Korean Glock 9mm 33rd Magazine - $19.95

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New Korean 33rd Glock magazines. These mags will work in any 9mm Glock such as 17 and 19. Fits 3rd and 4th generation Glocks with right hand magazine release. New.

They also have 17rd mags for 14.95. Korean as well.

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Caliber: Magazines

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I haven't tried them because

I haven't tried them because I don't stray too far from factory mags. I have had great luck with Mec Gar mags though.

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I have read mixed results

I have read mixed results people have had from these. I don't have ANY experience with them how about you guys?

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I have some for my glock 22

I have some for my glock 22 and they are HARD to load

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What do you hard to load

What do you hard to load because of the spring? Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a strong spring indicate that it will last longer? The mags that I have always had start to worry me when the spring gets soft. I have a glock 27 and 21 .40 and 45 auto I wanted some for them. I also picked up a wolf conversion barrel ($100 but hard to find now)for my 27 so I can fire 9mm out of my .40 cal! I use the 40 mags for the. 9mm and work fine in fact you can squeeze a couple more in.

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yea they function fine once

yea they function fine once you get them loaded but so far Ive never been able to get 33 rounds in them because the spring is so stiff

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Have you thought about

Have you thought about getting a wolf conversion barrel for your .40 cal? They are awesome and I would highly recomend it if you haven't thought about it. I got mine at cheaper than dirt and was amazed it was actually cheaper than anywhere else when on everything else they are higher. The one I wanted which looked like the standard barrel only stainless rather than blue took me about a month of searching to find. There were other ones which would of worked but they were threaded and hung out the end giving a "ray gun " appearance lol.

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yea Ive been meaning to, but

yea Ive been meaning to, but now that .22 ammo is so hard to get I may hold off for awhile

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The conversion is to 9mm I

The conversion is to 9mm I don't think there is a 40-22 but I could be wrong. Just saying its a great thing to only spend $100 and get a new Glock caliber rather than $500

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I wasnt paying attention but

I wasnt paying attention but I think they do make a conversion to shoot .22. Im thinking about just leaving the extended mags loaded for awhile to loosen the spring

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