GSG M1911 HGA .22 LR 5" barrel 10 Rnds - $319.99 (Free S/H over $100)


$100 GIFT CARD IS NOT INCLUDED ANY MORE - This dedicated .22 LR pistol features one 10-round capacity (detachable) magazine, semi-automatic recoil operated system, 5" barrel length, and is 8.5" long overall with 6 grooves. The GSG-1911 features the same weight and feel of a classic 1911 pistol and 80% of the parts are interchangeable with a standard 1911. Features a 5lb trigger and threaded barrel.
Comes with 1 Factory Magazine 10rd

MFR# GERG2210M1911

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UPC: 813393011504
SKU: 2210M1911


Purchase any new STG-44 firearm between February 1, 2014 and May 31, 2014 and get a $50 rebate.
Valid Feb-01-2014 - May-31-2014
Compare PricesPriceAvailabilityShipping rate$301.58In stock$5.99 on Firearms
Cheaper Than Dirt$302.50In StockFree
Cheaper Than Dirt$302.50In StockFree
Cheaper Than Dirt$320.53In StockFree
Cheaper Than Dirt$349.54In StockFree
Cheaper Than Dirt$349.54In StockFree
Hinterland Outfitters $304.68In stockFlat Rate $9.99
Buds Gun Shop$305.00In stockFree
Woodbury Outfitters $308.99In stockAdditional
Centerfire Guns$312.00In stockFree
Firearms For You$318.00In stockFree
Palmetto State Armory$324.99In Stock$15
Kentucky Gun Co$329.99In stockMost Firearms ship for FREE
Tombstone Tactical$359.35In stockFree Shipping on all firearms
Able Ammo$364.74In stockAdditional
Gander Mountain$399.99Free over $50
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PSA really sucks on this one.

PSA really sucks on this one. I went to buy it, put it in my cart, had to step away for 15 minutes and when I went to check out the $100 gift card was gone. Spent 30 minutes on hold to talk to a sales rep and they refused to honor the price or make an adjustment. Just as well because PSA has the worst customer service of any dealer I have purchased from - ignores emails, endless waits on the phone, won't work with the customer. They debit your card immediately and take the full "15 business days" (about a month) to ship uppers, lowers and handguns. Cheaper than Dirt isn't even in my state but the last few orders I placed with them were magically delivered the NEXT DAY! Apparently they have a warehouse in my state and I don't even have to pay the in state sales tax.

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PSA aside, if you are

PSA aside, if you are spending your money with CTD, you were not paying attention last year. CTD was the WORST of the online price-gougers. Although they may have decent prices now, when the next panic comes, they will be right back to their gouging tactics. Before the panic, I too had MANY purchases from them with no problem, but never again!

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1 vote

My Bad - I withdraw my

My Bad - I withdraw my positive comments regarding CTD!

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Stinks about PSA but I

Stinks about PSA but I personally would not do buisness with CTD based on their reaction to the industry and customers post sandy hook.

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I've made 3 PSA purchases

I've made 3 PSA purchases this year and the service and product have been the best of any online gun dealer I've used, and I agree, CTD will never get a dime of my money. It's my opinion that CTD posts shouldn't even be allowed here.

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I don't see the gift card

I don't see the gift card offer on their site. Is this deal over?

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My guess is yes. I have a tab

My guess is yes. I have a tab open from earlier in the day that shows the gift card next to the gun, and now it's just an image of the gun.

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GREAT handgun for a great

GREAT handgun for a great price. For those that doubt the gift card, all I can say is I bought a S&W revolver back in Dec when they were offering the $100 gift card deal and my gift card worked without issues.

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Was $329. earlier this week

Was $329. earlier this week at same site. Raise price $20. and then toss in a Gift card that may or may or may not be active when you get it. If its like my experience the card is in DEACTIVATED status and then you have to fight their piss poor customer service.,

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Stop these deals! At this

Stop these deals! At this rate I won't have enough money to pay rent this month.

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If you are looking for a 1911

If you are looking for a 1911 .22, this and the Sig are the best ones out there IMO. I actually think they are the same gun, but obviously, the Sig is badged with their name.

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Finally back under $300.

Finally back under $300. Just in case anyone didn't know, GSG makes the Sig model for the same gun. So if you were thinking of getting the Sig, just get this one instead. They are identical. Unless you are getting the Sig for the same price, then just pick one. :)


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Can you use this frame to

Can you use this frame to build a .45?

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You can go from .45 to

You can go from .45 to .22

Not recommended to go the other way, .22 to .45.

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I'm sure it's probably

I'm sure it's probably possible. I believe there were talks at one time about GSG releasing a kit, but i've not seen it. But to be honest, i would rather pick up a 1911 in a .45 before trying to convert this over to one. But that's just me.


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