FN FNX-45 Tactical, Three 15 Round Mags - Black - $1019 / FDE - $1029.99 + Free Shipping!

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Stainless steel construction
External extractor with loaded chamber indicator
Front and rear cocking serrations
Slide cut and threaded for optional electronic red-dot sight (not included)
Cold hammer-forged, stainless steel, threaded
Polished chamber and feed ramp
0.578x28 TPI with thread protector
Replaceable steel rails
Two interchangeable backstraps with lanyard eyelets
MIL-STD 1913 accessory mounting rail
Serrated trigger guard
Fully-ambidextrous decocking/safety levers, slide stop lever and magazine release
Ring-style external hammer
Polished nickel coated steel body
Low-friction follower
Polymer base pad
Fixed 3-Dot Night
Includes two mounting bases for optional red-dot electronic sights
Caliber: .45 ACP
Operation: Double-action/Single-action
Sights: Fixed 3-Dot Night
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Weight: 33.6 oz. empty
Width: 1.58″
Height: 6.5″
Barrel Length: 5.3” with .578x28 RH barrel end thread pattern
Overall Length: 7.9″
Twist Rate: 1:16″ RH
Made in the USA
Product Code: LIP-66968
Magazines in stock as well! FDE and Black - $44.95 Each!

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45ACP
UPC: 845737000981
MPN: 66966

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Great deal and excellent

Great deal and excellent service! Ordered mine from them and it is the best deal you will find! MIL/LE discount too.

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Dealer posting specifically

Dealer posting specifically for the black version, yet all images are of the FDE version. You need to be legit on this site or you will be called out.

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4 votes

The title specifically states

The title specifically states black, and when you checkout on the site, you can't checkout with an FDE because they are out of stock. The same thread is being bumped for ease of posting. There is nothing shady about this, and the mods of the site have the ability to change pictures....it's simply a color option that is shown on the website....

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0 votes
gunrunner's picture

The images do not match the

The images do not match the product you're advertising and you know it. Be legit and you will build a loyal base.

1 vote
4 votes

I don't appreciate you

I don't appreciate you implying that I am shady in any manner, and I would appreciate you keeping your insinuating comments to yourself. The ad clearly states this is for a black model, and the ad will be used for when FDE models are back in stock.

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gunrunner's picture

I haven't insinuated

I haven't insinuated anything. I have stated facts. "The images do not match the product you're advertising and you know it." And if you want me to keep my opinion to myself, you're in the wrong country.

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Two thoughts on this...

Two thoughts on this...

One, if you're patient, you'll soon see the FDE version of this handgun for < $1000 paid by CC.

Two, I really, really wanted one of these. IMO, it's perfect in almost every way. Then I pulled the trigger. Then I pulled it twice. Bummer.

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We have sold out of our FDE

We have sold out of our FDE models, and we have reduced the black ones back down to 999.99 to move inventory. A CC fee of 2.5% still applies if you choose to not send in a check or money order, bringing the total to $1024.99.

Anyone in the last week who has purchased a Black FNX-45 Tactical from us is eligible to receive $20 off a future order.

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We have acquired 18 more FDE

We have acquired 18 more FDE models. They will go quick! Get them while you can.

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Well I thought I'd throw in

Well I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents on this FNX .45 from Highplainsgunshop.com.
This is a new account and my only post so trust me as much as you choose. I personally am stoked about the FNX .45 in FDE from HPGS! Im in Colorado, and we have a good number of gun shops around my city. I have only seen this FNX in ONE of all my local stores, and the price point was about $1350. It is the exact same gun, night sights, threaded barrel, 3 mags- the whole bit. Finding it for $1019 is SWEET. I have a local ffl who does transfers for cost, at 10 bucks, and the shipping is free. I feel like it is an incredible deal. I love a good deal like this, but as far as pinching pennies and getting my panties all twisted over 20 bucks is nothing short of retarded. As another poster said, if money is that tight, you shouldn't be buying the gun... Life is good:)

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0 votes

While there's nothing

While there's nothing inherently wrong with a comment along the lines of "it would be a good deal at x, otherwise I'll pass" - Tbear is right - the comments section would be most useful as a way of learning more about the product offered or the specific dealer(s) listed. Criticizing a dealer for wanting more than an $8 markup is misguided and unhelpful. Personally, I -want- the dealers I use to make more than that selling a gun, so that they stay in business and can sell me more toys. And for the record, I'm not a dealer or affiliated with any dealers.

3 votes
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Lol. Are you also the guy

Lol. Are you also the guy that sees a car dealers "invoice" price and think whatever you pay over that represents the dealers total profit? I applaud this dealer not charging gander mountain prices but I agree with others the this is a DEALS website not a dealers yelp page.

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It's a deals website; we are

It's a deals website; we are here for deals. When items are marked up $25 from what they were two weeks ago, it is no longer a deal. Posting what it previously was offered at helps keep track of the price. We are not bad mouthing the dealer, we are saying it is not a deal. It may be cheaper than the other websites, but that doesn't make it a deal.

