IMIM855C 1200 Round Case IMI 62gr M855 Ammunition 1200round case $435 / 1200 - $435

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Price: $435.00
Price per round: $0.363
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Amount: 1200
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 223/5.56

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Shipping is where Widener's

Shipping is where Widener's kills you. I have bought from them before and their shipping is never cheap. I just checked on this and to get one box of this ammo shipped would cost me $51.82. That is why I have to really really want it before I will even think about this rip off outfit.

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You guys saying this price is

You guys saying this price is high care to show me a price for M855 spec ammo at less than 0.45 cents per round prior between Jan1st and the end of October 2013? I think y'all are high.

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Cheapest I ordered recently

Cheapest I ordered recently was denmark ammo m855 from sportsmans guide. It was 47 cents per round.

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People are chatting in this

People are chatting in this thread as though it is the cheaper 223 or M193 spec ammo for 0.30/0.34 cents a round normal price. This ain't 193. I've never paid a cheap price for M885. It's a selective portion of any good ammo dump for use against hardened targets.

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I ordered the same for

I ordered the same for $0.43/round.

So obviously deals were, are, and will be out there. Overpaying just because you think all the ammo factories burned down overnight isn't the most prudent move, but if you have the extra money Widener's is happy to take it.

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Only people with an

Only people with an *immediate* need for ammo would consider $0.50/round a good price.

It's less than CTD, but you're still paying $15 to load up a single mag.

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Or people who can resale it

Or people who can resale it on gunbroker at $1 per round. There is THAT side of the coin to consider.

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Free market's tend to find

Free market's tend to find their balance. Folks will keep selling for crazy nutso prices on gunbroker just as long as people are willing to buy at that price....

....and people will keep buying at that price up until they feel that they have another option...

I can't hate on em that much, I sold some very profitable pmags a few weeks ago. Why? Because I felt safer selling than the guy who was doing the buying!

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Prices will probably stay

Prices will probably stay this high for the next 3-4 months at least.... it's going to take some time for supply to catch up with the demand. In the meantime, folks are still looking at bare shelves and getting scared...

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How much .223/5.56 do you

How much .223/5.56 do you expect to shoot over the next 3-4 months?

Midway has been, and will be getting stocked with .223/5.56 at closer to $0.40/round (I know because they just delivered a half-case of Federal to my house a few days ago).

By paying $0.50/round, all we're doing is letting these retailers know that we're okay with this being the new "normal" price.

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Me, not much. But apparently

Me, not much.

But apparently some people are expecting a whole lot of Zombies before then :)

And as long as folks keep preppin for those zombies, prices won't drop below .40 :(

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Agreed. But there is also a

Agreed. But there is also a real threat of a ban on internet ammo sales. Can you imagine real price of ammo if you can only get it from the store. And no bulk sales. I know I know its maybe yes maybe no but people (especially those without piles of ammo) making sure they got it now.

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In for 2 cases with $60 UPS

In for 2 cases with $60 UPS to Missouri. Order confirmation page did say delivery within 15-25 days! Best in-stock price/delivery schedule I've seen considering the state of things.

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