300 AAC Blackout 147gr FMJ Qty 500 Reman - $279.99

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Price: $279.99
Price per round: $0.560
@Ozark Ordnance

This is fully loaded ammunition, ready to shoot in your 300 AAC Blackout caliber rifle All orders shipping next business day 1 - 500 round bulk pack of 147gr FMJ ammunition. Comes in bulk pack box and loose packed in plastic bags. This Cartridge should attain a velocity of aproximately 1949fps out of a 1/8 twist 16iin barrel with a carbine length gas system and should function properly in all 300AAC rifles. With great ballistics and a great price, this represents on of the most cost effective 300 Blackout rounds on the market today, pickup a couple boxes for your next trip to the range! The popularity of the 300 AAC Blackout round is soaring, and for good reason! With more muzzle energy and knock down power than a 5.56 round it has the stopping power that smaller calibers lack. And with the ability to swtich quickly from a supersonic high velocity round to a sub sonic suppressed round with the simple change of a magazine, this round provides more versatility than just about any other caliber on the market today! Its one drawback is its cost, rounds can tipically cost $2.00 to $3.00 each or ever more. Ozark Ordnance is going to change that! Our new blackout rounds start at less then $1.00 and none are over $1.50 ever. Finally a way to break into 300 Blackout without breaking the bank. Our 300 Blackout rounds are manufactured with new projectiles and remanufactured mil brass, built to the highest quality, hand inspected and tested, guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Maximum effective range: 400yrds B.C. 0.393 Velocity 1949 fps Muzzle Energy 1240 Bullet Drop in MOA: 50 yrds -2.2 100 yrds - 0 150 yrds - 2.5 200 yrds - 5.2 250 yrds - 8.2 300 yrds - 11.4 350 yrds - 14.8 400 yrds - 18.5 Item #: 300blk147-250

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Any shipping discount or

Any shipping discount or codes that anyone know about on this company? Thanks

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they offer some from time to

they offer some from time to time but at these price levels, it's below the price I paid with coupon. Buy!

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tmdowell's picture

For those having issues with

For those having issues with the coupon codes, they have now been removed for the end of spring sale. The ammo is just $.59 a round with no codes needed!

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I ordered 500 rds thinking

I ordered 500 rds thinking they would have good product. Well i went to 300blktalk.com and noticed some people were having probs w ammo loaded too hot with over pressure and primers popping out. I went to the range and by round 5 had a squib round, stuck right at front of the bbl.

contacted them by email for a refund or something and I got 1 email from them, even though I emailed them several times, in the past 2 weeks saying they would send a shipping label. Well guess what still no shipping label or any other word from them.

Be safe shooters as you know squib rounds can be very dangerous. If you order from these guys careful with their product and don't expect alot out of their CS. I usually never complain about companies but I found about them here and for 300+ dollars worth of ammo I feel like it is worth complaining about.

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I am very surprised to hear

I am very surprised to hear this. I have shot thousands of Ozark rounds without a single malfunction. I once had a brief delay in shipping, but they included a box of hunting loads for my inconvenience.
I am sure Tom will make it right. Ozark has had the best 300 BLK price for a while now.

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Sir, my name is Tom Dowell

Sir, my name is Tom Dowell and I am the owner of Ozark Ordnance. I'm commenting here because I'm not familiar with your case. Please contact me directly on my cell phone at 417-438-0703. I would like to discuss this issue with you because, that I am aware of, we have only ever had one issue with a squib load and that ammo was replaced for the customer fully at our expense. I would encourage you to contact us ASAP and I will make sure this is properly and completely dealt with to your satisfaction. In regards to the over pressure you mention, those rounds have already been recalled and all of the lot numbers posted on 300blktalk.com the issue in that particular case related to a problem with powder that was too hot fr the mfg. When they notified us, we quickly moved to recall any bad rounds. In addition, we have tested the rounds in question and found that, while they were out of spec and indeed hot loads, they were not beyond the safety spec for blackout barrels. There was no danger, only an issue with primers unseating. We consistently strive to provide the best quality product at the best possible price. Each and every round is hand inspected and we are constantly testing our products for safety and to improve performance. The safety and reliability of our products is our primary concern.

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I also tried to use the

I also tried to use the discount code to no avail!

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If you're having trouble,

If you're having trouble, please call the office at 877-782-1409. We will make sure you get the discount.

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Great deal once again, bought

Great deal once again, bought from them twice, but this time somehow coupon codes doesn't work, tried many times....gave up. anyone having luck?

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coupon code is 30off for 147

coupon code is 30off for 147 and 30off150 for 150's just checked it and all appears to be ok.


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Could be a great deal, but

Could be a great deal, but their lack of communication or efficient shipping could be a bad indicator. I placed an order early last week based upon it showing in stock. I have yet to receive any information on shipping. And two messages sent requesting an update have gone unanswered. CC has been charged. A deal is only good if the product gets to the customer in a reasonable amount of time. If you charge the CC, you should ship within 1-2 days max. I will update once I receive the order of some reply back on my request for status.

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If you have not received a

If you have not received a shipping notice and no one has responded to your request, please contact me at 877-782-1409 between 9-5 central time because all outstanding orders through Friday of last week have shipped.

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the coupon code "30off" no

the coupon code "30off" no longer gives a 30 dollar discount...it's only 20 dollars now...disappointing!

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The price is still $299.99

The price is still $299.99 but the product is currently on sale for those not having the coupon for 319.99. This is still the best deal on the net.

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i was going to purchase the

i was going to purchase the 500 rnd pk but coupon code is only giving 20 off instead of 30...

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Any chance for free shipping

Any chance for free shipping on 1k rounds?

3 votes
2 votes
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No, sorry, we can't do any

No, sorry, we can't do any better than the coupon price.

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