1 Point Tactical Bungee Sling - $4.80 shipped

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If you don't have Prime, there's a free 30-day trial with free 2-day shipping - The single Point sling has an 1 1/2 inch soft but durable nylon webbing. Distributes weight better and helps limit chafing. Single trigger snap connector give more natural pivot point and limits material that can interfere with weapon.
Product Features:
High Quality Nylon
1 single point bungee sling
Black Color


Category: Accessories
Caliber: Range Gear
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Got one of these. Not a good

Got one of these. Not a good sling, but good value for the money. It'll sit in the closet, probably never get used.

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This website is turning into

This website is turning into a bunch of pre modannas, i mean really it is less then $5 what do you expect. I have a few for bulpups and a few a2 usgi ones. We all know you get what you pay for. For $5 who cares if it breaks. Not everyone is willing to throw down $50 for a sling there not going to use all the time. I guess respect in this community is pending on how much you spend or the name of your items.

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when you spend more than 50

when you spend more than 50 bucks for an optic you kind of care if your sling breaks.

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0 votes

I bought one of these about a

I bought one of these about a month ago and it was awesome build quality and went down to my waist. I had given that one away and then I ordered 3 more. The new ones are too short and horrible quality. Not even any bungee in them. Going to send them back. I ordered a Magpul PTS MS2 sling off ebay for $13 so we'll see how that is. If not, I'm thinking I might pony up and get a Blackhawk Storm XT.

1 vote
1 vote

I ended up buying a $26

I ended up buying a $26 Blackhawk Storm XT sling (with quick release) and several quick releases (one for each rifle). Much happier now.

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Not the best sling, but worth

Not the best sling, but worth the money, absolutely. When looking at a magpul one for $40 or this one, you just have to ask yourself how much it's worth to you/how often you will use a sling. If it's to throw on another attachment for limited use, this and a cheap plate/ring adding up to $10 isn't too bad at all compared to $65+ for a magpul setup.

I'd still prefer and probably hold decent bucks down for a magpul sling for a duty rifle or a quality AR build. But again, worth the money for what it is.

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well said for someone who

well said for someone who wont use the sling or care if it is uncomfortable or awkward. This sling is junk and you get what you pay for. Sure it will work in a pinch but why waste money on something that you don't really intend to use because it is crap.

check out crosstac...great slings, very comfortable, great mobility, perfect for every occasion of use

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Virgle's picture

Crosstac is excellent.

Crosstac is excellent.

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Kennyboy, thanks for the

Kennyboy, thanks for the info... I have a couple of these cheap-o slings, and they're great (for the money), but I've been looking for something better.

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vickers blue force........

vickers blue force........ Crosstac is also an excellent choice! Also check out BDS......


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