10% off "AR10" - AR500 Level III Body Armor pair of 10"x12" Trauma Plates + Free Hat! - $117

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10% off all trauma plates at www.AR500Armor.com with coupon code "AR10" during checkout Memorial Day Monday the 28th 2012. Also receive a Free Tactical Cap for the Memorial weekend special!

AR500 Armor Plate 10" x 12" - The original ergonomic design of www.AR500Armor.com
Armor Test Video's - http://www.ar500armor.com/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=5

Our AR500 Armor is ergonomically cut for coverage, comfort and most importantly the ability to properly shoulder your rifle. The AR500 Armor Plate will fit in most from chest and back pockets in your plate carrier.

Our AR500 Trauma Plates are stand alone, multi-hit capable, and bench tested to the same armor rating as Type III. Type III Armor will defeat rifles rounds up to 7.62x51/.308 @ 2780 ft/s.

Sizing: Our standard plate is 10" x 12" our plates will fit most carriers on the market and are designed to provide maximum coverage without expensing mobility. Ergonomic cuts allow you to properly shoulder your rifle and prevent interference while bending and kneeling. Beveled edges prevent accelerated wear of the carrier pocket.

Weight: Each plate weighs in at only 7.5lbs Our AR500 Armor plates do not have a limited shelf life. No special handling is required outside of common sense; our armor is built to last

Coating: We take extra care in not affecting the final heat treatment of the AR500 as it comes from the manufacturer. Because of this we coat in a "cold" method, and avoid the common practice of powder coating which many other manufacturers do. We feel there is no need to expose the AR500 to extra heat for any reason, helping eliminate one extra variable to ensure our Armors durability. Each plate is coated with industrial grade enamel offering protection again UV, rust, chemicals and general wear. The coating is functional and effective.

Features specific to www.AR500Armor.com Armor plates:

Ergonomic design allows you to properly shoulder your rifle - An AR500Armor.com original design
10" x 12" provides maximum coverage allowing mobility while running, bending over and crouching
Multi-Hit capable, the AR500 Armor test plate has over 100 rounds from various calibers
We are willing to test our product - Click Here to watch our Test Videos
Hand-picked AR500 for Armor Plate production to ensure high Brinell Rating (See FAQ for more details)
Stand-Alone capable and Level III rated
Beveled edges by hand - We notice many manufacturers leave sharp edges which will shred your carrier bringing it to an early grave.
All of our AR500 Armor is hand sanded to remove rust and surface contaminants.
Aggressive price structure from in house manufacturing, we design and cut our own AR500 Armor
Not coated through methods of additional heat to preserve integrity of the AR500 as it arrives from the mill

Manufactured in 2012, all of our plates are NEW production.

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