HK P2000 9mm SA/DA Fixed Sight - $799.95

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The design specifications when starting development on the P2000 were tough, concise and short. They reflected the difficulties faced by today's police service and the resulting requirements to be met by a police weapon. A pistol had to be designed with features that offer a high degree of safety and also effectively minimise the probability of so-called "Handling related stress drivers" during a police mission.
Principle of operation Recoil operated weapon with modified Browning locking system and recoil buffer system
Dimensions V2
Overall length 7.00"
Overall height 5.04"
Overall width 1.34"
Barrel length 3.66"
Sight radius 5.59"
Without magazine 1.5 lb
other specifications
Magazine capacity 9 mm, 10 or 13 Cartridges
Single Action (SA) 4.50 lbs
trigger pull
Double Action (DA) 11.47 lbs
trigger pull
Sights 3-dot
SGC ID:123456005404

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Heckler & Koch Inc
UPC: 642230242449
MPN: M709203A5

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Shows the in stock, BUT, it

Shows the in stock, BUT, it also says "These guns are for the Law Enforcement Program and specific credentials are required. Individual officers and first responders with credentials are eligible to purchase."

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