats here and "selling " them as a deals. Because they're not.

Everyone knows where they can overpay. We come here because we want to know where we won't have to.

12 votes
20 votes

Or maybe you can take your

Or maybe you can take your silly little name and start your own website where you can set whatever prices you want rather than complaining on this one. Just a thought

7 votes
2 votes

Lol you really think hes

Lol you really think hes smart enough to make his own website after reading his comment? Read some more of them and youll realize he is the stereo typical white trash gun owner as portrayed by the media, he gives us all a bad name as gun owners. I cant imagine him being able to design a website, hell im surprised he even knows how to use the internet lol...

1 vote
0 votes

Lol at someone going by

Lol at someone going by "Professor Chaos" calling out someone else for their silly name.

7 votes
0 votes

Never seen South Park?

Never seen South Park?

3 votes
2 votes

If you know of a cheaper

If you know of a cheaper price for this somewhere, post it up. Don't be a shithead crapping on threads with nothing better to add.

This isn't the best price, but with free instore pickup, it's no worse than cheaper online prices and high shipping.

13 votes
6 votes
Rexrins's picture

Gander now adds $9 to every

Gander now adds $9 to every ammo order,including ship-to-store, so now you're paying $59 a brick.

7 votes
0 votes

That's a lie as I pick up

That's a lie as I pick up orders ince a week with no $9 charge ever.

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0 votes

You said it yourself, this

You said it yourself, this ISN'T the best price deal. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the purpose of this site to PROVIDE the best price deals!? Otherwise lets rename it
Here is a link to a post that is literally HALF the price.

Some research to evaluate current/past market prices prior to posting is not too to ask is it? How would you like it if you came to a deals site and all you found were a bunch of random "hey man! look what i found today!!? not the a deal but i found something that is TWICE the price!!"?
So yes, if someone wants to do random posts then I have every right to crap on it. If one can break decorum by posting random gouge me in the ass prices then I get to crap on it too.

10 votes
5 votes

If you can't tell the

If you can't tell the difference between Federal bulk high velocity ammo and CCI Standard Velocity ammo, then by all means, this is a crappy deal for you and you should avoid it. Next I suppose you'll be putting down Eley Tennex because Thunderbolts can be had for a quarter of the cost. Do you thumb down a Kimber pistol because Taurus makes one cheaper?
Some of us not only know the difference but shoot well enough to be about to see the difference and we're willing to buy better ammo. If you're not there yet, then buy the cheapest ammo you can find and shoot a lot. A LOT. When you start to notice the different performance from different ammo, come back and we'll talk.

So I'll ask again, slowly so you know what the question is; show me where CCI Standard Velocity 22LR is available for less than $53/500 rounds delivered or out the door? I'm not being smart, I'd like to know. Midway had it cheaper, but after shipping, not much cheaper (and that was with other items in the order) other than that $50/brick is standard price for this recently. And if you want it, then yes, this is a deal. It's cheaper than some other places selling this right now. So I guess it is a deal, even by your definition. I will admit, in different times, this is not such a good price. When you invent me a time machine I'll start agreeing with you. For now, it's not bad. For 22LR, "in stock" almost DOES qualify for a deal automatically. (Almost - we've all seen the bastards at CTD with their $200 bricks in stock, which would be a deal even if the zombies were actually running up right now.)

And for the record, Gander does not ad $9 surcharge when delivered to the store and picked up in person. At least they did not as of 12:20am this morning when I placed an order for 2000 rounds MiniMags and Super-X. $0 for shipping, $0 for surcharge, I paid MI sales tax only.

11 votes
2 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Please dude. Your Taurus and

Please dude. Your Taurus and Kimber analogy doesn't hold any water here. You keep pretending like the difference in standard (non high end) ammo is something to pay double for. You act like CCI doesn't produce any flyers or non-fires or that at 50yards the freaking quarter inch of consistency warrants twice the price. It's only SLIGHTLY better at best. For someone who claims to be such an avid and accurate shooter I'd expect you to own up to that. Instead you seem intent in justifying $50 bricks. You're ridiculous.

CCI's rep is kinda like an old the wives tales where after the story is told over and over people begin to believe it. If it was the same price, would I choose it, probably... but would I pay 50% or even twice as much for it... Hell no.

As far as the times go... Now is no different from a year ago, the AWB threat is over... No dickhead has shot up any schools or kids, so what are you overpaying for? Nothing. So stop justifying these shat deals as the new normal. Thumb this garbage down for the overpriced rip it is and bring back some goddamn common sense to this industry.

6 votes
3 votes

It's good ammo. Not the

It's good ammo. Not the best. CCI gets a lot for the name alone. Like Mini Mags. I don't buy much.
But, this is better than any of the high velocity brands (including Mini Mags). And cheaper than most all target ammo. And many of the better target ammo brands are also not available right now, so for now this will do. Aguila does fine too and is a little cheaper before shipping.
If you know half as much as you claim for yourself, you should also be aware that different guns have a preference for different ammo. So what's marginal in yours may be huge in someone else's gun of the same model. This is also widely known and I personally don't find it to be a wives tale. Nor do most serious shooters.
But all of that is irrelevant because if you're willing to concede that it will take off a quarter inch, take you from a half inch group to a quarter inch group, then we're only arguing about whether or not that matters. To you obviously not. To others it's the difference between a good set and a horrible set. Shoot enough and you WILL get to where you cannot get any better with cheap ammo. I like Golden Bullets for my daily work. They are remarkably accurate for the price. But I cannot shoot my best groups with them. This ammo WILL shoot better on average. Pricier target ammo will shoot better than this. When I'm feeling feisty, I don't want to shoot bargain ammo to save a few pennies. I want to shoot ammo that is better than the situation so I know that any limitations are mine and not the fault of the ammo. For the spray and pray mall ninjas who consider accuracy hitting a 2” group at 25 yards, I agree – buy the cheapest crap you can find.
I'm sorry the entire world doesn't see things your way and hold your sense of value. But I don't understand; If you don't like this ammo, then why do you even care how much it is?
So the question still remains, can you post a better price in stock for this particular ammo? If not, then just leave it alone. It's not for you, so it doesn't matter. It is your need for everyone to value every deal according to your view that is ridiculous. And un-American. And you post this stupid outlook on half of the posts here as if anyone really cares how pigsnjigs rolls. I don't respect your need to piss all over everyone who doesn't see deals your way. You need to grow up.

4 votes
2 votes
Rexrins's picture

They did add $9 to my ship to

They did add $9 to my ship to store order placed this morning in Wisconsin. So much for free shipping

3 votes
1 vote

I would contact them about

I would contact them about that... I believe that is an error and you should get refunded. They have not added it to any of my orders and I've heard others say they don't get charged. That does hurt the deal.

4 votes
1 vote

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