Federal .223 55 Grain FMJ Ammo, 1,000 rds. - $351.49/$420 (Free S/H NO minimum)

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Price: $351.49
Price per round: $0.351
@Sportsman's Guide

Coupon "SH1616" for Free Shipping No Minimum or Coupon "SG3456" for $20 OFF $99+ - 1,000 rounds of current production USA-made Full Metal Jacket Ammo from Federal:
- Brass cased
- Boxer primed
- Reloadable
- Non-corrosive
- Muzzle velocity: 3,250 F.P.S.; Muzzle energy: 1,289 ft. lbs.
Order yours ONLINE today!
.223 55 Grain FMJ Ammo, 1,000 rds.
SKU#: 162364

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I got this same ammo from

I got this same ammo from them 2 days ago for 50.00 cheaper. * lake city 5.56 was 50 cheaper. This is .223. WOW

I will say though at cabelas today they had the same ammo for 497.00 BEFORE tax on the shelf.

This whole ammo situation has turned into one of the biggest jokes in history. All caused by us... the consumer.

We all want ammo and want to be able to shoot but prices aren't going to drop until we stop paying these prices.

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There may be a little more

There may be a little more going on.....EPA closing the last US lead smelter, large purchases of ammo by the Fed's civilian agencies.....

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I would disagree with the

I would disagree with the blaming of "us" and tell you to look no further than the 51% of low information voters who voted for the most liberal, anti-2nd Amendment, president in the history of our Republic. My ammo supply was/is in great shape before and after Sandy Hook. Market forces(supply and demand) , greed of some retailers, and fear are all involved. I'll agree to part of the blame on consumers just don't put "all" the blame on the consumer.

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How can you not blame the

How can you not blame the consumer? Once again most gun owners went into a panic thinking that ammo was just going to stop being made. I'd like to think that after multiple times of this same scenario playing out that people would have learned but it will happen again and as times before it will be worse than this last time.

I totally understand people running out buying up all the AR rifles and high capacity mags. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a ban on high capacity mags in 2-3 years.

But people maxing out credit cards, pulling thousands of dollars out of their 401ks to clear shelves of ammo was ridiculous and unnecessary .

It was the consumer. plain and simple. No way around it.

On a side note .. I went into my local wal-mart today and they had a big sign up saying you could buy as much ammo as you want EXCEPT for .22 LR. Still only 1 box.

That's a very encouraging sign.

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N_Parker's picture

The Guide seems to be losing

The Guide seems to be losing their edge on ammo prices.

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SG is loosing their edge on

SG is loosing their edge on other items besides ammo. I also discovered they screen their product reviews. Reviews of 3 stars are not making it to the web !!

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I bought 1k rounds of brass

I bought 1k rounds of brass 223 about a month before Obama was elected for his first term. Price was $240 out the door. To what reason can they justify this price?

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3 votes

I payed 428.28 out the door

I payed 428.28 out the door

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akarguy's picture

that sucks. this at best

that sucks. this at best $350 for a case, still 20-25% OVERPRICED.... This isnt even 5.56 NATO. looks like Sportsmans guide has committed itself to price gouging

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3 votes

The price I'm seeing is

The price I'm seeing is $427.49 member or
$449.99 or non-member

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That's still steep for .223,

That's still steep for .223, I would pay that for 5.56 if I needed it.

4 votes
2 votes

These folks are obviously

These folks are obviously living in the past. THIS ISN'T MARCH PEOPLE!!!

7 votes
5 votes

The funny part of your

The funny part of your comment is YOU are the one living in the past. This isn't last October people! I would love $240 -350 for a case... so will one of you smart shoppers please post up a link? I haven't seen those prices for... well, all year.
Agreed we'd all like to see it lower, but stop crapping all over the current reality if you can't post something better. By now, many have shot their stash from pre-Obama and need to buy ammo.

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7 votes

Terrible price! They

Terrible price! They typically have had decent pricing. This isn't one.

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2 votes

Agreed. This is horrible for

Agreed. This is horrible for Sportsman's Guide. They just delivered 1000 rds of 62gr X-TAC tmd last week for $390.07 and it could have been cheaper had I not forgotten to use the $10 off coupon they sent with my previous order. One things for sure, they aren't pricing it like this because it's not selling. Idiots are buying.

10 votes
5 votes

Apparently the same idiots

Apparently the same idiots found the thumbs down vote. Humorous stuff.

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4 votes

Still waiting for sub $400

Still waiting for sub $400 pricing. The last big ammo crisis lasted about 18 months from what I have read. I am really hoping this time will be different.

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1 vote

This company is a PITA - I've

This company is a PITA - I've been waiting on 7.62x54r ammo since March. They keep moving out the delivery date, was supposed to ship yesterday now they are saying at the end of August. Not holding my breath. In the meantime, the get other shipments, mark up the price and put a different inventory number on it. I'd avoid, you may not get it anytime soon.

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I don't know what's going on

I don't know what's going on with your order but I would call them, I have gotten 2 crates of 7.62/54R from them this year, both times shipped within 2 days

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Looks sold out......no add to

Looks sold out......no add to cart button working

1 vote
3 votes

I'm just glad to see

I'm just glad to see sportsman's guide selling 223 federal without having to backorder!!! Things are finally looking up a little bit!!

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2 votes

OK deal if you need it. If

OK deal if you need it. If not, I'd wait.

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2 votes

Agreed. The price posted is

Agreed. The price posted is somewhat misleading because in order to get the $446.49 price you have to have paid your $30 to be a member of the Sportsman's Guide Buyer's Club (otherwise the normal price is $469.99 and in that case, the 1,200 rounds of PMC .223 55gr @ Cabelas w/2 dry storage boxes is a better deal at $499 IMO but eh, this isn't too far off I guess).

With that being said, if you plan on buying more from Sportsman's Guide in the future, you could go ahead and join the Buyer's Club because the discount on an item like this would almost pay for the membership and then you can only benefit from that point forward. I'm just not the world's biggest fan of the whole "Pay us to receive discounts" business model, typically.

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