Federal American Eagle 9mm 115-Gr. FMJ 50 Rnds - $14.99

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Price: $14.99
Price per round: $0.300

Coupon "15WINTER" for 10% Off + Free Shipping on Select Winter Clothing & Footwear - Clear cache or use a different browser or incognito/private session - If you're tired of spending a week's wages in order to shoot a few hundred rounds at the range, Federal has come up with a solution for you. American Eagle was designed for the shooter, someone who likes to spend a few hours a week at the range. Full metal jacketed bullets are among the least expensive bullets to produce. Making American Eagle ammunition with FMJ bullets only, allows Federal to supply top quality new rounds at the price of reloads. Available for most auto calibers. American Eagle provides the shooter with reliable-feeding, accurate, full-power loads at a bargain price. Made in USA.
Item: IK-214248

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Amount: 50
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Federal Premium Ammunition
UPC: 029465088224

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Philly quit your whining. #1

Philly quit your whining. #1 How do you think Magtech, S&B and others can offer ammo that cheap? They employ people at slave labor rates, a few pesos a day in some third world country sweatshop that's how. #2 This is good AMERICAN made ammo with less recoil which some of us happen to like, and you're supporting AMERICAN labor. #3 Don't buy it if you don't like it, what is the point of crying about it?? #4 WWWHHHAAAA

4 votes
2 votes


STOP REPOSTING THIS....THIS IS STILL NOT A DEAL.#morons #spoiled rich people dont care

3 votes
5 votes

This is 147 gr, not 115 gr.

This is 147 gr, not 115 gr. It sounds like the price gripers are comparing this to 115gr 20 cents per, shipped. I don't shoot 147 gr yet, but to me, around 30 cents per, sounds ok. I bought some Winchester 147 a couple years ago and I think that was 0.26. Inflation is also playing a role. Most raw components went up 2% to 5% last year. Powder, primers, brass, lead.

4 votes
2 votes

Not a deal, but not gouging

Not a deal, but not gouging either, especially if you can get free shipping by adding other things you may want.

As for me, I'll stick with Wally for my FMJ needs. They're at $0.26/round for Federal and Winchester 115gr FMJ which is just the best pricing I've seen anywhere. For all other types of ammo, like Wolf, M855 / M193, etc, online seems to be the best source as Wally isn't that competitive.

Moral of the story: Be patient, buy smart, shop around, and under NO circumstances should we support the rapists and gougers that took every advantage of the climate last year to ass-rape us without lube -- and we all know who those bitches are.

4 votes
1 vote

Anyone that is over charging

Anyone that is over charging for ammo is gouging...hence the definition of gouging... fyi last week sportsmans guide had magtech fmj 9mm shipped for $.25 a round...that's the best deal around #know it all

2 votes
6 votes

Well this isn't Magtech and

Well this isn't Magtech and isn't 115gr. So who cares?
Why don't you just buy reman locally for even less if it's all the same to you? That even beats your $.25 per round best deal, young padawan.

3 votes
2 votes

Not a deal..Not a deal..Not a

Not a deal..Not a deal..Not a deal..Not a deal...#gougers

2 votes
11 votes

And yet you gladly pay $17.00

And yet you gladly pay $17.00 a box for crappy Blazer Aluminum ammo.

0 votes
0 votes

Probably about time everyone

Probably about time everyone stops living in a dream world. I am not sure we will ever see $200 cases of 9mm, $300 cases of 5.56 and 45 shipped to out doors again. You may find some $250 cases if you patiently wait, so I'll just wish you luck.

I happily paid $12.99 a box for 9MM at my LGS a couple years ago, so $14.99 a box isn't that huge of a jump if you consider the price of raw materials has gone up.

I used my $50 off $500 coupon and it comes out to 0.297 round.
Is that high? Yes.
Do I think its going to get drastically ower? No.

1 vote
2 votes

147 gr ammo contains more

147 gr ammo contains more lead, therefore more expensive components. I don't think this price is particularly out of line.

4 votes
2 votes

Therein lies the

Therein lies the problem...you dont think.... stop supporting high prices and they will drop. You are part of the problem.

3 votes
7 votes

You should mind you own

You should mind you own business.

2 votes
0 votes

In stock bulk-box from

In stock bulk-box from Federal and Winchester are 0.25 in many areas. Cabela's pricing and customer service has taken a big dive under their new business model.

2 votes
3 votes

The following item is out of

The following item is out of stock and not available for purchase at this time:

1 vote
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Thanks, got 5 boxes.

Thanks, got 5 boxes. Immediately opened firefox to get 5 more boxes with my wife's account and it was sold out...

0 votes
0 votes

In for 5 boxes. Thanks OP!

In for 5 boxes. Thanks OP!

0 votes
0 votes

Thanks ..price on 4 boxes to

Thanks ..price on 4 boxes to middle TN 78.91$.... decent price on good ammo.

1 vote
0 votes

shows in stock from Firefox

shows in stock from Firefox

0 votes
0 votes

Thanks! Shipping on 5 boxes

Thanks! Shipping on 5 boxes was $14 for me. Net price of just under $21 per box - in this climate, I'll take it!

0 votes
0 votes

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