EOTech XPS2-0 - $449.99 (Free S/H No Minimum w/ coupon)


Coupon "SH1097" for Free Shipping No Minimum - Pinpoint precision, premium package! Small-scale sights from EOTech® are as long on performance as they are short in scale. They're small, fast and lightweight, but without sacrificing an ounce of functionality. Improved battery life over previous editions means they won't power down before you do, either. Plus, they'll leave plenty of space on your accessory rail for mounting additional accessories! Get ready to split hairs without breaking your budget!
Good thing, small package:
Water and fogproof
Unlimited eye relief
Operates in temperatures from -40° to 150° F
Weaver® / Picatinny mountable
Only requires 2 3/4" rail space
Anti-glare housing
Multiple reticle options
30-stage brightness adjustment
F.O.V. @ 100 yds. is 30 yds.
Up to 600-hour battery life with 123 lithium cell (included)
Parallax-free transmission holography
1/2" per click M.O.A. adjustment
Anti-glare coated optics. 3 3/4 x 2 3/8 x 2 3/8"h., 8 4/5 ozs.

WX2-162365 - EOTech® XPS2 - 0 Sight

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Category: Accessories
Caliber: Optics & Sights
Brand: EOTech
UPC: 672294600206
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Coupon Code: SH1097
Free Shipping No Minimum
Expiration date: Unknown expiration
Coupon Code: SG3304
$10 Off $100
Expiration date: 2015-03-20 23:59:59
Coupon Code: Auto Discount
Free Shipping on Game Cameras
Expiration date: Unknown expiration

Sportsman's Guide Members receive 10% discount on all orders (5% on ammunition). Membership is $29.99 per year, no auto renewals. Add item you would like to purchase to cart and during the checkout it will offer you free shipping on your order if you join the Club and occasionally a small gift too.

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again. its $399 before

again. its $399 before shipping.
shipping is $20 on orders over $250. so stock up on eotechs to save on shipping!!!

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if you use double club

if you use double club discount, then you have to pay about $20 shipping&handling fee. so essentially it's about $420 to the door. Still great price though, I ordered one.

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Just realized these comments

Just realized these comments are from 2014... No eotech rebate exists right now for this lol

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Not seeing how to get free

Not seeing how to get free shipping on this version of the deal. Price is $399, yes, but no free shipping as shown here....?

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0 votes

I don't understand how

I don't understand how $499-$50-$10-$75MIR = $339.99. Somebody didn't pass 3rd grade math here?

1 vote
1 vote

With the coupon the members

With the coupon the members have 20% discount over the non-members price whitch gives you the $399 and after the $60 rebate (this is the XPS2-0, not the EXPS2-0) you get $339.

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Ok, Thanks. It's a great deal

Ok, Thanks. It's a great deal for members!

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OK, did I miss the boat here?

OK, did I miss the boat here? My Buyer's club price shows $449.99 for the XPS2-2, code AVA, A4A, WX2, all do not work. I enter SH1594, and it takes off shipping, which brings it to $449.99 again. Then if I were to use the $60 MIR, this brings it to the $389.99 as advertised. Did they fix the code? Did the member price change? How are some getting $340.00?

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dezenutz's picture

You missed the boat. There

You missed the boat. There was a Double Discount code last week that brought the price down to $340. The rebate is good until August 15th, so chances are there will be another Double Discount code before then.

Also, you don't need a shipping code. Just use the link djryan13 posted and get free shipping. The link for the EXPS2-0 (that has the $75 rebate) is:


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0 votes

How does it end up being $340

How does it end up being $340 with the MIR? I keep coming up with $360?

1 vote
0 votes

DA, first you need to use the

DA, first you need to use the AVA prefix for the purchase to get free shipping (use djryan13's link, below). The XPS2-2 is $499, with members discount it is $400 (with free shipping). Take off the rebate, you get $340.

The XPS2-0, however, it more expense at $529, so it is going to be a bit more ($423.20 shipped). Less $60 rebate gives you $363.20.

I picked up another XPS2-2 the last time this coupon came up, with that rebate a $340 XPS2-2 is very attractive. Sorely tempted to get another one at this price. My poor MarkI old man's eyeballs just do not like Eotech reticles as they get fuzzy (badly) to my eyes. Now the only ones I have are for my wife's and boy's setups.

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The rebate on the EXPS2-0 is

The rebate on the EXPS2-0 is $75, making the final price $348.


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Nice. Thanks! Now I'm

Nice. Thanks! Now I'm seriously having issues at $325 for a 2-2.

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The XPS2-2 was my first

The XPS2-2 was my first EOTech. It's a nice sight if you put a magnifier behind it. Otherwise I would stick with a single dot.

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I shouldnt mention this now

I shouldnt mention this now since probably too late for most of u. A couple months ago there was a flyer with free shipping on scopes. The part codes were different from what this link has. To find the same scope with free shipping, search for A4A instead of WX2. It worked for G33 when I tried earlier. Probably work for other Eotechs too. Saves you the $20 shipping and u can still enter double discount coupon.

Use this link instead for example:

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dezenutz's picture

Thanks for the link. Not only

Thanks for the link. Not only did it give me free shipping and allow me to use the double discount code, but the EXPS2-0 was $10 cheaper when added via that link.

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