DoubleTap DT009001 Aluminum 2RD 9mm 3" Non-Ported - $207 shipped (Free S/H on Firearms)

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If price is higher, try submitting an offer via "make an offer" feature - DoubleTap Firearms has developed the world's smallest and lightest 9mm concealed carry pistol on the market today.
Aluminium Frames with a MIL-STD finish that resists corrosion
17-4 PH stainless steel barrels with M16 style push-pin to quick change barrels
2 Spare rounds in the grip on a speed loader for a tactical reload
Small, slim, no-snag hammerless design for easy pocket carry
Ambidextrous thumb latch to eject spent rounds
Double Action Trigger
UPC#: 858560003005
SKU#: DT009001
Bud's Item Number#: 79611

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Double Tap Defense
UPC: 858560003005
MPN: DT009001

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You gotta love the "tactical

You gotta love the "tactical reload" two rounds in the handle..."Excuse me, but can you wait for a second, then you're going to be really sorry!"

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Honestly, guys, in most

Honestly, guys, in most shootings, only a single round is fired. So this should work fine for that. I want one of these, but I'm really been trying to find a good reason to buy it. I'll probably get one eventually.

Bud's also has the .45/9mm combo on sale, but it has a 3-week delay for an out-of-stock barrel.

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Dirtman's picture

Shouldn't something this

Shouldn't something this simple be in the $125 range?

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The double tap is a terrible

The double tap is a terrible idea. Who would want a pocket pistol that only holds 2 rounds? Especially 2, 9mm rounds. This thing should come with a free rape whistle.

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Semi agree... This thing has

Semi agree... This thing has a place for carry in situations where it would be extremely hard / uncomfortable to inconspicuously carry anything else (hot weather, beach, jogging, etc.) Two shots of 9mm in your hand are better than your hi-cap 45 at the house. Not my cup of tea, but I think it has a place... in a lower price range... but a place.

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Yup I'm with you. Can be a

Yup I'm with you. Can be a good option for some carry situations. But for its size, its really not much better than some 380s that have a higher capacity than this. Not to mention, this thing sucks to shoot (so I hear). If you hate shooting a firearm, you wont practice with it. If you dont practice with it, its useless.

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