CAI Centurion 39 AK Style Pistol, 7.62x39, Milled Receiver, USA Mfg, New. - $549.95


CAI Centurion C39 Sporter Pistol AK47 chambered for 7.62x39. 100% American made, this pistol features a milled receiver, birdcage flash hider, black synthetic finger groove pistol grip, black synthetic upper and lower handguards with 4ea picatinny style rails, and one high capacity mag. New in box. CAI #HG2157-N / HG3083-N


Category: Handguns
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450221031
MPN: HG2157N
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rj's picture

I've since gotten the C39 and

I've since gotten the C39 and M92. Ultimately I'm not a huge fan of the pistol configuration for an AK but both work fine and eat any ammo I throw at them. Ultimately I like the C39 better because of the milled receiver and the railed hand guards. I do like the hinged dust cover on the M92 but wish they had installed a rail for an optic. The best way I find to fire is from the hip so love having the laser to point and shoot. My first set of hand guards were broken so Century sent me a replacement set and problem solved. I've had zero feeding issues with this gun and have ran Tulammo, Wolf and Brown Bear. It eats it all just like an AK should. People who say Americans can't build quality AK rifles seem to be wrong when it comes to the variants out there today.

I ended-up ordering mine from Pepper Gun Shop since I live in Arizona so had sales tax on top of ridiculous shipping with J&G. Prepper was higher cost but pointed out J&G takes out a magazine and the Bulldog case. That was worth the extra money in my opinion.

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rj's picture

Anyone get one of these and

Anyone get one of these and having problems? My lower hand guard is "slipping" and has slight movement (approx. 1/8") forward and back. Seems the retaining plate is held by a rivet type fastener. I hate having to send stuff in so was curious if anyone had the same problem and any easy fix?


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Shipping ruined this deal.

Shipping ruined this deal. $55? Ripoff.

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jg has some weird shipping

jg has some weird shipping charge structure to "make" money on handling their products....special...

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J&Gsale charge almost $60

J&Gsale charge almost $60 bucks to ship this pistol, what a ridiculous rip off

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m92 is way better they can be

m92 is way better they can be found on gunbroker for around the same price

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I am getting the c39 and m92.

I am getting the c39 and m92. The c39 comes with the polymer rail system, is not the best but works and looks cool, which save about $125 for an after market aluminum rail.

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debating on getting this C39

debating on getting this C39 or a M92..................

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Get an M92. It's a better

Get an M92. It's a better build and has much better sights imo. Plus you might miss out on ever owning an m92 due to possible future import bans. I do like the look of the c39 though but I think I'm gonna wait until it in the mid 400's or at least comes with a drum mag for around 500..

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this deal is no longer valid,

this deal is no longer valid, it does not come with a free drum any more

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Better-Go-Bang's picture

I purchased 1 of these from J

I purchased 1 of these from J G Sales for $649, it would only fire 1 round & not fully chamber the next.
Sent it back for a replacement & it was the same exact problem, fire 1 round then not fully chamber the next.
It was not a feed ramp issue because it would chamber the 1st round flawlessly every time.
J G Sales refunded my money but I'm out $50 in transfer fees.
If you want something american made, buy an AR-15 not an AK-47.

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you needed to put a muzle

you needed to put a muzle brake on it to fix the problem. your pistol did not have enough force to charge the next round, i wished som 1 would have told you guys.

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I am having the exact same

I am having the exact same problem with my C39. I sent it back and Century said the rifle was fine. Shot it again with the same unacceptable result. Sent it back a second time but with pictures showing the cartridge not fully nesting in the chamber. This did not allow the bolt to achieve full battery and could be evidenced where the bolt hit the end of the feed rail. I am supposed to get a replacement rifle but Century can't seem to get it off the shipping table and in my hands. This is really sad because the all American made milled steel receiver AK47 is what I was looking for but reliability seems to be an issue.

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Perhaps it was your choice of

Perhaps it was your choice of mag? I've fired over 200 rounds through one without a single failure of any kind. Also, a quick check on the interwebs reveals very little in the way of negative experiences on this "pistol."

Sure, Century has a well-deserved reputation of selling some of the smelliest crap in the firearms world, but this gun is NOT one of those steaming piles of dung.

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the problem isn't an american

the problem isn't an american made ak. the problem is, it is an american ak made by century arms. Century arms actually farms out production on their kit guns to several different folks. Their is very little qc and the rifle from one builder may be stellar, but the next builder sucks.
It's a total crapshoot on their parts kit guns they have assembled. I think it would be no different with their milled reciever builds. I wouldn't touch a century build. I've been burned.

The factory built rifles they import is a different matter. I won't give em another dime though.

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I've had CAI builds with very

I've had CAI builds with very different results.

One looked like a brand new gun. Broke it down, tore it apart. I'd swear it came directly off the OE assembly line.

Another one was an absolute stinking pile of trash. I never took possession of it from the FFL. Went back for a refund.

The replacement look like a moderately used gun with some 'new' parts. Worked just fine.

Another sample (different gun) that looked as above, and functioned fine. Bit of rust on outter surfaces.

The latest had some definite rust under the handguards and one seriously dinged up bolt carrier (cosmetic). I waffled about accepting it, but did and it cleaned up well and has run like a tank.

That said, every time I consider a CAI, I cringe, wondering what the gun lotto will be sending me this time. Its a gamble, that is for sure.

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Century and j&g..... A match

Century and j&g..... A match made in helll

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Looks pretty bad ass!

Looks pretty bad ass!

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