Glock 17 33 - rd. Mag - $22/$25

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One coupon per order - Ultra-tough polymer with steel lining, matching the original factory excellence. With small holes to reveal how many rounds are left. Each is approx. 8 5/8 x 1 3/8 x 7/8" h. and weighs 4 ozs

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Category: Accessories
Caliber: Magazines
UPC: 764503173325
SKU: MF17133
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Coupon Code: SGSAVE0414
$8.50 OFF $85
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Expiration date: 2014-04-30 23:59:59
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Sportsman's Guide Members receive 10% discount on all orders (5% on ammunition). Membership is $29.99 per year, no auto renewals. Add item you would like to purchase to cart and during the checkout it will offer you free shipping on your order if you join the Club and occasionally a small gift too.

Only 1 coupon per order


Just buy original Glock

Just buy original Glock magazines and save the aggravation. Guns and magazines are back to full stock and ammo will soon follow on the shelves.

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I don't understand why

I don't understand why Sportsmans Guide keep selling ammo as backorders. Hell even the stuff they claim as in stock isn't sometimes. I ordered Aguila .223 ammo from them about a month ago that was in stock. After I ordered it, they updated the ship date to 2 weeks out. Then when that 2 weeks passed, they updated the ship date to 7/30. They need to start selling only things they have in stock.
I have 9mm I ordered at the beginning of january that they have now pushed out till october, and I dont know if i will even see it then. If its something you need now, definately don't order from them because it might be next year till you see it.

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I ordered ammo last November,

I ordered ammo last November, and they just updated the ship date to September.... Yet they were selling it months after I bought it...

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CSSocko makes a good point.

CSSocko makes a good point. In my opinion it is to sell the memberships. They got me on it. I've been waiting a LONG time for things i have ordered. Not just ammo but various other items. I've done mags, boots, parts kits, etc. The stuff never shows up. I agree it has nothing to do with mags but I appreciate his comments because if you place the order thinking it will arrive fast you might want to consider other options and pay the extra $5 (or whatever it is). We're all friends here.

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Not sure what your comment

Not sure what your comment has to do with these mags, but I just got shipped my backordered 9mm ammo from Sportsman's Guide.

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Just saying they are very

Just saying they are very unreliable. My mini 14 mags I ordered in January were also pushed back 2 more months.

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Ive had three of these for

Ive had three of these for about 2 years now and they work well as long as you don't try to fire to quickly. If you go balls to the wall to unload the mag you will likely get an FTE

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I bought these (before the

I bought these (before the hype) and returned them. I bought 4, but one of them wouldn't feed so I sent them all back.

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Looks like a Koren (KCI)

Looks like a Koren (KCI) repro. Pass.

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Don't waste yout time, I have

Don't waste yout time, I have 6 ammo orders in & confirmed know they clamim I've orderedtoo much on eash order. I went by their guidelines & have a confomation but that means nothing. I'm done with them as I try to deal with honest folks!

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I got mine two days ago. I

I got mine two days ago. I ordered these two months ago when ban on mags was hot in news. So you could order these even at 50 bucks each. Sportsmans guide takes backorder and always deliever them.

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Sadly, they have really

Sadly, they have really dropped the ball....

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