Lee Precision Load Master 223 Remington Reloading Rifle Kit (Red) - $218.15 shipped

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If you don't have Prime, there's a free 30-day trial with free 2-day shipping - The Lee Precision Load-Master progressive 5-hole reloading kit for 223 Rem. Includes press, Pace Setter dies (full length sizing, bullet seating, and factory crimp dies) turret, and #4s shell plate.
Model number#: 90922

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Category: Reloading
Caliber: Equipment
UPC: 734307909222
MPN: 90922
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you guys have any idea how

you guys have any idea how hard it would to be to change dies and plates for .45 acp and 9mm for this?

trying to decide if i should spend the extra $200 for a dillon or hornaday....thanks

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IMO, Lee is bottom-end. Not

IMO, Lee is bottom-end. Not trying to troll etc, just my opinion. If you are just trying out reloading, it is like a lot of hobbies, in that if you don't like it, $218 is pretty cheap if it doesn't pan out and you can probably sell it to someone elses without too much of a loss. However, if you enjoy reloading, and i'd hope you will, then you'll probably wish you would have bought better equipment out of the gate.
I prefer RCBS myself but of course costs more. Lifetime warranty is worth it and they DO stand behind it. Dillon is of course more expensive as well but they too have a "no BS" warranty.

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If a Dillon were only an

If a Dillon were only an extra $200, there would be no other presses on the market. By the time you're done, a "low-end" Dillon rig will be over $1k.

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They can be pricey. I

They can be pricey.

I started on a Lee Turret (which I have kept for developing and small runs of ammo) and graduated to a Hornady LNL Progressive. You can be loading on a Hornady Lock and Load Progressive for under $500 and that's WITH dies made to be used on a progressive (chamfered). You also don't have to screw around with a plastic manual priming system, which slows you down a lot.

I'm not saying that Lee is complete junk. I actually really like the Auto disk powder drop (except that it is made of cheap, brittle plastic, has to be disassembled for powder charge changes and you have to buy the *not included* powder disk riser fitting before you can actually use it). It is a "VALUE" level machine, but in the progressive press market, you need to plan on paying more $ if you want progressive level 600+ rounds per hour performance. Otherwise, you might as well stick with a more reliable single stage or turret type press.
I have both Lee and Hornady .223 dies and I can tell you that for about the same money, you are way better off with a set of TiNi Hornady dies that were designed to be used in a progressive press.

Yes Dillon is another story, but I think you are comparing it to a XL650. I believe the 550B is less expensive and a very viable option. I would not put down a guy for owning Dillon any more than I would redicule a guy for running Lee. Believe me, it has occured to me more than once that Lee progressive is at the right price level where you could just buy a complete Loadmaster or Pro 1000 for every caliber you bulk load and just leave them each mounted and setup...

Hell, for $1K, I have a reliable automatic case indexer, RCBS powder check die (plus LED illumination since I still closely watch what is going on with powder), and auto bullet feeder running.

If I were to run across one of these Lee Loadmasters used for say $100, I would buy it and spend the time working the bugs out of it to leave setup for 1 specific caliber.

Because of the problem non-chamfered Lee dies have indexing with straight wall cases, .223 WOULD be my caliber of choice to run through this machine.

I like Lee's single stage stuff for what it is. I work with a guy that is completely queer for Lee products. He has been working with them for 15 years now though and knows all the little tricks and fixes to make one run decently in an evening.

Just my take on it. BTW, LEE scales are complete crap. If you get a kit that comes with one, throw it directly in the trash and do no waste your time. I was fortunate enough to come across a used RCBS 10/10 about the time I picked up my first Lee setup. I now use the RCBS Chargemaster's digital scale as I am lazy but will never part with my good beam scale even though it sees little use after proving my Chargemasters's scale was spot on.

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this looks to be the same as

this looks to be the same as this kit from brownells. someone tell me the difference please.


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HESH24's picture

a lot different but basics.

a lot different but basics. brownels is 3 hole press amazon deal is fro a 5 hole press. more hole more automation

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zyx2323's picture

Walmart is 9$ cheaper... In

Walmart is 9$ cheaper... In stock/free shipping

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It looks like the WalMart kit

It looks like the WalMart kit does not include dies.

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