BLACKHAWK! AR-15 Stock Kit - $34.99

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Coupon "SCRATCH10" for 10% Off Scratch & Dent Gun Deals or Coupon "No Code Needed" for FREE Shipping on AR Uppers - This milspec size stock kit includes a BLACKHAWK! Adjustable Carbine Rifle Buttstock, 6-position milspec diameter buffer tube, buffer spring, carbine buffer, latch plate, and castle nut.

This durable, high-impact polymer carbine buttstock is designed for quick and easy adjustment with multiple sling attachment options.
• Durable, reinforced polymer construction
• Precision fit for quick and smooth length adjustment
• Designed for comfortable cheek weld
• Ambidextrous sling mounting locations with preinstalled 1”quick-detach sling swivel
SKU 34653

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Parts
Brand: Blackhawk
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Coupon Code: SCRATCH10
10% Off Scratch & Dent Gun Deals
Expiration date: 2015-10-17 23:59:59
Coupon Code: No Code Needed
FREE Shipping on AR Uppers
Expiration date: 2015-10-06 23:59:59


Definitely a nice deal if you

Definitely a nice deal if you need it.

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I've bought and used several

I've bought and used several of these. I treat it as a buffer tube assembly with free stock. It is 6061 tube but for 90% of people, those who aren't trying to break a padlock off with the butt of your rifle it will last and not give any problems. The stock works fine, no complaints. Sure it is not a bragging rights stock but nothing wrong with it at all.

Regarding price it frequently is available for this price but still a great deal.

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Yeah these are a great deal.

Yeah these are a great deal. Milspec tube, stock is actually decent. I like it more than standard M4/AR stocks. Has QD socket and includes a QD swivel.

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Is it a 7075 tube or a cheap

Is it a 7075 tube or a cheap extruded 6061?

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Good question, although 6061

Good question, although 6061 wouldnt surprise me. They are milspec diam with rolled threads but not sure if its milspec 7075. They are GREAT for budget builds but if youre looking for full on quality id go with one of the known 7075 options.
They are like $80 retail, I just was never able to verify the alloy.
I use them on all my budget/mid builds though, and no issues. Running one with a Enhanced Sopmod stock and fit is great and has stood up 100% to abuse.

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Yeah, I don't think they are

Yeah, I don't think they are 7075. I have seen a buffer pop the back out of the 6061's before, but only once. Riflegear has a Magpul special with 7075 kit for $99 FYI.

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These are a steal. I've

These are a steal. I've ordered 3 of these kits so far. The stock is actually pretty tolerable for the most part, and can of course be swapped out if you want something nicer... But so far mine have had minimal play and I don't mind them for short term use. Even without the stock it's a good price for the other stuff, and to my surprise the receiver extensions seem to actually have a good finish on them, which was my main worry the first time around. The threads have been well cut. The parts are covered in a little machine oil or something but once I assemble it and wipe it down, everything including the castle nut and end plate are all a good finish and look nice. The price baffles me, must be Chinese stuff? I cannot comment on long term reliability, I rarely have opportunity to shoot rifles.

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I bought one of these and one

I bought one of these and one of the UTG stocks on Amazon for $56. I prefer the UTG(what does that say) but for the price the Blackhawk is not horrible...

If you are looking for a cheap setup to get up and going with the knowledge that you will be upgrading components in the future, it works for the price. Just don't have high expectations.

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I get that this isn't a

I get that this isn't a awesome deal - but, if someone needs something and doesn't want to wait, it's better than a lot of other offers. Quality is always a variable, but at least people have the option. Prices are still jacked up (but getting better) - so the last 5 months have been more about best "available" deals -circa 2013 so far.

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mostholycerebus's picture

This isnt really a daily

This isnt really a daily deal, it has been this price for quite some time now. That Classic LPK was a deal when they were selling for $40, not so much now. Dont panic and prices will come back down, we are seeing it already: $125 BCGS, $90 lower receivers, these were good prices even last year at this time.

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I bought two of these when

I bought two of these when they first went on sale and I wouldn't buy again. The quality isn't there, expect to buy another stock and the positions aren't labeled on the tube.

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Thanks much for posting this

Thanks much for posting this review; I almost bought one.

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$7 Shipping here as well and

$7 Shipping here as well and the deal is still alive!

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Shipping was $7 to CA!

Shipping was $7 to CA!

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shipping is $7 (for me at

shipping is $7 (for me at least) . and you can probably add about 2-3 of these and still keep it at one price.

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gunrunner's picture

Shipping to MN is $7 total

Shipping to MN is $7 total for up to six of these, and $11 total for up to fourteen. Not bad at all.

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Rexrins's picture

$22 for shipping to cheesland

$22 for shipping to cheesland (WI)!

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I'm in WI also and shipping

I'm in WI also and shipping was $7 for 1

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1 vote

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