Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 .45ACP Pistol Parkerized WWII 5 Barrel 7 Round - $479.99 shipped (Free S/H on Firearms)

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Thompson 1911 Pistols After almost 20 years, still remain hand assembled, American made and produced with finest 4140 steel. For a multitude of purposes; home defense, competition or recreational shooting.
Item # ATR-1911PKZSE
Product Specs
Manufacturer Number 1911PKZSE
Type Pistol
Action Semi Auto
Barrel Length 5"
Overall Length 8.5"
Caliber 45 ACP
Capacity 7 Round
Finish Parkerized
Grips Wood
Sights Fixed
Weight 39 oz

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45ACP
Brand: Auto Ordnance
UPC: 602686253000

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I'm wondering how this is

I'm wondering how this is listed as California compliant? The model number is PKZSE but the model on the CA handgun roster is PKZA so a CA FFL can't sell model PKSE to us Californian's. Is there a secret I don't know about or is it a listing mistake?

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Johnmoses's picture

These are great 1911's that

These are great 1911's that won't break the bank. A good platform to build on.

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1 vote
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Do you say that because

Do you say that because there's lots of MIM parts? Becuase 1911 parts aren't cheap, not the good ones anyway...

So I wonder if it isn't worth it to spend a little more. I always wanted the Wiley Clapp Colt. Just don't know if it'll make it to Que before they stop making it.

Many say the PT1911 from Taurus is a great place to start too.

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NewMexican's picture

Can you identify the Metal

Can you identify the Metal Injection Molded parts for us?

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Johnmoses's picture

MIM parts are not a big deal.

MIM parts are not a big deal. People that insist on being a purist stuck in 100 year old tecnology will say that. I have heard ever bitch and complaint about MIM parts, Plastic Mainspring housings, and Full length guid rod etc on a 1911, and have never , ever had any of them fail.

This gun gives you a full frame to start with, and slide. Decent barrel and all you have to do is Replace some parts if you really want to. You can throw a titanium firing pin and heavy duty spring in thi, and replace the hammer and maybe the extractor for dirt cheap as you go.

My Colt 1911 has a MIM sear and disconnector from the factory, and my Springfield TRP has a Full length Guide rod.....oh and my Colt has a plastic mainspring housing too......point is, I would question anyone telling me my Colt XSE, my Springfield TRP, or my Range Officer are junk because they have MIM fact, no production 1911 doesn't have MIM parts. The funny thing is that all the Ed Brown, Fusion, Dam Wesson Valor's, and Wilson Combats of the world, are usually have the most issues.

Buy this with confidence. And yes, the PT1911 is a great gun as well. Personally the Springfield GI is about the best of everything, as a starting 1911. SCGCUSA had them the other day for $649


One other thing I forgot to address. MIM parts. A company that I will not name gave the MIM parts a bad name because they had a bad batch of MIM parts. This was many years ago. Since then remarkable things have happened.

MIM parts are extremely dense and very exact. They are much less prone to wear and breakage than a factory Colt, Spfg. etc. part. This is why we use them in our CQB's, etc. Although not quite as hard as our tool steel parts, they will last a very long time. This is why we can still quarante our total gun, including the MIM parts, for life.

The tool steel parts are actually overkill. The MIM parts last for life (I know of one gun that has over 100,000 rounds thru it and the trigger pull feels the same as it did when new) therefore I guess you could say the tool steel parts lasts for a lifetime and ½.

We use the tool steel parts in our full custom guns. (These are the ones that cost from $2800.00 up) Our full custom guns, Stealth, Tactical Elite, Super Grade and Tactical Super Grade, are not for everyone because of price. They are intended for someone that can afford the very best we can do.

They [tool steel] actually won't last any longer, shoot any straighter or be more dependable than our CQB's, Protectors and Classics, but we spend many extra hours in fitting and prepping them for a perfect cosmetic handgun as well as a great shooter. And because of this, we use the tool steel parts that take longer to fit.

Again, all of us guys here, including Bill Wilson use the very same MIM parts in our guns. And we shoot a bunch! Once installed and fit, no one can tell the difference in the feel of the trigger pull with either type of parts."

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damn good price, $50 more

damn good price, $50 more than comparable Rock Island, but the fact that this is a US made 1911 is worth the extra money

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1 vote
jjmIII_Ruger's picture

I like mine so far.

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