Shooters Ridge Champion Bi-Pod (6 - 9-Inch) - $24.49 shipped

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$7 Price Drop - Shooters Ridge Adjustable Bi-Pods provide Rock Steady assurance for precise shot placement. This compact and lightweight line of bi-pods offers a variety of both pivot and standard models that easily attach to the sling swivel stud. The new 6" - 29 1/4" standard and pivot bi-pods represent the tallest option available from Shooters Ridge and expand an already existing full line of length options.When you need to make the shot, don't depend on a branch. Get on Target with Shooters Ridge bi-pods. Delivering a rock solid rest and fast target acquisition, our bi-pods allow precise shot placements on the rockiest terrain.

Product Features:
Bi-Pod 6"-9"
Spring-return telescoping legs
Easily attach to sling swivel stud
Steady shooting from both sitting and kneeling positions
Compact and lightweight with legs that fold out of the way when out of use
Item model number: 40854

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Other Parts
Brand: Champion
UPC: 076683408549
MPN: 40854
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Just make sure you search

Just make sure you search for Hunting Rifle Bipod 6" to 9" Adjustable Spring
on all sites like E-- I bought one just like this for around 15 . just looked and it's selling for under 18. Worth the search.
Just think we should all look out for each other. Some deals are getting crazy charging $50 + for gun and rifle adaptors and other small parts.

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It's $30 now,guess I missed

It's $30 now,guess I missed it

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That was by far the best

That was by far the best reply I've had in all the forums I've asked. Im getting the Harris. Thank you Mr Infidel!

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Bought it and received

Bought it and received today(gotta love prime). Bipod feels very sturdy no cheap feeling like you would think for something around this price. Went on in a couple seconds onto my American 308 can't wait to get out and test it out n see how it handles recoil.

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Please pardon my ignorance

Please pardon my ignorance but I just purchased a nice 6.5 creedmore to get into long range shooting and need to get a bipod. One of my friends is telling me to get a Harris. What is the major difference in these two aside from price?

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Mr Infidel's picture

As the owner of a Harris

As the owner of a Harris bipod about all I can say is buy what works best for your intended application. If you'll be shooting from a level surface such as a cement slab or wood table, there are several options available that probably make more sense $$$ wise than a Harris. If you're looking for a bipod that will take the rigors of long range shooting from less than hospitable positions (uneven ground, rocky surface) or is capable of taking large amounts of abuse, then I would recommend a Harris. They are built like a tank and take abuse better than any other bipod I have used.

Something you may wish to do, as I did, is visit several local stores to see and feel first hand what various bipods have to offer as far as ease of use, ease of adjustment, build quality, and options available (rotating, swivel, fixed, etc.). As your handling each bipod, think of how it will be, or can be used. If you'll be shooting from a bench or cement slab, at a fixed target, you can probably forgo swiveling or rotating bipods. If you'll be shooting from uneven or rocky surfaces, you probably won't want a fixed bipod, as you'll need some ability to swivel in order to eliminate cant (having the center axis of the rifle tilted to the right or left). If you'll be shooting at multiple targets you may need some ability to both swivel and/or rotate. Just a few thoughts to keep in mind before taking the plunge.

Sorry for such a long winded answer, but I wanted to provide a little information behind the various options available and why they are available.

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This bipod feels very sturdy,

This bipod feels very sturdy, but for my taste, is too short -- I wish I had gotten a longer one.

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I just got one of these to

I just got one of these to try, and it's definitely a solid piece for the $30, but for just a bit more, I like my Caldwell XLA much better. It just feels like it will last a lot longer.

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