Federal American Eagle Rifle Ammo, 5.7x28mm, 40 Gr., FMJ 50 Rounds - $24.99 + Free Shipping over $50

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Price: $24.99
Price per round: $0.500
@Gander Mountain

Coupon "GMT5" for $5 off every $50, $30 max discount or Coupon "Auto Discount" for FREE Shipping No Minimum - Hitting the range this weekend? Take along several boxes of your favorite American Eagle load. You'll find the American Eagle centerfire rifle choices very suitable for precision practice and an affordable option for the target board. American Eagle rounds are accurate and non-expanding to give you flat-shooting trajectory, leave a small exit hole in game, and put tight groups in paper. They're perfect for sharpening your shooting eye. And they're famous for smooth, reliable feeding in semi-automatics. Box of 50 rounds.
Item#: 707579

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Just curious if anyone has

Just curious if anyone has ever seen this stuff for around $19-20 a box? Considering the cost of the sub components (primers, FMJ 40gr bullet, and 2/3 the powder of a 223) this stuff should be cheaper than a FMJ 5.56/223 round. I am thinking that if the market forces the pricing of ammo then this should sell for around 30 cent a round or better. I bought at this price before but I am going to hold off on buying any more until I completely run out. Hopefully as this last ammo scare winds down we will see this stuff start selling at a real market driven price. There really is nothing that fancy about this round at all. Uses the same projectile and primers as any other off the shelf ammo. The powder is proprietary as is the casing but beyond that this FMJ stuff is very plain vanilla ammo. Also, anyone here try to reload this stuff yet?

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Lowest price I have ever got

Lowest price I have ever got 5.7 at was 18.99/50 of the FN boxed blue tipped sporting round. That was 2011. It is a niche cartridge and limited in guns to shoot it through. But the 3 options to send it down range in are all nice weapons.

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Yeah - in recent memory the

Yeah - in recent memory the cheapest I can remember seeing this get was around $20..

The cheapest I could actually reference in a quick search was $21.99

There was a [short] period when the prices were still wonky that this was actually cheaper (or on par with) the cheapest .45acp.

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Yes I reload but the cost is

Yes I reload but the cost is the brass. There is only one manufacture of the brass and it has limited reloads as the neck has to get pushed WAY back each time.

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it boils down to economies of

it boils down to economies of scale. 5.7 as cool as it is, it is a niche caliber. They don't produce enough of it to sell it cheap.

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I understand that and agree

I understand that and agree to a point. I have heard of it cheaper than this but haven't seen it myself. I think there should also be some pressure from the supply vs demand force. Since demand isn't that high price should drop, especially as this scare winds down. If it was in fact selling cheaper than this then I would expect it to drop back down to that price. Itis also possible that since the ammo scare many people have stocked up and the demand for all ammo will fall off in the next two quarters (look at the last ammo scare, lasted about 6 quartes until things came back to normal). My hopes and theory is that we will see all price come back to pre-scare levels by April 2014 and then slump even lower there after as supply starts to surpass demand. I could be wrong but my theory is based on historical trends. Unless we see something happen again to scare everyone into another buying frenzy then it is a very plausible theory. Time will tell and I have enough to last until deep into next year.

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the problem in comparing 2012

the problem in comparing 2012 panic to the previous ones is the volume of new shooters. Even if 3 out of 4 people that purchased a weapon just leave it in the closet and are content with a few hundred rounds we still end up with around 100,000 new shooters. Complicating the market even more is the epa is shutting down the last lead smelter in the states. Imported chinese lead for bullets is going to raise the costs for ammo mfgrs that get's passed on to us consumers. Ammo prices will stabilize but they won't be at pre-panic prices.

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the lowest I remember for

the lowest I remember for 5.7x28 was $169 shipped for 500 rounds in metal ammo can - http://www.slickguns.com/product/fnh-57x28-rifle-ammunition-ammo-can-500... - link for referance only, price has changed several times since then

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Tlracerx's picture

Two days later and they just

Two days later and they just sent me an email saying they can not ship at this time because items are on BACKORDER! WTF Gander Mountain!?!?
Anyone else have this problem?

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I got a shipped notification

I got a shipped notification the day after I bought it.

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I feel so poor after ordering

I feel so poor after ordering a few boxes of the 5.7x28mm ammo!

But I've been searching everywhere and tax free for me with Gander but $9 ammo charge is a wash for the free shipping. Still came out cheaper than local gun shops at $40 +tax ..

Guess I'll be shooting the PS90 and Five Seven a bit once shipment comes in.. Damn expensive little glorified .22LR ammo..!

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I love it when you can buy 10

I love it when you can buy 10 boxes of this stuff at this price! Great deal!

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Tlracerx's picture

$9 ammo surcharge and plus

$9 ammo surcharge and plus tax?!? I guess it equals out with free shipping.
Still a good deal and in for ten! Thanks for posting!

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Free shipping over 50.00 but

Free shipping over 50.00 but WTF is with the 9.00 ammo surcharge?!

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5.7x28mm = .45acp prices?

5.7x28mm = .45acp prices? Looks like it's finally time for me to start saving up for that FiveSeveN and PS90 that I've never had (and still have) absolutely no real reason to own.. but still want.
Although, really I guess the same could be said for 90% of the guns I (and every other shooter) own.. I don't know too many people that'd be humpin around with every gun they own if something ever happened :)

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.223 and 5.7x28 still need to

.223 and 5.7x28 still need to come down to the .20 or .25 cpr level to make shooting these weapons fun. As it is, a 5.7x28 weapon ( Rifle/ carbine/ pistol) is just an overly expensive toy, out of reach for the common man, and a solution to a problem I cannot afford... Way to expensive to purchase the firearm in the first place, and then way to expensive to feed it...

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Masterpiece arms has their

Masterpiece arms has their pistol and carbine that shoots 5.7x28 for $350- $500, It's no FN but it not expensive.

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Sportsman's Guide has this

Sportsman's Guide has this AR57 upper on sale now for $679, not the pistol but a hell of a lot of fun!

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