Beretta Nano 9mm 3.07" Barrel 6 Rnd - $304.99 + S/H

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We're an official Beretta Direct dealer. We've had to sign contracts that prohibit the advertisment of Beretta items below certain manufacturer minimum advertised prices...or M.A.P. pricing. But this in no way prevents us from emailing you a quote. Do you want to know how low we can go?
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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
UPC: 082442189543

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Valid Aug-01-2014 - Dec-10-2014
Every DT11 purchased will receive a free DT11 Trigger Group courtesy of Beretta USA. Promotion valid for sales to consumers August 1st, 2014 to December 24, 2014.
Valid Aug-01-2014 - Dec-24-2014
Qualified purchasers for this program include: • Active U.S. Military personnel – all branches • Former U.S. Military personnel – all branches
Valid Jan-01-2014 - Dec-31-2014
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So this is 305 and then

So this is 305 and then military/le get a 50 dollar mfg rebate?

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Excellent Price!! My local

Excellent Price!! My local shop had a used Nano for $380 so I know this is a great deal. I ordered one today. Looking forward to shooting this gun soon. Great price for the Nano!

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picked one up, and it seems

picked one up, and it seems great, looking forward to some some range time for a head to head with the shield... suppose one will be on the chopping block after but I honestly have no idea which

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Great deal. The lower price

Great deal. The lower price must be in response to Shields being available most places now. I got mine for $360 about a year ago and love it. Trigger pull takes some getting used to but after about 300 rds down the pipe i'm very happy with my accuracy.

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No comment on the deal but I

No comment on the deal but I owned this gun for a few weeks & hated its accuracy. It was comfortable to hold & shoot. It was reliable, however, accuracy was horrible. I am not the best shot out there, but having had much better accuracy on guns with longer/shorter barrels and smaller/larger calibers; I'm going to blame the Nano on this one...

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The Nano is a great pistol, I

The Nano is a great pistol, I like mine a lot. :-)

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DesertWarden's picture

Not sure if I am missing

Not sure if I am missing something or not but I'm showing $349.99 before shipping...

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BRS7311 - this was an

BRS7311 - this was an excellent deal you've posted. I ordered one and they shipped it out today. Thank you for sharing.

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Looks like its sold out now.

Looks like its sold out now. For those of you who got in on this deal here is a link to the $50 Beretta Rebate.

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Good price. Especially with

Good price.
Especially with the free shipping.

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Great price with Free

Great price with Free Shipping. Beretta also has a $50 rebate right now for all Leo, military, and veterans on their pistols.

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I for one don't live in the

I for one don't live in the past on prices but It was $349 a month ago from a dealer on here that everyone bashed. And he actually make two runs of them. I would much rather wait and take the 20$ savings and use it to pay FFL transfer fee.

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People of Maryland " The Free

People of Maryland " The Free State " You will no longer be free if you do not VOICE your 2nd Ad. right O'Mally has gun ban almost passed , PLEASE CALL WRITE all your Representatives ASAP ..
YOUR FREE STATE will no longer be FREE

BERETTA is moving !!!!

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catloco's picture

Ditto. Great Find. Especially

Ditto. Great Find. Especially these days.

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got one thanks!

got one thanks!

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