German Sport Gun STG44 22LR - $249.99 shipped after $50 MIR ($12 Flat S/H)

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$12 flat rate shipping - Ammo is no longer included - German Sport Gun STG44 STG-44 Semi-Automatic 22 Long Rifle 17" Wood Black with 50 dollar Rebate

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Category: Rifles

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Firearms for Sale is an online gun store located in Middle Tennessee. We are an FFL Dealer located in Tennessee and are excited to serve the online firearm community with our business.

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las vegas eagle's picture

I'm going to keep that in

I'm going to keep that in mind about the sights when I take it out the shoot
Thanks for info sha-zam

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I bought one of these last

I bought one of these last week and shot it Friday for the first time. It shoots way low. About 8" low at 25 yards. I wound up shimming up the rear sight. Apparently this is a fairly common occurrence.

That being said, I love this rifle. Once I raised the sight it is very accurate. Love the wooden box. One warning, though, it's very heavy.

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las vegas eagle's picture

Pulled trigger and bought

Pulled trigger and bought one.
Should get it this week
And buying from firearms for sale is always a pleasure
I put in one wrong digit in the phone number to my new ffl and I got a call the next day from them to make sure they had the correct number to my ffl.
That's great customer service in my book
Looking forward to receiving it

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JJDONNET's picture

I saw them at my lgs for $795

I saw them at my lgs for $795 last year and said nice or not ... No way. But at $300... Couldn't resist

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These come in a decent wooden

These come in a decent wooden box too. Good deal. I remember when these came out and were selling for $1000.00.

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Fun to look at this design,

Fun to look at this design, and see the start of the Assault Rifle history; the forward magazine, which puts the chamber/breach forward, plus the bolt movement/ springs/ recoil path... this weapon does NOT have inside the buttstock channel, so, like AK but not like M16. Sweet design, would have loved this when I was 13 to 20 yrs old!

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