Magpul PRS AR-15/AR-10 Sniper Stock + 3 FREE 12" Targets BLACK FRIDAY - $179.99

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11/27/14- Black Friday - We are including three 12" Caldwell Orange Peel targets with each purchase of a Magpul PRS stock at our already internet low price!

For those noting "Out of Stock" on this, we carry many colors and some of them are out of stock, some are not.

Firearm Accessories For the Common Man, From the Common Man! - brings you another great deal!

Back in stock for AR15 in Black/FDE as of 11/1/2014!

The Magpul PRS (Precision Rifle/Sniper) – AR15/M16 Model is a drop-in, precision-adjustable butt stock for rifles with A1/A2 fixed stocks. Designed to offer the fine-tuned, customized feel of a precision target stock, the PRS is adjustable for both comb height and length-of-pull without sacrificing the durability necessary to withstand the operational environment. Compared to the A2 stock, the PRS can shorten LOP by .25" or extend it by .75" as well as provide three-quarters of an inch of comb height adjustment. Machined aluminum adjustment knobs feature positive-locking click detents to maintain position under recoil and allows easy, tool-less adjustments by simply rotating the knobs. Aluminum butt-plate and alloy steel adjustment shafts provide stability and strength to withstand severe impact conditions. Rubber butt-pad offers positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage for optimal accuracy even with body armor or modular gear. Bottom Picatinny-type rail allows for monopod use, additional sling mounts or storage. Stock includes all mounting hardware for A1/A2 type rifles with fixed stock.

Available in Black, FOL, FDE, OD.

AR10 on sale as well in Black and FOL.

Product Code: MPIMAG307B

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Parts
Brand: Magpul
UPC: 873750000794
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yup, it still sucks

yup, it still sucks

0 votes
2 votes

Not as much as your comments.

Not as much as your comments.

2 votes
0 votes

What is it with this stock?

What is it with this stock? Sure it looks really tacticool... but why the fuck would you want to raise the cheekweld on a AR higher than it's already too-damn-high position? Try mounting your optic as low as you can, and you have to smash your fuckin face into the stock to get into the eye relief.

So... whats with the idea of an adjusting cheekweld that only goes even higher?

ami right???

2 votes
22 votes

I have this stock on my

I have this stock on my Bushmaster BA50 and I have to crank it up a bit to get proper eye alignment with my scope. I can see the same thing with an AR10 with a large scope and maybe mounted on a +20moa base.. On a flattop AR though I get your point.

3 votes
0 votes

Ya ya all the down votes but

Ya ya all the down votes but nobody that can answer. Too many operators around here.

4 votes
14 votes

Crazy, on my AR10 and LR6.5

Crazy, on my AR10 and LR6.5 it would be impossible to get a cheekweld without an adjustable cheekweld. When you have tubes over 30mm, and objectives so large even with a 20+ MOA riser you cant possibly mount the optic on anything but a High or extra high rings, I would have to free float my f'in face to get a sight picture. How's that for an operator? Crazy we don't all just use red dots, iron sights, or 30mm tube optics.
You guys know best for everyone though. Doc out

8 votes
2 votes

What optic do you have on

What optic do you have on your AR10? A refracting telescope?

Having your optic centerline .25" higher up doesnt justify a need to raise cheekweld 1"+ on a rifle where it was already very high. I think you just like having more knobs. :)

Ever notice how every single rifle ever made that doesn't have a buffer tube behind the action, has a slanted buttstock that lowers the cheekweld? Hmmmmmmm I wonder why.

2 votes
6 votes

Just because your style of

Just because your style of armchair commenting wouldn't require this product does not mean NOBODY requires this product. Adjustable cheekwelds, allow repeatability, something essential IMHO in long range shooting. I can spend 40 minutes reloading ONE round if im putting money on it, I need to know my cheek is in the same damn place as it was last time. I need to be able to spend well over an hour with my cheek in the same spot, im not going to shove my f'in face into anything. We don't all shoot 10 meters, some of us enjoy engaging targets over 1km. Heck some of us even plan on hitting the target 100% of the time

