CIA Zastava PAP M92 PV AK47 Krinkov Style Pistol 7.62X39 30RD - $428 shipped

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This AK style pistol is made by the Zastava factory in Serbia. Features of this 19.3" long handgun include a dual aperture Krinkov-style rear sight, bolt hold-open notch on the selector and chrome-plated gas piston. The bolt and 10" cold hammer-forged barrel are made from high quality steel alloy. It also has a stamped receiver chambered in 7.62x39mm caliber and a 30-round magazine. The PAP M92 PV Pistol has a Krinkov-style hinged top cover for ease of assembly and disassembly.

Finish Black
Type Semi-Automatic
Action Not Available
Caliber 7.62 mm X 39 mm
Barrel Length Not Available
Capacity 30 + 1
Safety Crossbolt
Grips Not Available
Sights Fixed
Weight 5.89 lbs

Not CA Compliant

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UPC: 787450220720
MPN: HG3089-N

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Buy it! Hands down the most

Buy it! Hands down the most fun piece in my arsenal. Puts a smile on my face (and everyone else nearby) every time I shoot it. Pull it out at the range, and you'll see what I mean. I slapped a Hogue grip on it, an Echo 93 rear sling mount, a Stormwerkz rail, a red dot (the stock sights aren't the best), and a Manticore Nightbrake, For me, it's the perfect setup on this gun. Barely more expensive than one of my Glocks. Can't go wrong!

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I got this from buds the

I got this from buds the first go around a few weeks back when they hit $420 ( dec 6ish 2013) and she is awesome! Very tight in all the right places and comes with two brand new bho yugo mags to boot. To get the low rate you need to give them a routing and account number which is a lil sketch but I took the chance and havent had any issues. I took her out last weekend and put about 6 mags through her and had absolutely 0 problems (tapco mags/yugo mags/russian steel. Scary accurate out of the box (cant wait to sbr). Applying for SBR soon under my trust. Guys make sure if you go the trust route you need to go fast it ends in june 2014ish from what I've heard! Also as a side note she is crazy LOUD! And the concussion is an instant smile it was everyones favorite at the range. Note get very good hearing protection for this as we were outside (best case scenario) and my ear plugs were no where near good enough as half of the day i had a ringing in my ear : /

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melaflander34's picture

My friend (who happens to be

My friend (who happens to be my FFL) just sent me pictures of mine that came in. It looks really nice and clean. Came with two mags! I will post an review on it when I get to touch and feel it.

1 vote
1 vote

$419 shipped with 2 yugo

$419 shipped with 2 yugo mags! Reviews say they got 2 mags. Maybe Buds changed their minds?

This is a great deal regardless of how many mags.

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0 votes

How low do these go?

How low do these go?

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0 votes

Short answer- I don't know.

Short answer- I don't know. Long answer-These pistols haven't been imported for all that long a period of time... they started out rather high (forums mention 699-750 in Sept 2012), came down, went crazy like everything else, then have been drifting down. Have they hit bottom yet? Who knows. J&G had them at 399.95 (shipping not included) for a holiday weekend deal a while back, it may have been labor day, then they went right back up to 499.95, which is what they were selling them for in November 2012. I think they dropped the price to 469 about 2 months ago, and then to 449 maybe a month ago.. Bud's had these at 567 shipped about 2 weeks ago. Cheaper than Dirt and Atlantic Firearms still want over $600. It's hard to predict the future, but i'm pretty sure that Bud's and J&G's current prices are the lowest prices so far for these guns. I'm a huge fan of youtube's Iraqveteran8888, so i'll close with a link to a review he did last year Good luck with your decision!

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Been waiting for a price

Been waiting for a price drop. Also, J&G just dropped the price of theirs to 399.95 (not including shipping), but I couldn't pass up the 3 month layaway program with bud's. Many thanks to Mark for posting this deal.

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Yesterday showed 2 mags as

Yesterday showed 2 mags as they come from centurty, today it says ! Mag what,s up?

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The description had a typo,

The description had a typo, now it's as it says on Bud's site.

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Bud's website also said two

Bud's website also said two mags yesterday. I'm curious if those that ordered yesterday will get two mags.

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I don't understand the appeal

I don't understand the appeal of these guns, basically a short barrel no stock AK. I really wish times were different and somebody came out with a real 7.62x39 pistol. Only one I've seen that wasn't a "retrofitted barrel swap" was the Magnum Research single shot one but it isn't readily available or reasonably priced.

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2 votes

People buy them to SBR.

People buy them to SBR. They're reasonably accurate when used with a 2 point sling as well. It's just a fun gun, no need to overthink it.

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0 votes

Comes with 2 mags as it

Comes with 2 mags as it should, unlike with JG who only send it out with a single mag.

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gunrunner's picture

Comes with only 1 mag.

Comes with only 1 mag.

It looks like the description here on slickguns doesn't match the Bud's description.

From the item listing on Bud's website:
"It also has a stamped receiver chambered in 7.62x39mm caliber and a 30-round magazine."

1 vote
1 vote

Description fixed.

Description fixed.

1 vote
0 votes

Very good price now. I bought

Very good price now. I bought this for $680 four months ago. It's a steal for $419 shipped

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0 votes

Dont feel bad i overpaid for

Dont feel bad i overpaid for mine as well ... Got the classic firearms package "deal" at 699 lol ... Ouch !! but the times were much different then and i have no regrets. I had to buy about 3 rifles on my bucket list in case they got banned :)

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sorry guys, I screwed up the

sorry guys, I screwed up the comments, they are gone

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