Blackhawk! AR-15 30-Round Magazine - $9.99 (this product will be priced at $6.99 on Black Friday) (Free S/H no Minimum w/code "4WINTER")

This product has expired

Coupon "4WINTER" for Free S/H no Minimum - Made of heavy-duty stainless steel with an anti-tilt follower for reliable function. High-quality spring provides even and consistent pressure for confident cycling. Removable bottom plate for convenient access, easy cleaning and maintenance. Made in USA.
Item: IK-231507

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Category: Accessories
Caliber: Magazines
Brand: Blackhawk

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Coupon Code: 4SANTA
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Coupon Code: 4WINTER
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Expiration date: 2014-12-03 23:59:59
Coupon Code: 4THANKS
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Gotta love cabelas, blackhawk

Gotta love cabelas, blackhawk quality gear for p-mag prices!

kinda tough to swallow after the PSA battlemag deal last week and with p-mags going for about the same price...just imo...

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mechanic's picture

Not sure why it took so long

Not sure why it took so long for Cabellas to put a "good price" on these suckers. They were trying to get rid of them including in ammo bundles for the last 6 months. Nothing helped. Finally they are selling them cheap, most likely way bellow their own cost.

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In for a few for 10 bucks

In for a few for 10 bucks each shipped

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bigruck-us's picture

A few would be $

A few would be $ shipping...???

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bigruck-us's picture

JUST teasing you..hell of a

JUST teasing you..hell of a deal I got 5 plus free shipping...that came to $52.76..nice!!..

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Johnmoses's picture



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haha, people down voting a

haha, people down voting a post over a year old, i promise these weren't $10 at the time of the post, lol

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The anti-tilt follower is

The anti-tilt follower is actually made from Unobtanium; imported from Pandora; and it is magically blessed so that any ".223 cal" rounds loaded into it chamber into a receiver cut/measured as a "5.56mm" action... and vice versa... all without the operator making any adjustments... plus of course, with its black stainless steel colour; it is invisible without normal spectrum lights while being used in the Scout~Sniper role at midnight on moonless, cloudy night missions... Good Luck and God Speed!~ Semper Gumby!~ Regards...

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Wow! I can backorder 30rd

Wow! I can backorder 30rd Steel mags for only $40 plus shipping!?!?!?! Thanks so much for posting this awesome deal!

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Yes, February. Where was the

Yes, February. Where was the United Gouger's Union on this one?... $40 for Blackhawks. Oh right, it's acceptable to get rich skinning your customers if you're Cablowa's. Those guys really have our back. I mean really, does it get any better than free in store pick-up?

And still, to this day, Cabella's MAJOR multimillion dollar distributor with ALL ITS PURCHACING POWER is selling generic mags for more than these tiny outfits like Funk and Hart-a-tac are selling PMAGS. How about one of you Cabella's nutsuckers explain that.

I'd rather support ANY of the smaller outfits over these corporate blowhards..

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While agree with, havent you

While agree with, havent you defended ctd before with the whole capitalism speech?

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Absolutely. I've also always

Absolutely. I've also always said it was the demand that is to blame. What people find value in these days is so upside down, like $7 cups of coffee that people wait 15 minutes in line to get...That's fcking ridiculous, and we wonder why our country is going down the tubes? What, for the right or liberty to be stupid? We raise consumer lambs in our universities. Common sense flew out the window along with our spines and our ability to tell a vendor like CTD to go to hell by keeping our dollars in our wallets. Now we just shut up and pay. It's disgraceful. But you can't blame CTD if you buy from them. Nor can I blame Cabella's, I just don't buy from them, because their supposed "deals" suck, making them suck.

My comment was about how the gouge patrol who always wants to burn CTD and others at the stake, but for some reason are oblivious to Cabellas and keep eating out of their pimp hand. I don't understand how you can bitch and moan about one retailer and not about another who basically does the same thing, just smoother, with free in store

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Lol, I was thinking the exact

Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing!

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