Heckler & Koch HK 5.56mm Polymer Translucent Magazines - $13.32 shipped when you buy 6 or more

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Fits HK MR556A1, HK416, and all high quality AR/M4/M16 type firearms. Heckler & Koch reliability and durability in a 30 round 5.56 mm Polymer Magazine at a special price. Designed to provide optimal ammunition feeding for any M16/M4/AR15-type weapon, the HK 30-Round Polymer Magazine can be used in any firearm that uses a NATO-standard 5.56 mm magazine. The HK 30 Round Polymer Magazine is drop, crush, and impact resistant and features an anti-tilt follower as well as HK proprietary geometry and design features for exceptional performance.

- Same high strength, lightweight polymer used on combat proven HK’s G36 and HK417 magazines
- Corrosion resistant
- Low profile base plate
- Fits existing magazine pouches and magazine carriers
- Anti-tilt follower
- Translucent body serves as an immediate loading indication
- Advanced spring
- Reinforcing ribs for added strength
- High quality polymer materials
- Non-reflexive body and low IR signature
- Low maintenance, disassembles without tools
- High and low temperature environmentally tested
- Width: 2.7 inches (69,8 mm)
- Height: 7.5 inches (190 mm)
- Weight (empty): .2 lb. ( 124 g)
SKU#: 235690S

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Category: Accessories
Caliber: Magazines
MPN: 235690S

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I've graduated to using 40

I've graduated to using 40 round pmags, 100% reliable shooting steel cased. I don't bench rest shoot but I don't have a problem going prone and using the magazine as a monopod. 30 rounders look small after running the 40's for a few months.

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$10 shipped Magpul for guys

how? it's showing $12.30 for

how? it's showing $12.30 for me

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Login brother!

Login brother!

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0 votes

Awesome, thank you.

Awesome, thank you.

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Sorry, not at a premium of

Sorry, not at a premium of +$5.00! You know, you are supposed to be able to drop and lose magazines in the field... ( and not care overly much ); now that doesn't happen when you are forced to buy your own gear! (and not given you everything by the Supply SGT). Well, so too with these. Buy magpull and other poly's for 8-9-10 bucks; even lower on sale. Get enough for 10 or so on your kit; and another 10 in a bug out bag.

for $15.00 a piece; I would want 40 or 60 rounders!

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I have some and they're great

I have some and they're great mags, a tad thicker than pmags. Don't get screwed and buy from botach, hkwebshop has a special this month buy 3 get one free... I find that most stuff that says "made in Germany" is better quality than made in the usa...like all the crap I get issued in the military from skillcraft

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hk site has this for $20 but

hk site has this for $20 but you get a free one after buying 3.

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deleted dup.

deleted dup.

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My interest is peaked! Does

My interest is peaked! Does anyone have any experience with these?

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My interest is also PIQUED.

My interest is also PIQUED. Magpul's are never popping up on here, need something.

3 votes
0 votes

The reason you're not seeing

The reason you're not seeing magpuls on here is because magpuls can now be had all day long again for $10 or less......
The same reason you're not seeing EVERY ammo listing a site has in stock posted here as was the case even 6 months ago. Just sayin'.

1 vote
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$10 shipped? would you care

$10 shipped? would you care to link?

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Sure, Just two examples. Not

Sure, Just two examples. Not $10 shipped but less than $10 before shipping. I'd venture to say most of us buy 10+ at a time to offset shipping cost.




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Ah, thought so, thanks

Ah, thought so, thanks anyways for the links.

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+1 for proper spelling.

+1 for proper spelling.

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There's an American

There's an American manufacturer named Magpul that makes perfectly reliable mags with windows at a lower price.

6 votes
0 votes

But they're not

But they're not translucent....

Nor does Magpul put MADE IN GERMANY on the side.

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Lancer comes in translucent,

Lancer comes in translucent, they are also very nice mags.

BTW US LAW says they have to put made in germany on it... so its not like they do it because it makes them cooler, which it actually does anyway.

Just cause you can get others cheaper, doesnt make $18 a bad price for a good mag!!!

Im not getting any though.

2 votes
2 votes

Sure it does, When I can get

Sure it does, When I can get two pmags for about the price of one of these. And who cares if they are translucent.

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