DPMS PANTHER ORACLE 5.56 30RD with Forward Assist and Dust Cover - $499.99 after $50 MIR

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DPMS Oracle Semi-automatic AR 223 Rem 556NATO 16" Black AP4 6 Position Fwd Assist, Dst Cvr 30Rd Flattop RFA3-OC

• 5.56x54mm
• 16 " lite contour barrel
• Black finish
• Semi-auto, gas-operated rotating bolt
• Phosphated 8620 steel bolt carrier, heat treated & plated per Mil. Spec.
• Receiver material: (RFA3-OC) 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy upper/lower receiver or (RFLR-OC) 6066-T6 aluminum thick-walled upper receiver & 6061-T6 lower receiver; Al materials are hard coat anodized per Mil. Spec. & Teflon coated black
• Upper: A3 Picatinny rail flattop; “ T ” Marked; Dust cover; Shell deflector; Round forward assist; RH ejection
• Lower: Aluminum trigger guard & magazine release button
• Barrel: 4140 Chrome-moly steel; 6 Grooves - RH; 1:9 Twist (5.56) 1:10 Twist (7.62); A2 Flash hider; Single-rail gas block
• Handguard: Carbine length, oval GlacierGuards ™ w/ aluminum delta ring
• Pardus stock: (6-Position, telescoping fiber reinforced polymer w/check rest, curved & serrated buttplate, & multip

Manufacturer DPMS
Condition New in Box
Caliber 5.56
UPC 884451002383
Model Oracle
Manufacturer Part Number RFA3OC
Accessories Fwd Assist, Dst Cvr
Finish Per Color Black

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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
UPC: 884451002383

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lol. "with forward assist and

lol. "with forward assist and dust cover". I see what you did there. :)

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In for one. Excellent price

In for one. Excellent price for an entry level AR. A friend of mine bought an identical used one during the height of the panic for $2300....... Ouch.
Thanks for posting.

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Checked with DPMS. This is

Checked with DPMS. This is eligible for rebate.
Just said to send all paperwork in

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safado's picture

Sorry for my poor internet

Sorry for my poor internet skills, this is the conversation I had with Mark @ DPMS customer service... I have to say I am still not in the clear...lol.. anyway we will see what he says..

Who did you speak with there?

1/27/2014 4:19:20 PM Hi, was curious if the following UPC was eligible for the $50 MIR..
UPC 884451002383

I ask as it doesn't appear on the rebate form, but the dealer selling it claims it is.. I just want to make sure.. thank you

Staff (Mark Imolte)
1/27/2014 4:21:29 PM what rifle is it you bought
1/27/2014 4:28:03 PM Hi Mark... I haven't bought it yet.. its this rifle from Grabagun http://grabagun.com/dpms-panther-oracle-223-16-30rd.html

Staff (Mark Imolte)
1/27/2014 4:43:26 PM the Orical is good to go as shown on our web sight
1/27/2014 5:09:53 PM Mark, sorry for being slow to understand.. But I am not clear on whether buying the Oracle from Grabagun with UPC code 884451002383 is good for the $50 mail in rebate?

thanks Alex

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Alex, this is what I

Alex, this is what I got....

1/27/2014 1:06:57 PM You list the following model as good for rebate:
But on your rebate form it is not the same as the UPC's listed. Is this firearm eligible?
Staff (Mark Imolte)
1/27/2014 1:38:42 PM yes that rifle is good for the promotion going on now. Just print everything out and send the information in

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safado's picture

he answered back also and

he answered back also and confirmed... now I need to find a new local FFL... my old one is no more.. damn,,,

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This one is NOT eligible for

This one is NOT eligible for the rebate. This one is UPC 884451002383

The following UPC Codes ARE eligible
884451000129, 884451004110, 884451005315, 884451007661, 884451008217, 884451008316

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Rebate specifically mentions

Rebate specifically mentions model number "RFA3-OC", well this is that model. Rebate does not mentions any UPC models.

Where are you getting this info from?

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0 votes
safado's picture

When you start to online fill

When you start to online fill the rebate form there is a link that shows you the UPC codes that are good.. and this code isnt it..

0 votes
0 votes

OK, I see. Most likely an

OK, I see. Most likely an online mistake with the UPC, I will call them to find out on Monday

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Just print-out the rebate and

Just print-out the rebate and mail it in, i'm sure they will catch this error and correct it. Panther Oracle is by far their best selling model

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safado's picture

could you please clarify how

could you please clarify how you figured this out.. please.. I was about to pull the trigger on one..

EDIT::: I see now... the info is once you start to fill out the forum... Guess I would have to contact DPMS and grabagun

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go to

go to http://dpms.rebateaccess.com/ click on the only rebate listed. That will take you to http://dpms.rebateaccess.com/promotion.php?p=52954 click on "click for list" You can also click on "Click Here to Register for This Offer" doing so will take you here http://dpms.rebateaccess.com/preregister.php?p=52954&m Select the drop down box arrow. you will see the eligible upc
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Just when I think I can make

Just when I think I can make some money on some cheap builds, deals like this come along.

1 vote
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shootfirst's picture

$499.99 + $5.99 shipping HAS

$499.99 + $5.99 shipping HAS to be a recent price low on a new entry level AR...Sucks that it comes when there are still Christmas bills to be paid!

0 votes
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shootfirst's picture

WOW...Joke's on me! I now

WOW...Joke's on me! I now see where ATI has an entry level AR for $481 shipped. Sure hope this trend continues and starts bringing down the prices on higher quality ARs!

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0 votes

DPMS has a $50 rebate going

DPMS has a $50 rebate going on now also.....Makes this a great deal at 500bucks.

0 votes
0 votes
safado's picture

with these entry level ARs

with these entry level ARs going so cheap... unless your building a high end one why bother? cost wise, its going to cost you more to build it...either way its a good thing..

0 votes
0 votes

Unless your building from psa

Unless your building from psa

0 votes
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zyx2323's picture

Agree, Thou they (Palmetto

Agree, Thou they (Palmetto State Armory) has the CHF FN Mid Upper for 399 and an all ready built lower for $169 with Magpul furniture (Or reg for $149)... No building nessesary... For $70 more you get a way way better rifle w Magpul furniture ($75 value). Barrel alone on that PSA upper sells for $300. Anderson Upper and the same BCG Spikes uses. (And this BCG is terrible). Just cause its $500 don't make it a good value compaired to what is out there. If new to ARs, do some research and do it right the first time. You can have a complete entry class AR or go $70 more and get a Mid level with much better furniture.

0 votes
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safado's picture

Which upper at palmetto are

Which upper at palmetto are you referring to? don't being a rooster... just interested in what your saying..

0 votes
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zyx2323's picture


http://www.slickguns.com/product/psa-chf-16-556mm-17-mid-length-a2-profi.... Thou OOS now... But it be back again... They usually have CHF set ups allot... Just about any premium FN barrel set they sell for 400 is way worth it... That Upper makes the best AR you will find under 600$ OTD Period, Same AR Spikes will sell for 1k (thou better buffer and gas tube that's 50 value.)

1 vote
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Thank you for the info, think

Thank you for the info, think I'm going to go your route, not familiar with having to build one but I would much rather put the work in and get a better product.

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bummer i bought mine a few

bummer i bought mine a few months ago for $649 plus i dont get the mags and cleaning kit.

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Pricey.... I have had two and

Pricey.... I have had two and they have been flawless.. Oh yeah, the stock blows, get a Magpul Moe.

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