Magnum Research 1911G .45 ACP 5" barrel 8 Rnds - $537.35 + $15 S/H

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DE 1911 45ACP 5" BLK FS. Magnum Research 1911G Semi-automatic Single Action Full 45 ACP 5" Steel Black Wood 8Rd 1 Mag Fired Case Fixed Sights DE1911G
Model: MRDE1911G

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45ACP
Brand: Magnum Research
UPC: 761226085959
MPN: DE1911G

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They are nice guns for

They are nice guns for starter 1911 guns. I don't think they have the feel of an original Colt, but few do. For the money it is a good 1911. I just think you can get a better higher capacity polymer gun for less money. Even a Sig or M&P or Glock, is around the same and holds almost a third to 50% more ammo. Get a glock 21 with 13 rounds for less money, lighter weight and faster handling.
Kimber started this 1911 boom 12-15 years ago, before that they were pretty much, old technology without the PARA wide body hi cap feeding system.
Military and police want more rounds, 15 is optimal, 7 or 8 is tough. It's the same reason we don't have our leo's using revolvers, not enough firepower when needed. A great classic weapon with the best trigger out there, but outdated.
Let's face it, 8 rounds is really at the limit now a days with multiple gang bangers carrying 20 round magazines. But everyone should have at least 1, 1911. It's more us old timers that cherish these guns, the Kids run out of ammo too fast.

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Great gun, very crisp

Great gun, very crisp trigger, and the slide is smooth. Definitely recommend it!

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Been looking at the DE1911G

Been looking at the DE1911G for a while and am very tempted to get it.

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2 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Why? I don't see the

Why? I don't see the attraction. Is it the fact it's Magnum Research?

I would rather pony up a few more bucks and buy a Springfield or a Colt. I would no more buy this than one of the new Ruger 1911's.. although I have several Rugers that I love, I just can't make the connection between Ruger and the 1911. Nor can I with this offering.

I would've said Kimber but I own one. Even though it's my all time favorite shooter, the required mickey mouse paper clip tool to tear it down is a joke.

I'll never buy another 1911 without a traditional barrel bushing again.

4 votes
4 votes

The SR1911 is often compared

The SR1911 is often compared too, and many consider it to be in the same class as Colt, Springfield and Kimbers.
A 1911 70 Series design, with 100% American made parts, assembled in America from an American gun maker with a lifetime warranty, yeah what's not to like?

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Ruger is not as new to the

Ruger is not as new to the 1911 game as you think. They have been making 1911 frames for some of the premier manufacturers of 1911's for years. They just decided to go ahead with their own version and its a solid quality firearm. Glad to be a Ruger owner.

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