Simply re-posting it after you raised the price is just spamming the community. The front page contains a lot of non-deals; discouraging these actions helps keep the community about deals and not about advertising your business online.

1 vote
3 votes

I don't think the price is

I don't think the price is bad .. Might not be great but far from bad . To each his own but we pay much more for handguns with equal or less enhancements. Optic ready , replaceable slide rails, and threaded barrel . This handgun is ready to serve you every need. It's a beauty. The dealer can charge whatever he feels fit. This site is designed to help us , not bash every dealer who doesn't have the lowest price . You don't know this company from Adam and yet you know all about their business? I read the comments to get useful info on the item that's forsale ..not to read complaints about the the price or how they should run their business. Everybody is a expert and it's getting old . Its a great pistol. Anyone have useful info about it to post ? End rant ... Haha

4 votes
0 votes

Not to mention this is the

Not to mention this is the lowest price once again out of multiple stores offering the fnx... That's the point of slickguns, finding the current lowest prices and best deals... People get their panties in a wad so easily on the internet over things that are really not problems to begin with.

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MAP on these is 1149, way to

MAP on these is 1149, way to sell with honor...

1 vote
0 votes

I'll buy one for 999 if it's

I'll buy one for 999 if it's black and I can use a card

0 votes
1 vote

Anything over $999 shipped is

Anything over $999 shipped is not a deal on this gun. It has been sub $1k so many times that I would never pay more for it.

2 votes
4 votes

We were the ones offering

We were the ones offering this gun for 999.99. That sale has been over, and it is 1019.95. It may go up again based off of supply, but right now it's at 1019.95.

4 votes
1 vote

I'll take a black one if you

I'll take a black one if you can do 999 shipped with a card

0 votes
0 votes

No, sorry. We were only

No, sorry. We were only making $8 after selling them at 999 and a 2.5% credit card fee. As it stands now, we make $28 on them at a dealer cost of $973 and free shipping.

4 votes
0 votes

$8? I don't know your upfront

$8? I don't know your upfront wholesale cost but let's assume you really only get $8. This is still a misleading statement. You know full well there are manufacturer sales incentives and your gross margin on selling multiples of these (say 6 or 25) is 10-12x higher.

1 vote
0 votes

If you had never ran the 999

If you had never ran the 999 deal people wouldnt be complaining. If you ran a 970 deal and cost went up they would complain and want you to lose. Bottom line is people on this site are either cheap or come here to try and flip stuff, personally i think your an honest company and if i was currently in the market i would be more than happy with this deal as 1050 plus shipping is the next cheapest

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Well, based on the history of

Well, based on the history of this pistol, +$20.00 is making you look really bad. Of course, it's not the gun that's at issue, it's your rep as a Top Rated seller. $999.99 is a marketing break point for many- if you sell it at $999.99, many will be back for more because you successfully created a low-price impression. As it is, you are unnecessarily hurting yourself.

1 vote
11 votes

Being serious? They are the

Being serious? They are the cheapest by over $20, and you're complaining about a $20, 2% price increase? If you are going to bitch so much about $20, I don't think you can afford a $1,000 pistol.

10 votes
1 vote

Spamming your own dealer

Spamming your own dealer listing? With a deflecting, irrelevant insult from a different email address? Nice going, jerk. Yes, I'm being serious. A 20.2% increase from a dealer who cannot afford to maintain a $999.99 low price consistency is a sure sign of bad management. Is $20.00 THAT important to you? Apparently it is and because it is, all should stay away! I certainly intend to!

0 votes
11 votes

No, I'm not the dealer and I

No, I'm not the dealer and I feel the same way. Prices rise and fall all the time. Ever heard of Amazon? They don't seem to be hurting much do they?
Plus as the dealer had the balls to point out, you're a moron when it comes to math. You sound like a PITA customer and I'm sure they won't miss you. I bet you can't afford one anyway and just bash deals from your mom's computer all day.
Edit: Just noticed free shipping no less. Yeah, if you're crying about $20 on a $1000 purchase with free shipping thrown in, you're definitely not a real buyer. If you were, you would have bought it when it was cheaper since you're so smart.

2 votes
0 votes

Sorry....I don't have any

Sorry....I don't have any association with the posting above that. And for the record...20% would be $200 bucks. Once again, we cannot control what others post on the net. Please take your hate elsewhere.

Anyone with a brain can research user names on the Internet to find other postings that have a history of nothing to do with my postings. Additionally, I'm sure that if I wanted to spam my own post and defend my deals, I would have the guts to do it with my own user name like I have in the past.

Edit--by the way.. The above comment's user name has been around for over a year and 11 weeks. Conversely, we have only been on slickguns for 17 weeks. Do the math before you open your mouth with baseless accusations.

15 votes
0 votes

You sound like a dick either

You sound like a dick either way...good price though.

0 votes
2 votes

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