Chinese SKS 7.62x39 Rifle - $309.95

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Communist China 7.62x39 cal. SKS Rifles. These rifles were banned from importation by the Clinton Admin. in the 90's, however, this small shipment of rifles was granted an exception. These Rifles are very used surplus in overall Fair Condition as the pictured. Expect complete rifles with little finish, worn stocks, possibly some rust (see photos). The hand pick rifles are the best of this shipment but are not necessarily a better grade. Cleaning rod is included with most but NOT guaranteed.
not for sale in California

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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450222199

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don't know why aim doesn't

don't know why aim doesn't sell sks to CA! Got 2 last month from RTI.

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I finally received the SKS I

I finally received the SKS I ordered from RTI. It only took a month!!! Last Fri I stopped at my FFL and had them fax their info again, along with my invoice AND their own little nasty-gram about a customer wondering why my CC was charged immediately and yet had heard nothing. I kid you not, 15 min after they were sent, I got an e-mail that my order was going to FedEx AND a tracking #. Had the gun in 3 days. Decent shape: Matching #s, crappy stock but perfect metal. Go figure, If they cared about customer service they' build a helluv a customer base. Doubt I'll deal with them again. No sense tempting fate twice

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They must be changing the

They must be changing the source of this deal, because today (3-14-14) these are coming from Aim surplus...

P.S. RTI = "the suck"

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I ordered mine on the 17th..

I ordered mine on the 17th.. RTI immediatley charged my credit card... Piss poor business practice.. but they seem to have the best prices... so I rolled the dice... ordered a SKS and a Mosin since it only added $6.00 to the shipping.

Since then I have sent them 2 emails asking when they are going to ship... OH... they are sooooo busy... at least 7-10 more days... Ok I get it.. They think they are saving money by grossly under manning their shipping dept... OR... they simply delay shipping to make money on the float..

Today I sent them two emails essentially saying.. you have MY money.. I want MY rifles... NO RESPONSE!

Well I went with the cheapest price.. I got what I paid for.. NO SENSE OF URGENCY and minimal customer I will be happy so long as the two rifles show up before prom season..

A side note: I have been watching their INV totals on the MOSINs.. Since they raised their price they have not sold any... maybe that explains it.. They run a special and they are swamped... because their one man shipping dept can normally ship the 10 items they sale per day.. Poor guy is over loaded when they sale 200-300 in a couple of days..

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las vegas eagle's picture

I just received my sks from

I just received my sks from aim surplus
and I have to say what a pleasure it is to deal with them.
all matching numbers but the stock.
but the wood I have never seen before on a sks .
its hard to explain but from an angel it is spotted with a lighter color. almost like tiger wood."no pun intented" all the metal looks good .and on the top hand guard there are these little stamped in empressions over each cutout and on top so there are nine . kind of looks like four leaf clovers
a lot of cosmoline ... I will try to figure out how to upload pictures because this wood is just down right beautiful. it didn't come with the cleaning kit but it did come with bayonet and cleaning rod. the pictures here on this sight is a good referral but mine was much better condition
very pleased with the purchase.
and very pleased with aim surplus will be buying from them again

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sounds great!

sounds great!

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looks like royal tiger is out

looks like royal tiger is out

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Classic firearms has them for

Classic firearms has them for $299 plus shipping
$20 charge for all matching #
$20 charge for exterior cosmetics

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las vegas eagle's picture

aim is selling them as c&r

aim is selling them as c&r .
i just bought one

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Why not for sale in

Why not for sale in California? Only some Yugo variants are not allowed here as I can buy most SKSs in local gun shops in my area. Clarification as to why not selling to CA?

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Not sure if AIM is selling

Not sure if AIM is selling these as C&R but Kali is rather weird when it comes to C&R transfers.

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I don't see where the hand

I don't see where the hand select notification is.

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Oops, I did some extra

Oops, I did some extra checking out feeling bad I misinformed people. Follow this link, you can then select the hand pick option, its $20 in this case
Now I feel better

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Its usually called "Hand Pick

Its usually called "Hand Pick (Best of 5)". It doesn't appear to be available on that rifle at this time. Sorry for any misdirection.

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I have been told that AIM has

I have been told that AIM has the best quality C&R type guns......Mosin, SKS, etc. Any input from those that have purchased at AIM and their quality of products and customer service? Thanks guys!

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I've bought a couple of C&R

I've bought a couple of C&R guns from them and the experience is pretty much like amazon. It's so smooth you don't even really take notice of it.

Their shipping times are decent (usually you should expect to wait about a week, sometimes less) for firearms shipping.

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I have purchased about five

I have purchased about five c&r firearms from aim and great experience with all purchases. They also have top notch customer service. My sks arrives today....I'm so not looking forward to cleaning it. :/

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I've purchased a long gun (an

I've purchased a long gun (an AK), multiple accessories and a ton of ammo from them since about 2004. They are a great company with excellent customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them. No affiliation, just a loyal customer.

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Aim Surplus is my go-to place

Aim Surplus is my go-to place for C&R guns and ammo. Every C&R rifle I have purchased from them has been of amazing quality and condition and customer service is great. Most recent Aim purchase was a laminated tock 91/30 Mosin. Great bore, perfect stock. Anyway. I love Aim Surplus and prefer to wait until they have something in stock that I want as opposed to going to another vendor.

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Fantastic quality C&R weapons

Fantastic quality C&R weapons at agreeable prices
I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them, they really are one of the better dealers out there. Fast and fair shipping, quick responses to any inquiries, etc. My last order was for 3 of their beech K31s. The condition was suburb! I had them hand select one of them, 2 of the 3 looked fantastic, not even the normal wear and tear you see on the stocks. If I had known how great they were all going to be I wouldn't have even hand selected one.

My buddy has one of these chi-coms. It had very mild rust that he cleaned up quickly. It had a large crack in the stock that was apparent - but he took the risk and knew it. Spend the extra to get hand selections if you are worried about it. Shoots straight as any other SKS. Just be prepared to spend forever and a day cleaning her up and you will be good to go.

Never grabbed a mosin, but the laminated stock/hex receiver has been tempting me for a while.

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Thank You!

Thank You!

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