Essential Arms Lower + Upper Set - $200 - Phone Orders Only

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I just called them and they confirmed they have several in stock. Lowers are sold with uppers as a set, price is $200. That is the only lower they sell, it has to be purchased as a set. Very nice guy over the phone.

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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56

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Ive been trying to call since

Ive been trying to call since yesterday, doesnt even ring goes straight to a full inbox.

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I tried calling for hours and

I tried calling for hours and finally got through. They said they are still taking orders but aren't certain how many will get filled. Nice people just busy. Mailbox for VM is full.

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I see they closed a few hours

I see they closed a few hours ago is this still available? I havent been able to find anything anywhere! Trying to get my hands on a lower before they are all gone and im not paying $400 for a stripped receiver.

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A tad on the high side. But

A tad on the high side. But with everything else being out of stock, this seems like a decent deal.

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heck you could sell the upper

heck you could sell the upper receiver on Gunbroker if you don't need it and just about break even on the whole deal. Good deal especially they are in stock.

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ya only negative is the lower

ya only negative is the lower is not tied to the upper making different barrel swaps much less likely

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