.223 federal 100 round value pack - $34.97 (B&M Wal-Mart)

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Price: $34.97
Price per round: $34.970

Walmart IN STORE ONLY. Just a heads up..... in the last couple weeks I have bought over 5000 rds of .223, 5.56, 9mm, AT NORMAL PRICES. Do your homework and you can get some too. There are still good deals out there, you just have to put the time in to get them. 3 box limit per person, but im sure you all have friends/ family members that will tag along to buy 3 more boxes.. The stock levels online are not always accurate but close enough. Just talk to the walmart people (the stockers at night will tell you when trucks come in and when they normally stock the ammo). Remember not all people that answer the phone in sporting goods knows what .223 or 5.56 is. Hope this helps. Ive spent some time and fuel checking stores at all hours until i figured out what time stores restock but i have saved a couple thousand dollars. GOOD LUCK!!

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 223/5.56

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You've bought over 5,000

You've bought over 5,000 rounds if pistol and rifle ammo in just a couple of weeks?

Either you're in the need of some additional hobbies to take up your weekends or you're expecting Santa Ana and the whole Mexican army at your door.

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WTF walmart pulled the ammo

WTF walmart pulled the ammo from the online search engine. I am so pissed. I was finally able to stock up. I just needed to find .22 ammo and I was set for a while. If you search for ammo now nothing comes up. Just a side note. If you are wondering where all the ammo went DHS has it.

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Good luck I ended up with

Good luck I ended up with 1200 rounds doing the same thing. The frenzy might be ending.

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you cannot beat the $8.07/box

you cannot beat the $8.07/box walmart is charging in comparison to the local gun stores here getting $1.00/bullet. It is crazy. The list of gun stores I will frequent has shrunken considerably due to these practices.

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Wally World had some .223

Wally World had some .223 American Eagle AR223 black box in stock today. The trick is to make small talk with the guy/gal and have them tell you what time they get off work. That way you just have to go back once they are gone for the day and someone else will help you. I got 9 boxes (180 rnds) today. I will go 1st thing in the morning again. Wish me luck.

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freakin Walmart sucks 4 towns

freakin Walmart sucks 4 towns around me havent had any or got any in I ask they say they dont know what comes on the truck,,Well today I got 1000 rounds of federal in the green ammo can from GanderMountain for 500 bucks,,1 per day,,Im calling back tomorrow..

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Just an update if it says

Just an update if it says limited stock they probably only got one or two boxes. Most store clerks don't even know what they are looking for so I wouldnt trust them. If it says in stock they got a good shipment and they probably will have it. I hit my local walmart at 5am They had probably 200 boxes, only 3 per customer and they watch like hawks.

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Thanks for the post. I used

Thanks for the post. I used the walmart website to locate the rounds I needed. I just missed the .22 though. the guy at the store said the website updates at midnight shelves get stocked early in the morning. If its on there then they will have it in the morning if you wait it probably wont be there. Good Luck!!!

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3 local walmarts in my area

3 local walmarts in my area just now are showing .223 box shown above - limited stock I called but they don't have any in and know nothing about it - but maybe its on the trucks and they say if so it will stock tonight at 3am soooo who knows they say they know nothing about it.

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I don't know the web site

I don't know the web site just shows it in limited stock you can search and see for yourself zip code is 32507 I will have to go in the morning and see if it came in or if its just a computer glitch or what not. They only allow a 3 box limit I doubt it will be there by the time I get there but it gives hope that maybe we will start seeing more of it.

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.223 100 rd bulk packs did

.223 100 rd bulk packs did come in they got 4 at my walmart but it was gone by the time I got there however they had a .223 by PPU for $7.97 a box like 3 boxes per customer wish I could have gotten the bulk packs lol 3 boxes of those would have been nice. However its great to see things coming back in stock also last night I was able to get a bolt carrier group from midwayusa so I can now finish my build.

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In PA they haven't re-stocked

In PA they haven't re-stocked since before Christmas. The only thing they have 30-06, .32 and 10mm. I wish they would just allow you to order from them as I'm sure they have skidloads of the stuff in their warehouses.

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Man I live in Indiana

Man I live in Indiana Walmarts are wiped out They havent got much in since Christmas man if you guys find any bulk thats not a dollar a shot,,you know like the normal prices PLEASE let me know Im completley out If I could just get 1000 rounds for myself I would be so Happy,,Thank You ahead of time for all your help.

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The last .223 I saw at a

The last .223 I saw at a Wal-mart was the black box Federal at Christmas for about half again what it cost a month earlier, and none since. All the Wal-marts within 75 miles of me, and all the others I have wandered into lately, all have a 3 box limit per person per day. Bought a can of powder for a buddy today in a local gun shop and the guy just laughed when I asked about ammo availability.

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True I've been able to get

True I've been able to get Tula 7.62x39 at a couple different local walmarts for $5.19 a box and .223 has been in but I keep missing it.

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Is that with steel case's ??

Is that with steel case's ?? My gun doesn't fire that well..

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Yes it's steel. My walmart

Yes it's steel. My walmart had the 7.62x 39 yesterday... probably about 10 boxes.

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Keep in mind Walmart's

Keep in mind Walmart's inventory check is not "live." In my area, ammo sells out within one or two hours so you literally have to be there when the guy puts it out to get anything.

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True. I check 10 times a

True. I check 10 times a day, and usually is most accurate after 1am. ive seen it change in same stores with different zip codes in search box throughout the day. There is also 1 store that always says limited stock on most ammo but never actually has any.

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Thanks for posting this. I

Thanks for posting this. I forgot about the online search. Our local WM got 140 can of the SS109 cans of 420?. There were $179 and sold in one night.

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Where do you live? I've

Where do you live? I've checked every close Walmart in person and every walmart within 150 miles of me is out of stock of everything .223 according to their website

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SW OHIO and N KY stores are

SW OHIO and N KY stores are where ive found it. If you go into the stores late at night and find a friendly stocker with a scanner, have them scan the ammo tag on the shelf that you want. they can tell you if they have any on-hand and if any are on order. Ive had luck with that. The "urban" stores are the best bet from my experience. All the rural stores i normally check have more people there checking and waiting for it to come out.

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