Bucket of .22 Long Rifle High Velocity 36gr 1400 Rnds - $79.99

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Price: $79.99
Price per round: $0.057
@Natchez Shooters Supplies

Seach for "RT21231". Get yourself a 1400 round bucket of .22 Long Rifle Remington Golden Bullet ammunition! New and improved performance in a convenient resealable, reusable bucket with a carrying handle. Features: Bullet Type: HP Qty: 1400 rnds Bullet Weight: 36gr Bucket Weight: 10lbs
Product Number: RT21231
Web Product Title: BUCKET OF 22LR 36GR 1400RDS

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 22LR
SKU: 21231

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Would like some of this

Would like some of this

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sold out. don't waste your

sold out. don't waste your time.

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0 votes

Picked this up from my local

Picked this up from my local Academy this morning for $65 + tax. So $70.21 OTD. Which is more than it used to be but it's at exactly $0.05 a round.

Natches has like $20 in s/h for me. So the price ends up being $100 for the same thing. Which is $0.07 a round. I don't think that;s a very slick deal at all.

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I agree with the above

I agree with the above comment about this not being very good quality, I got a lot more non feeds and duds out of the last bucket than I would be comfortable with for anything but plinking.

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FYI: the "golden bullet" has

FYI: the "golden bullet" has a softer case and is famous for not working very well in semi-autos, especially AR-15 conversions.

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Any time there is a deal

Any time there is a deal posted from Natchez, you can count on shipping to kill it. At 5 cents, yea maybe, but I can't pay 7 cents shipped for F'in Golden bullets. They were about 3 cents prior to SHTF, and I imagine will be back there soon enough.

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Lol if this what you call

Lol if this what you call shtf you are in for an awakening if anything bad ever really does happen. I would ay the pricebut whenever any ammo shows up onnatchez their site begins crawling....

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0 votes

Yea, to clarify, I didn't

Yea, to clarify, I didn't really mean SHTF in a literal sense, I just meant the current madness/panic/ammo/firearms rush.

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