Amazon Matched Cabela's Price - Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff - $34.99 + FREE Shipping with Prime

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If you don't have Prime, there's a free 30-day trial with free 2-day shipping - Amazon offers Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff. Impact Sport is an electronic earmuff which automatically shuts off loud impulse noise to a safe 82db while amplifying conversation and range commands. There is one single power and volume control knob allowing you to hear conversations near or far from you. Also has an AUX jack which connects to MP3 players and scanners. Two AAA batteries are included and there is an automatic 4 hour shut-off in the event the unit is left on by mistake which increases the battery life. Easy access is provided to the external battery compartment. Unit is water resistant and is a convenient folding design providing easy storage.

External audio input connects to MP3 players and scanners
Amplifies conversation and commands with one single volume control knob
Automatic 4 hour shut-off increases battery life
Automatically blocks noise above 82 dB, noise reduction rating: NRR 22
Adjustable, low-profle design folds for easy storage
Item model number: R-01526

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Category: Accessories
Caliber: Range Gear
UPC: 033552015260
MPN: R01526
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cathole's picture

be forewarned, if you plug

be forewarned, if you plug your smartphone into this, it will produce an static from the cellular signal. I can only use mine in airplane mode to eradicate the signal noise.

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You can also turn off 4G/LTE.

You can also turn off 4G/LTE. That's what gets into the amp circuitry. 4G plays havoc on our church PA system.

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$38.99 + FREE SHIPPING. Actually you can purchase this on for $38.99 + FREE SHIPPING when you click on the "Buying Choices" tab:

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I really want to like these

I really want to like these but I've had two pairs go out on me. They both just stopped cutting out sound. They were amplifying everything, including gunshots. Tried to get Howard Leight to replace them and they basically told me to drop dead.

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2 votes

For under $40 shipped, not

For under $40 shipped, not sure how you pass on this one? Picked up a set from Amazon today, especially since they are charging tax in GA starting next month. Stocking up on deals on ammo and gear. Not sure who will follow suit.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Mine are great. I'll admit

Mine are great. I'll admit they fit a little funky when I first got them but after an hour or two of shooting, the muffs have settled in and now fit great. There was a little gap in the beginning but that's gone now.

They amplify voices to super human levels and are in stereo so you can hear left and right. The automatic shut off feature is tits. I haven't remembered to turn them off since I got them, that was Christmas... I'm on the same batteries.

If you truly care for and value you're hearing, it's not a bad idea to wear foamies in conjunction with these. As a prior jet engine mechanic, I prefer to keep what little hearing I have left.

Any complaints about this set are anal and proof you can't please everyone.

These are a decent set and this is a smokin' price. You won't find anything better for less.

Buy with confidence.

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7 votes

Would be a decent budget muff

Would be a decent budget muff if the smallest headband adjustment wasnt still way too big for most peoples heads. These are also sound clipping and not compression, which I hate. I took mine back long ago and got Peltor Tactical Sports, which are LEAGUES better, though more expensive.

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6 votes
zyx2323's picture

Great little head set... They

Great little head set... They work well and do what you expect. Great for pistols, ok for rifles a check rest they get a little in the way, but able to over come that with a small riser... The music output quality is fair/poor to but that's not why you buy them, I usually use in ear music headset instead and get even more ear protection but still hear outside but turning up all the way the set...
With them being loose, you really have to put them all the way out (little more then it seems to click) for them to conform to your ears... But once I figured that out, they were a prefect fit.

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I bought 1 pair of these and

I bought 1 pair of these and 1 pair of the Impact Pros. These one have a terrible fit - incredibly loose and lets tons of sound in. They are going back. I have a large head (not huge, just large). The Impact Pros are fantastic.

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Figures, had these in cart

Figures, had these in cart for a few weeks waiting to see if drops any and finally ordered last night at the $49.03 price... all well....

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zyx2323's picture

Thanks original poster of

Thanks original poster of 42$, purchased one last night... Don't see allot of thanks on this website unlike slickdeals where they always give props...

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I've had a set of these for

I've had a set of these for about 6 months now I think... and I love them. AR's (5.56 and 7.62), .45, .40... all work well. And not yet changed the batteries, even with a lot of use in sub-freezing temperatures. I recommend them to all my friends and let them try them on if they go shooting with me.

Not noticed a problem with stocks while wearing these, but I'm in the process of changing my 7.62 over to a Magpul PRS stock so we'll see how that works.

