Backorder - Rem Ammo 23777 UMC 9mm Lug 115 MC Mega PK 250/bx - $69.99

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Rem Ammo 23777 UMC 9mm Lug 115 MC Mega PK 250/bx
Mfr Part: REML9MM3A

Amount: 250
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 9mm
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Anyone get their orders or an

Anyone get their orders or an ETA on shipping dates?

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So the best conclusion I can

So the best conclusion I can come to is: These must have not been backorder-able for awhile? Is that why somebody went through the trouble to post all of them?

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It makes me a little nervous

It makes me a little nervous that they're still taking orders 7 hours since the deal was posted. I got in within a couple of minutes but there must be 1000's of back orders placed by now. By the way, the 9mm ammo order I placed with these guys over 3 months ago is still on back order. Fortunately, they don't charge till the order ships, so it's all good.

FYI: Guys, you have to stay up to date on coupons with the vendors on this site. The 'DUT' code worked like a charm so my order of 500 rounds came in at 144.98. We gotta save where we can with this expensive hobby we have!

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Tracking grid above not

Tracking grid above not accurate. Gander Mtn listed @ $60 for 250 are sold out. Bass Pro site says only available in store at $70. Every store I called is out.

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Scoper's picture

In for 4. Shipping is $14 .

In for 4. Shipping is $14 . So it came out to $0.29/rd..

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Is this brass or steel-cased?

Is this brass or steel-cased? The description merely says "metal." Thanks.

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Rem UMC is available in both

Rem UMC is available in both brass and nickel. The boxes for the nickel are slightly different, they're generally advertised as nickel, and their price is slightly higher than the brass cased.

Rem UMC usually refers to their FMJ rounds as MC (metal cased) in pistol and 223 rounds. So this listing is for FMJ rounds that are most likely brass cased.

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Thanks - much appreciated.

Thanks - much appreciated.

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VTX Rover's picture

Local shops are barely

Local shops are barely getting in any shipments. When they do they're gone w/in the hour. Going rate in NJ local now selling for $24.95 a box!! I'm in for 4 boxes. Just wonder how long it will take now...

Gone are the days of $10 a box of 9's... This equals out to a local box selling for $13.99.. + tax

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.29c a round for 500. Came to

.29c a round for 500. Came to $145 shipped using DUT code. WalMart used to sell these for 50 years back so this not too bad imo. Can never have enough ammo. This site kills my wallet lol

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Just ordered a few. Good

Just ordered a few. Good deal in current environment at $0.28/round. Folks fighting over single boxes of 9MM at retail and now selling at $0.50/round and up on Gunbroker. No signs drought is improving. 3 coupon codes listed don't work, but DUT does for $5 shipping, no matter how much you order. Has anyone heard of the expected ship date? My experience with Brownell's has been good.

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use promo code DUT for $5

use promo code DUT for $5 shipping.

Also, DUT5 may work.
DUT worked for me.

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Worked for me...i bought 3

Worked for me...i bought 3 boxes though, so I'm not sure if there's a min $ requirement for the $5 shipping. Thanks!

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Neither worked for me.

Neither worked for me.

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in for 1. we'll see how long

in for 1. we'll see how long this takes...

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Well, I just got delivery

Well, I just got delivery notification that my 10-pack of pmags is waiting for me at home. So, let's see, I ordered those on Dec 21... and 9mm seems to be even harder to find now... Haha, I put in for one of these but I don't expect to see it until after Labor Day.

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How much is shipping? Do they

How much is shipping? Do they charge your card before it ships?

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Shipping was $14 and they

Shipping was $14 and they didn't charge my card.

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shipping was $13.95. they

shipping was $13.95. they don't charge anything until it ships.
with shipping it ended up being $83.94 for 250 rounds.

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