AK-47 TAPCO 30rd. Orange Polymer Smooth Side Magazine - $13.95

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This is a TAPCO AK-47 30rd. Bakelite Orange Polymer Smooth Sided Magazine. The new TAPCO 30rd AK magazine offers the next generation of technology to feed your Kalashnikov. This magazine features a heavy duty spring and an anti-tilt follower for increased reliability. Constructed of reinforced composite with a metal floorplate. For 7.62 x 39 mm ammo. Will not work in a Saiga without modification to the rifle. This mag is Orange in color and is backed by TAPCO’s lifetime guarantee. This magazine counts as 3 U.S. 922r compliant parts. Made in the U.S.A.High Capacity Magazine Restrictions: High capacity magazines are legal in some areas of the U.S. Please be aware of your local laws before ordering. We will not ship magazines to the State of New York. We will not ship magazines with a capacity above 10 rounds to California. We will not ship magazines with a capacity above 20 rounds to City of Denver, Colorado. It's up to the customer to comply with all laws regarding these items.


Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
UPC: 751348007731
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I got two of these and like

I got two of these and like 'em! They're inexpensive copies of bakelites and I'd rather use them than the real Russian bakelites I've got!

I have numerous TAPCO mags and they've all run well in my AKs. On a few the mag release takes some effort to engage/disengage; but for the most part they shoot well for an inexpensive mag.

I've always heard the Pro-Mag AK magazines where the ones to steer clear of, which is the opposite situation in the AR world...

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

How are these Mags??? I've

How are these Mags???

I've always heard them called "CRAPCO" as far as AR mags are concerned, I've only used Pmags and had no issues..

My Polish 1960 came w/ steel mags that are built like tanks and run flawless, but only came with 2. Obviously I need more and was looking at these for the price but wonder how reliable they are.

What about the US PALM units? Anyone use those?

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mostholycerebus's picture

The Tapco waffle 'galil'

The Tapco waffle 'galil' style mags were hit or miss, but at $4 each I could throw out a few bad ones. The US palm are supposed to be very good, but for the price you could get excellent comblock steel mags (russian, polish, etc). These Tapco slab sides have been pretty good for me. They are lighter, feel more secure, and the lockup is very good in my couple of AKs. I wouldnt do pushups with them, but I wouldnt throw them out either. If you need mags or have alot of rifles, you can get these for a bit cheaper than comblock steel (seen lately for $25 each).

These are very slightly larger than the steel mags. In a rifle with a tight magwell, you may need to file down the top sides of the tapcos to get them to lock in readily. In a rifle with a loose magwell, these will have less slop than steel mags.

As always, thoroughly test every mag you expect to wager your life on.

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Magpul AK mags would dominate

Magpul AK mags would dominate the market but until they decide to make them, these are the next best polymer mag imo and there are not many other affordable AK mags that I am aware of. I have been using them and cannot say anything bad about them myself but my experience with them is only a few years. If you can grab them for 12 and under shipped, they are well worth it. I have not had any issues with feeding and the +3 922r is good too...

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Shipping kills it...

Shipping kills it...

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go to 30rdmags.com I ordered

go to 30rdmags.com I ordered 3 from them with shipping to Ga was $36....very satisfied

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They want $13 to ship to me

They want $13 to ship to me in FL... Plus these are orange, would be cool to get some orange for $12 a pop shipped...

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