My LR6.5 has a Vortex Razer HD 5-20x50, thats a 35mm tube! More troubling for an AR, thats got a 50mm objective. Ive got plenty of 56mm objectives, even larger! Now elevate that objective with a 20MOA-40MOA riser. You can get a little more clearence, but if you don't have the riser you *need* a way to raise your cheeckweld. Hell, I want to raise it anyways for comfort. Your exactly right, these arn't slantback AK's and hopefully nobodys buying this for ironsights or walmart optics. Depending on your eye relif, your still going to need to use your charging handle at some point too - you want clearence for that dont you? Or do you just ram the carrier back from the barrel end? You have half of the facts, hopefully you quit being a troll, experience some application that *requires* this sort of system, and can comment with some experience instead of your standard trolling. Im sure plenty of 'operators' are going to purchase this, but you don't need to put *everyone* down that does. Do some math, take some measurements, maybe look at a rifle intended for this type of shooting, were not talking about .25" anything.

13 votes
1 vote

You are trying to convince me

You are trying to convince me that your optics are just SOOO HUGEEE that you REQUIRE special EXTRA HIGH mounts for them. But elementary math is ruining your entire argument. My 308 AR has a 42mm objective with a standard height 20moa slope mount. Your 50mm objective has a 8mm larger diameter, which means a 4mm larger radius. That means the centerline of your scope needs to be 4mm higher than mine to have the same rail clearance. Which I already have plenty of.

4mm. FYI 4mm is .15".

All you had to say is that you require the Go-Go-Gadget cheek weld on your rifle because you like to use bullshit risers for your scopes.

2 votes
15 votes

You really are the real

You really are the real operator here. Keep giving yourself thumbs up, but for the rest of us -
The riflescope I just stated was on my rifle also has a 5mm larger tube (assuming your running a 30mm?), which raises my objective lens (granted, and more so because its on a 20moa base), you should have used that arguement, because it would have been reasonable. Then I could have said, ah yes, but it also raises my ocular lens 2.5mm further up as well, and you would say aww shucks your right and then ran to the calculator app to get that in inches for some reason. Then we could have argued about where the base was in compairison from my rifle to yours, and then maybe, what sort of handguard your using vs me, and determine *Exactly* what clearence you have vs me. Then we could all call you awesome right?
When you start spending this kind of money, your going to want your pupil centered behind your optic, period. You do it however you want, I have a cheek bone, I use this stock to get my face where it needs to be. Thats the end of the story.
There's nothing wrong with it, this weapon system was designed for a very high cheek weld, if you recall it originally came out with a carryhandle with elevated irons right?

My optics resting on a 20moa base, with its nicely matched *high* rings. If I put on something wtih 56, 60, 80, or more objective it wouldn't even be close to possible. ESPECIALLY if the tubes over 35mm! I have a cheekbone like most of us human beings, I rest it nice on my stock, and I hit the target. *could* i mount it with medium or even low rings? Im sure there is a way. I wouldn't be able to use my charging handle but what the hell right? The rings im using cost an awful lot more than this stock however, and what I have is working great for me.

With your school of thought, why don't you remove your stock? LOP, no matter. Supported cheekweld, no matter. You want LOW LOW LOW, slam that face into your buffer tube. Burn some fat, go skin and bones, get that extra mm closer. Maybe some michael jackson reconstructive surgery could get you another mm or two closer. You would be best! Thats what makes somebody a good shooter right? Everyone else is an idiot... yea right.

9 votes
2 votes



0 votes
10 votes

My lgs sells these for this

My lgs sells these for this price out the door and he always has great prices so id say this is a pretty good price depending on the shipping

2 votes
0 votes
Virgle's picture

Bastards MADE me buy it.

Bastards MADE me buy it. Shipping is $11, and 5% off. Had to.

3 votes
0 votes

You probably wont find it

You probably wont find it cheaper anywhere else honestly

1 vote
0 votes

How much is a fixed stock

How much is a fixed stock buffer tube assembly?

1 vote
1 vote

Depends DPMS makes a decent

Depends DPMS makes a decent set for around $30~ roughly. Tube spring buffer. I think it was $38 that's tube($15)spring($5)buffer($10) shipped.

0 votes
0 votes

I bought a rifle with one of

I bought a rifle with one of these already on it. Great stock. There is a cool sling adapter to replace the sling adapter on these to add a QD hole to the adapter, worth getting. Instead of a mono-pod on the bottom I ended up modifying a mako rail mag holder to fit onto the bottom rail. I keep a 10rd magpul in it for backup.

1 vote
0 votes
mostholycerebus's picture

I really want one of these

I really want one of these for an All-American build.

5 votes
6 votes

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