Custom 6" 9mm 1911 style Slide Kits - $699

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Now Taking PRE-ORDERS***. Custom 6 inch, HiCap 9mm Single Action Slide Kit.
This is the first result from our upcoming custom shop. This slide kit
comes with everything you need to switch your full size, Double Stack,
Single Action Para to a 6� 9mm custom slide.

The customizations on this slide include.

Tri Top Slide
6 lightening holes on the flat top
1 long lightening cut on each side of the Tri-Top.

  • 1 long lightening cut on the bottom of the recoil
    spring tunnel.
  • EGW HD Extractor
  • This kit includes.

    1. Customized slide
      • Fiber Optic Front Sight
      • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
      • EGW HD Extractor
      • All other slide internals.
    2. Match grade fully supported ramped barrel.
    3. Barrel Bushing
    4. Recoil Spring**
    5. Recoil Spring Plug
    6. Full Length Guide Rod
    7. 2 Hi Capacity Magazines. (Restricted Capacity
      Magazines will be automatically substituted for Restricted States)

    *Please note that this slide kit must be fitted by a competent

    **Recoil spring must be shortened for proper function. Amount of coils

    ***Please note these items are in the process of being Produced. They are not yet available. Currently the estimate is 8 weeks for delivery.

    ****This slide is designed for Double Stack, Single Action Pistols and WILL NOT FIT LDA PISTOLS

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    Category: Accessories
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