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Please be sure to read the 48

Please be sure to read the 48 1 star reviews. I had a pair didn't work...returned them and 2nd pair didn't work either. You have a 15% chance these will not cut out sound for you, or they will not seal around your noggin'. If you haven't compared these to a general Peltor can earmuff at 1/2 the price, then I guess you would assume these work fine.

The only thing these are good for is spying on your neighbors.

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I have a set and love them!

I have a set and love them! Comfortable and clear sounding.

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bought via amazon and super

bought via amazon and super saver shipping

comes from NY so i had to pay state tax, total was $48

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

I love how Amazon waits a

I love how Amazon waits a week to ship something when you use the free shipping. Then they use weird carriers (Presteige?) that show up when my business has been closed for hours. It took weeks to get a simple order. Free yes, but with a few catches.

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2 votes

That isn't Amazon. Amazon

That isn't Amazon. Amazon ships same day if you order before 5 PM or so. If it takes that long to ship, you are ordering from a third party and Amazon is just brokering the deal. It will tell you on the item page who the actual seller is.

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Not true. I bought two in

Not true. I bought two in stock items from Amazon. Amazon was the seller on both items. They have to be for the super saver shipping as far as I know.

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Amazon should ship within 1

Amazon should ship within 1 business day, but yes they do outsource the shipping to independent couriers to get there on time. I have Prime, so mine always come via Fedex.

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I have these and they worked

I have these and they worked well for a while. Now they've quit working. Also, they interfere when firing rifles.

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FWIW Nutnfancy reviews these

FWIW Nutnfancy reviews these on youtube and he liked them a lot, said they didn't interfere much with the stock of rifles. Also it has an auto shutoff after a few hours, which I consider essential in electronic earmuffs, but amazingly some don't have that, like these peltiers he evaluated. This set only uses one pair of batteries, which is nice.

I actually have noise cancelling headphones and I never turn them on because meh I don't really need to. The range officer at Angeles uses a speaker system that's super loud so it's tough to miss his instructions and I don't care to hear any conversations around me anyhow.

Oh! so the point being I prefer to shoot with ear plugs and headphones. The little 22db reduction the cans provide just ain't enough. The earplugs, *when properly seated* provide 30 or more, so between the two I just might avoid giving myself worse tinnitus or hearing loss. We weren't so enlightened 20 years ago..ouch 25 years use hearing/eye protection shooting guns, or revving car engines for that matter.

SO I really just needed new 'phones that had speakers built in so I can play my ipod. With the earplugs. Sounds dumb but it works for me. If you look at amazon they give a link to a set by the same company that doesn't require batteries, has the speakers, reduces noise a couple db more, and were only $27.

I'm going to give them a shot.

I'll probably end up buying these anyway, but my natural cheapness prevents me from spending that much money at this moment.

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rdr202's picture

Got a set for my birthday.

Got a set for my birthday. Work well went to range yesterday to try them out and noticed range officer wearing same set.

Fired my 1911 the noise level was good and the amplified voice lets you hear range commands a lot better.

Attached my ipod and I think it will work when I'm cutting lawn.

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I bought these about 2 months

I bought these about 2 months ago, and FINALLY got to try them out this past weekend. They are GREAT!! I was shooting an AR pistol, and they worked like a dream. While I was shooting, I heard somebody driving up on me (private land), and I know I wouldn't have heard them had I been wearing standard muffs or plugs. Hearing my buddy talking to me while wearing them was nice too. I let him wear my second pair, and we never took them off for the hour we were shooting. The ONLY downside to these, and any other set of earmuffs, is sweaty ears when the temp gets up into the 80s and above.

The volume control/amplification is a nice feature too. I could easily hear my buddy talking to me from several yards away, and we never had to raise our voices.

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Nice find, wanting to buy

Nice find, wanting to buy these for several months. Price drop and free shipping.

"Cheaper noise canceling safety ear muffs will turn off the sound for almost a full second after a noise impact (usually gun shot). These filter them out and bring the sound right back in. The sound is clear and static free, a difficulty with cheaper muffs also."

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Great earmuffs for a great

Great earmuffs for a great price, but they've been this price for at least a year (knowing since I got some about this time last year, and price history check shows very little variance since then).

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1 vote

$44 is as low as it gets for

$44 is as low as it gets for this product

2 votes
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You say they are $45 and free

You say they are $45 and free shipping....From whom? I can't find that price anywhere on your site. What an I doing wrong.

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Click the "Go To Store"

Click the "Go To Store" button under the image.

Here's the link:

I've heard these are some of the best. I like the idea of being able to plug an mp3 player into these. Good deal and lowest I've seen 'em

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