450 Rounds Magtech Ammo 9mm Luger 115 Gr. FMJ - Gander Mountain - $139.99 + Free Shipping

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Price: $139.99
Price per round: $0.311
@Gander Mountain

Take an EXTRA 20% OFF Clearance Items with Code "EXTRA20" - Magtech ammo is the ideal choice for recreational target shooting and extended training sessions at the range. Brass casing manufactured to exacting dimensional tolerances for quality assurance. Offers reliable feeding, smooth functioning, corrosion resistance, and produced to precise hardness levels. Clean-burning propellants are matched to each loading to deliver optimum velocity while ensuring consistent chamber pressures and down range accuracy. Non-corrosive primer is manufactured with sensitive priming mixture to ensure uniform and reliable powder ignition. Full metal jacket extends from the nose to the base to prevent bullet expansion, deliver amazing accuracy, reduce lead fouling, and assure reliable feeding and cycling. Box of 450 rounds.

CALIBER 9mm Luger

Key Features
The perfect ammo for high-volume shooting
Clean-burning powder is great for indoor ranges
Delivers amazing consistency and accuracy
Reliable feeding, function, & corrosion resistance

Item # 718957

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Magtech

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Where is the "slick" in this

Where is the "slick" in this deal?

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As long as I can get ammo

As long as I can get ammo elsewhere I will...as I remember the $9 surcharge they had on ammo so they can KMA.

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F these guys !

F these guys !

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Just here to register my

Just here to register my usual complaint -- Federal 115gr brass FMJ at my local Wally for $25.77 per 100-round box, stocked to the gills, bought 600 rounds for $160 out-the-door.

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Bought 4,500 rounds of this a

Bought 4,500 rounds of this a couple months back for a buddy of mine who teaches firearms classes and was bitching that his students couldn't find ammo. Got a box for myself to try out as well.

I haven't heard any complaints from him but my experience with Magtech from that one box wasn't great. Out of 450 rounds, I had 7 FTFs and one round actually stuck in my G17 barrel! Luckily it only went a half inch down the barrel and wouldn't allow the next round to feed. Maybe it would have fired both bullets or maybe KABOOM. It took so much force to ram the bullet out with a cleaning rod that I have to believe the bullet was oversized. It didn't appear to be deformed. I was relatively pissed and chucked it instead of taking it home to meet the micrometer.

Magtech also uses some kind of styrofoam dust-like filler in their powder that is a mess. I like to clean my guns but I don't generally have to detail strip them like I did after shooting this stuff.

I won't be buying anymore of this unless it gets one hell of a lot cheaper. I hope your mileage is better.

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Just wanted to draw more

Just wanted to draw more attention to that styrofoam crap in their ammo. What a mess I; thought I had left a big chunk of paper towel in my gun at first and it was getting shredded as I shot. If Magtech and Tula were the same price I'd probably take the Tula. I'd rather have steel shavings in my gun than chunks of tampon.

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I ordered this exact same

I ordered this exact same item # last week from these guys when it said "in stock" and after they hit my card for preauthorization I got an e-mail a few days later saying they are backordered. Now it shows back up and my order is still back ordered... so I ordered 5 more right now and it says the same thing as last time. I don't think they have these or I would be getting the order I ordered last week and it would not still be on backordered status. YMMV.

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Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for letting us know. Same happened to me at Cabela's.

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Well let me eat my words...

Well let me eat my words... got shipping confirmation with tracking # today (6 days after original order placed). I have not got the confirmation on the second order of 5 from yesterday but my fingers are crossed. It comes to about $15.75 per "box" (i.e. 50 rds) delivered for me so... pretty decent deal all things considered. My LGS was selling 9mm for $16.99 per box before the panic and that was before tax.

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Thanks for this find, Mark!

Thanks for this find, Mark! Much appreciated!

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If you missed this you can

If you missed this you can pay $240 to jaguar5822, yeah it costs $100 less but he was on here quicker than you!

He nice enough to even leave his info


James 210-872-1498

way to use this site just to gouge the shit out of people


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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Damn, this dude is a savage

Damn, this dude is a savage capitalist...lol

Hes got everything. I dunno if he can really be blamed though. He's making money by offering goods that people are willing to pay for. People do it all the time flipping cars, houses and other goods. Hes the supplier, the buyers are the demand. That's how it works in America.

Whats worse? Paying a premium for guns, parts and ammo that are in high demand, or supporting him with your tax dollars while he collects unemployment, food stamps and welfare.

No one is forcing anyone to buy his wares.. They choose to.

I say dude is a hustler, and that beats a bum hands down.

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By the time I'm done hooking

By the time I'm done hooking up friends and family I don't make a lot for the time and monetary investment I put in. It's mainly a way to support my own shooting habit. Every couple of weeks I get someone who offers me way less than my price, gets mad, googles my screenname that's the same everywhere because I'm not trying to hide, tells me what walmart sells it for (which is lower than any gun shop anyway), and swears to tell anyone and everyone not to buy from me because I'm "gouging". The people who really made a killing were the ones who saw it this coming and stocked up over the past few years.

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I was nice and only ordered

I was nice and only ordered two boxes, now I regret that I didn't get more

1 vote
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kennyboy ordered 50 but will

kennyboy ordered 50 but will still go around and berate other "gougers" while acting like he doesn't do it

1 vote
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Why does that guy act like

Why does that guy act like such a dick? I thought maybe I just had a bad encounter with him, but nobody seems to like him.

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0 votes

lol you are basing that on a

lol you are basing that on a comment made by someone who doesn't have the balls to talk shit under their real login and an encounter you had with me I don't even recall? I apologize to you if I offended you and I may not see eye to eye with everyone on here but I'm no dick. Actually that's not true I can be a dick sometimes but I'm generally a good guy. My sole intent on this site is to find good deals and help others find good deals. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. If you look at the names people make on here you can tell their sole intent is to troll, start shit and stir up trouble which why I choose not to respond to them (anymore). I'm done responding to the trolls, they simply aren't worth the time of day. Since you clearly are not a troll I figured I would try to make things right at least with you.

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Johnmoses's picture

yup...he only buys here to

yup...he only buys here to rip off others. He never posts deals just takes...a leach on society. Probably also gets welfare.

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1 vote

So I guess the GMT5 and GMT10

So I guess the GMT5 and GMT10 codes don't work for ammo? or am I missing something?

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You are correct. They don't

You are correct. They don't apply to ammo.

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I believe on another Gander

I believe on another Gander posting I saw someone report GMT5/10 do not apply to ammo.

From the page here (I guess you'd call them coupons):
"Coupons are not valid on Ammunition."

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Correct. They don't apply to

Correct. They don't apply to ammo.

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