Herter's Select-Grade 9mm 115-Gr. TNJ 50 Rnds - $13.99 + Free in-store pickup (No Limit)

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Price: $13.99
Price per round: $0.280

Clear cache or use a different browser, incognito or private session - By replacing costly brass cases and copper jackets with aluminum and nylon, USA-made Herter’s aluminum-case handgun ammunition keeps cost down while preserving clean-shooting reliability and accuracy. Sized to incredibly precise tolerances, the nonreloadable, aircraft-grade aluminum cases cycle smoothly. Premium-quality, round-nose lead bullets are coated with a Total Nylon Jacket (TNJ) to replace expensive copper jackets. TNJ bullets are inherently accurate, and cycle fluidly through semiautomatics. As an added benefit, TNJ bullets eliminate hard-to-remove copper and lead fouling. Made in USA. Per 50.
Item: IK-218143

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Herter's
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Coupon Code: CLUBFIVE
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Exclusions: Must Use Cabela's Club Visa Card
Expiration date: 2014-05-31 23:59:59
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Expiration date: Unknown expiration

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Just waiting for the

Just waiting for the mind-numbed Cabela's trolls to start posting how this is another GREAT deal! Don't forget to tell us how you figure in the price of fuel for your monster truck and the 500 miles you have to drive in from the Outback to get to a wallymart or local gun store -- LOL!
Tommy Millner is a scuzball...

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How is this a deal? Costs as

How is this a deal? Costs as much as regular rounds...

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This is a SHIT deal,

This is a SHIT deal, currently...

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Bought a bunch of this cause

Bought a bunch of this cause it was inexpensive ! Just got back from the range and I have to say I am very impressed with the accuracy of this stuff . Fed no problem all my guns ate it . Price is not bad in today's still crazy market !!
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Still way too expensive for

Still way too expensive for aluminum/nylon rounds.

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I just don't see why they

I just don't see why they claim the NJ cuts costs down, yet these are as expensive as FMJ ammo.

If this is all you can get, I'd understand buying some. Otherwise, there's better for the same or less money...

Strongly suggest you get into reloading if you shoot a lot of 9mm. Cast bullets (yeah, I said it) work just fine in many modern semi-automatics, and if you're against that, Berry's plated are pretty cheap and work well. 9mm brass is plentiful, and its a cheap caliber to load as far as powder goes...

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I agree, I used a few boxes

I agree, I used a few boxes of this over the summer when 9mm was rare and it was good range ammo, but I recently reloaded 500 rounds of the berry's in 40sw and it's been excellent ammo for the price.

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I've used this stuff before

I've used this stuff before as well. Might not be the most accurate but no issues with it at all, good range/plinking ammo but I too liked it A LOT better back when it was still only $10.99 or $11.99 per box.

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Tried these last weekend at

Tried these last weekend at the range... No issues but I agree on the price gouging. I guess I just try to tough it out until 9mm is back in general supply.

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Yeah exactly...stalk your

Yeah exactly...stalk your local stores ... It took forever and about a month of calls but I found a case of 9mm Rem umc last week for 250 plus about 20 in tax :)

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If they got rid of the

If they got rid of the expensive copper and brass why are they still just as expensive?!?....any one try these!

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I got a few cases of these

I got a few cases of these before the craziness. They work just fine in my 92FS and CX4 Storm. A little dirty, but nothing a few runs through with a boresnake won't fix.

If you're hurting for some range ammo, this isn't a bad way to go.

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These should be $7 or $8 a

These should be $7 or $8 a box max. Not giving them the satisfaction.

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