FREE SHIPPING no minimum (excludes ammo) with coupon "SH1518" @ Sportsman's Guide (Free S/H over $49 w/ coupon)

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Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order - Coupon "TAKEOFF20%" for 20% Off Your Order For New Customers (excludes Guns and Buyer’s Club Membership fee) or Coupon "SH1424" for Free S/H over $49 (Excludes Firearms) - Use Coupon Code SH1518 at Checkout. Cannot include Ammunition or Buyer’s Club Membership fees. Cannot be combined with any other special offers or coupons and cannot be redeemed for cash. Heavy/bulky charges still apply. Does not include Express Shipping upgrades. Does not apply to Canadian or International Orders. Alaska and Hawaii charges still apply. Offer expires at 11:59 P.M. CT on Sunday, May 4, 2014.

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Sportsman's Guide Members receive 10% discount on all orders (5% on ammunition). Membership is $29.99 per year, no auto renewals. Add item you would like to purchase to cart and during the checkout it will offer you free shipping on your order if you join the Club and occasionally a small gift too.

Only 1 coupon per order

Coupon Code: SG3739
$10 off $99 (excludes firearms)
Expiration date: 2015-10-31 23:59:59
Coupon Code: SH1444
Free S/H No Minimum Members Only (excludes guns)
Expiration date: Unknown expiration
Coupon Code: Auto Discount
Free Shipping on Game Cameras (members only)
Expiration date: Unknown expiration
Coupon Code: TAKEOFF20%
20% Off Your Order For New Customers (excludes Guns and Buyer’s Club Membership fee)
Expiration date: 2015-12-31 23:59:59
Coupon Code: SH1424
Free S/H over $49 (Excludes Firearms)
Expiration date: 2015-08-28 23:59:59


I am a club member but

I am a club member but honestly the prices are still higher than what you could pay elsewhere, and SG is nowhere near the bargain and selection it used to be. 5% off ammo and the $10 coupons can combine to give you a very, very small discount over competitors on some ammunition. Outside of allowing myself to get caught in backorder hell a few times SG has always delivered promptly and never screwed up an order.

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Cant say i have a bad word to

Cant say i have a bad word to say about SG .. Pretty much all of my x54r ammo i have from them was THE cheapest over everyone during the panic @ $164 shipped per 880rd case ... Also in the middle of the panic they had silverbear 9mm for the lowest price of anyone plus free shipping. Also i dont think they ever price gouged compared to most others. Why hate on them? When yeager started that x39 panic they were also the only store with any x39 ammo in stock at the lowest prices as well.

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I loved them when their

I loved them when their prices were good and they shipped stuff. Then I started getting all the backorder cancellations (for recent orders) and I have lost all love. I did figure out a couple nasty ways to get back at them.. basically, they take back anything but ammo and stuff like that... Enjoy my box of cheap chinese junk you sold me! (I cleaned out my closet). Yeah, I lost a little.. but it made me feel a little better.

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Because of how they screwed

Because of how they screwed me over, I *will* buy something from them on this coupon.

I'm looking for something whose shipping exceeds any profit on the item so they lose money- payback for when they screwed me over.

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I love SG. I order from them

I love SG. I order from them ALL the time and I've only had one time where it came back and said backordered. (about a month ago on .30 carbine ammo)

I never intentionally backorder ammo, so I guess maybe I would be frustrated with them if I bothered with that.

If it's not in stock, I don't order it... Because that kind of stuff happens with the ever-increasing prices of ammo and components. I wouldn't expect them to honor a price from 2012, but that's just me... YES, they technically *SHOULD* in a perfect world. We are far from that, my friends.

I've always gotten my $20.00 gift card and the longest it's taken was 3 weeks I believe. I have had a couple returns with them on improperly sized clothing, and the customer service was excellent.

It sucks that the last few free shipping coupon codes have excluded ammo, but they had a ton of them for months and months before that. Plus, if you're a member there's been $10 off your order plus a $20 gift card, which is MUCH better than free shipping. I'm sure we will see the free shipping on ammo again, too.

I got a spam can of 54R for like 52 bucks shipped a few weeks ago. Yeah, SG sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've got a $20 gift card from

I've got a $20 gift card from the last deal they had on 9mm (bought 500 rounds). I'm done with them too, when my BC membership comes up next month. Was hoping for a free shipping coupon to combine with the $20 gift card, but only really want ammo. Gotta figure out what to spend my GC on, though.

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There are several active

There are several active coupons for $10 off 99 or more, there's a 9 off 90 or more, so if you're going to spend at least 90 bucks, you should come close to free shipping with those.

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I used to love the the guide.

I used to love the the guide. I spent a ton of money with them in 2013. I am done
With them now. They should be able to get a live inventory system, and eliminate All the BS. They cancelled a few of my backorders, and then listed them at higher prices. Yes, they occasionally have good deals, but they have eliminated all the free shipping coupon codes for ammo, so I would rather buy
From a company who has live inventory. I bought some 38 special from them about a month ago, and three days later I get an email saying its backordered.
Done with the Guide :(

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Right. Because Midway didn't

Right. Because Midway didn't cancel all the backorders they took. And Cabelas doesn't routinely cancel my orders for "in stock" product (when ordered 1 at at time per their rules).
But I've realized that defending this company to a bunch of whiners is not only pointless, but against my better interests. The more who won't deal with them, the more product for me.
So you're all right. Their prices suck. Their free shipping sucks. This company sucks. Nobody should ever buy from them.
Carry on.

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They have great customer

They have great customer service until you need it. Then good luck. Yes Shtraven you can have my scraps.

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I've ordered ammo from them

I've ordered ammo from them that was "in Stock" only to find out a day later it's on back order... Also I was suppose to receive a 20 gift card for one of there coupon offers and it's been over a month and still never got it... Not sure if others have experienced this.

My main beef is the inventory system. If its not in stock say its not in stock and offer back orders. Don't say its in stock when you have to know its on backorder. I can see this happening with a smaller business but i mean come on get a accurate inventory system. The best is when i order something .... get an email saying its on backorder only to look up the item again and see its still listed in stock ...

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screwed me too had some ammo

screwed me too had some ammo on backorder 4 months they cancelled then 2&1/2 weeks later get an email saying I could order it well I hit the link right then & there & it was unavailable so called customer service & they said unavailable wtf

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I got burned by these folks

I got burned by these folks too. Their prices are pretty bad, and their customer service is an abomination.

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I agree, the customer service

I agree, the customer service is terrible. I've never been routinely lied to from any other company. They say all the right things until you realize that nothing is different- you still got screwed out of an order.

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Worst retailer. You'll get

Worst retailer. You'll get burnt too if you do business with them.

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Dishonest retailer. Worst

Dishonest retailer. Worst vendor that I ever dealt with. Kept several 1k of ammo on backorder and then canceled all of it more than a year later.

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A couple of weeks ago I get a

A couple of weeks ago I get a call from SG telling me they are cancelling my ammo that I backordered on 12-26-12. Then two weeks after they cancelled the order, it was in stock for $4.00 a box more. I called them and asked WTF. They told me it was coincidence that it came in stock after they cancelled.

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I have an account with

I have an account with them...but, I won't renew because of crap like this and their prices have gotten worse. There are better options now.

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